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Chapter 13




By Jennifer Owens






~ Stiles ~




We arrived at the beach and I carried Inara’s body to the shore.


I laid her body down and we stood, waiting for the time to advance.


The time clicked 11:57 and I started the ritual.


I took the box containing crystals from Inara and laid them accordingly.


Two at her feet and one at her head.


We stood, waiting patiently for 12:00.


It was 11:59 and we smiled at each other.


12:00 clicked and the crystals shone brightly.


“no! ” we heard a voice and we turned to see someone running to us.


She said some words that I didn’t understand and the crystals scattered.


“No no no ” I gasped and squatted down to Inara’s body.


I looked around for Inara but couldn’t find her.


Tears already started streaming down my cheeks.


This witch had to ruin it all.


I looked down at Inara’s body and saw her chest rise and she gasped out.


Her eyes flew open and my eyes widened in shock.


“it worked ” I breathed out.


“Inara ” I called, trying to sit her up but she winced.


“this can’t happen ” Gina said and ran off.


I examined Inara’s body and saw she had cuts in her leg and tommy. Oh my God! Since she’s alive, the injuries must be fresh cause she’s no more under spell.


I carried her, bridal style and took her to the car.


I drove to the hospital and got her treated.


She was unconscious for the whole night so I had to stay in the hospital all night.


I’m so happy she’s alive now.


I can’t believe I cried over her.


I watched her sleep and I couldn’t stop smiling at how beautiful she is.


I’m just so happy.




I woke up the next day and couldn’t find Inara on the bed.


“Inara ” I called.


“boom! ” I heard and flinched.


She laughed out and I chuckled.


“you’re no more a ghost so stop acting like one ” I scolded and she chuckled.


I paid the bills and we headed out of the hospital.


Inara flinched when a car drove past us with speed.


She held onto my arm and I felt a tingling sensation.


I smiled cause she was no more cold but warm.


“no where do we go first ” I asked.


“to aunt Gina’s, I have to see my brother ” she blurted out and a tear slid down her cheek.


I wiped it off with my thumb and tweaked her nose.


“no need for these tears ” I said.


“I’m really happy that I’m human and I can see my brother ” she blurted out


and hugged me to hide her tears.


She felt so warm and soft.


I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight to me.


She disengaged and wiped her tears.


“let’s go ” she said and we boarded the car.


We drove to aunt Gina’s house but the door was locked.


My screw driver wasn’t with me so I couldn’t open the door.


It seems to me that there was no one in the house.


“where could they have gone ” she asked and I shrugged.


“OK, I think I’ll prefer to be a ghost in a situation like this “she blurted out and I chuckled.


“too bad I don’t want you to ” I said and we chuckled.


“why? I’d be able to enter the house ” she blurted out and I sighed.


I just don’t know what’s wrong with me.


First, I cried over Inara when I thought the ritual was ruined and now I don’t


want her to turn back to a ghost.


I mean it’s her life not mine.


I shrugged and said nothing.


“how do we know where they are now ” she asked.


“calm down, we’ll find them ” I said.


My stomach growled and I gave her knowing look. “just go have breakfast at home ” she said. “aren’t you coming with me ”


“no. I can’t eat knowing my brother isn’t safe ” she blurted out.


Her stomach growled and we have each a look.


“common, you need it” I said and took her hand.


We boarded the car and I drove home.


I rang the doorbell and Alva opened the door.


“where the… ” she was saying but trailed off when she saw Inara.


Her mouth slightly hung open.


I chuckled and stepped aside for Inara to go in.


“who’s this goddess ” Alva whispered into my ear and I chuckled.


“mom, Alva, this is Inara” I introduced and Alva shook her hand.


“you’re so beautiful dear ” mom said and she smiled.


“thank ma’am ” she said shyly.


“we need breakfast” I blurted out.


“well, go sit and I’ll serve you both ” mom said and I took Inara to the dining.


“Rikki’s upstairs ” Alva said and I rolled my eyes.


I even forgot I had a girlfriend.


“I’ll be back ” I told Inara and went up to my room.


“Stiles ” she breathed out.


“hey ” I simply said.


She played with her fingers, looking down.


“what is it ” I asked cause I knew something was up and she’s finding it hard to spit it out.


“I.. Uhm.. I.. ” she stuttered.


“just spit it out Rikki, I won’t bite you ” I seethed and she sighed.


She closed her eyes and sucked in a breath.


“I’m dating someone else ” she breathed out.


“oh OK ” I said and she gazed at me unbelievably.


I’m supposed to be hurt but I’m not.


I feel nothing, no pain and for some reason, I don’t care.


“I’m sorry, I just don’t feel it for you anymore ” she said and I nodded.


“it’s okay Rikki, just be happy ” I said and hugged her.


I kissed her forehead and led her downstairs.


“I’ll leave now “she said and I nodded.


She left and I had breakfast with Inara.


We finished eating and I took Inara south to avoid mom and Alva’s questions.


“where do we go now ” I asked.


“my aunt Sommer’s ” she said.


“let me drive ”


“are you sure ” I asked.


“don’t underestimate me ” she said between gritted teeth and I chuckled.


She drove to a house and we alighted.


“this house is more beautiful than Gina’s ” I said and she rolled her eyes.


She ran the door bell and a boy who’s Boyce’s age mate, opened the door.


He stood frozen with open mouth.


“aaaahhhhh!! ” he screamed and a woman which I presumed to be Sommer, ran out.


“what…..” she trailed off when she saw Inara and she was frozen on her




“aunt Sommer ” Inara called and ran to her.


She hugged her and Sommer was still frozen.


Sommer slowly wrapped her hands around her and Inara cried in her arms.


Inara winced in pain and Sommer pulled away.


Sommer made us sit and Inara told her everything.


She couldn’t believe her own sister would do this.


“don’t worry, we’ll track her down ” Sommer said.


“lemme call first ” she said.


She brought out her phone and called Gina.


She put it on loud speaker so we could all hear.


“oh finally, I thought you’d never call “we heard Gina’s voice over the phone.


“what have you done with my brother you bitch ” Inara asked and she laughed.


“nothing for now but his safety is in your hands ” she blurted out.


“get me your family’s property file and sign it in my name ” she demanded.


“how low can you stoop, Gina? ” Sommer asked.


“your time is running out dot dot, come with the file and a pen to my house


she blurted out. Her house?


“oh I meant, the backyard of my house ” she corrected. The backyard of her house is like a forest.


“and don’t even dream of involving the police. Happy being a human ” she said and hung up.


“the files are with me ” Sommer said. “go bring it, let’s go ” Inara urged.


“Inara, there’s no way we’re not gonna involve the police, we just have to be careful ” Sommer said and Inara nodded.


We got the file and drove to Gina’s house after informing the cops.



We arrived and Inara and Sommer went to the back yard while I peeked from a corner.


Gina held Boyce up in mid air with black magic.


Once she let’s go of Boyce, he’d fall off the cliff.


Didn’t know there was a cliff here.


The cops arrived and I cursed.


They’re too fast!


“well well well, I told you not to involve the police but you did and you’ll pay for it ” she said and glanced at Boyce. .






By Jennifer Owens


Inara the ghost







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