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episode six



Tina Bills


I can’t believe he can be so happy to see me despite all my parents has done to him


Love must be really blind as they say, I felt guilty for a moment but when I thought of the money I’ll get from this plan, I forgot my worries


“I’ve missed you so much Tina” he said looking at me intently


“I miss you more darling, and my parents are too shameful to come see you right now, they sent their regards”I lied


“It’s ok, so far you’re back to me, it’s fine” he said, cupping my cheeks and bringing his face closer, I knew it’ll be a kiss and I’m ready as I closed my eyes, expecting his lips on mine


“Ahemm” someone coughed and we disengaged, it’s a guy, handsome and cute but looks more younger



“Oh, I forgot, that’s my Tony, I mean my brother and friend, Tony” Danny said and stood up


“And Tony, this is Tina, the love of my life” Danny said


“Welcome” Tony replied steadily and ran upstairs with the laptop he’s pressing “He doesn’t seem to like me” I complained


“Tony can be childish at times, he’ll still come around” he replied “He better do” I replied as the other girl came out of the kitchen “And this is Eva, my friend” Danny said


I don’t like the girl at all, her features are annoying cos she’s more beautiful and curvy than I am


“Welcome Tina” she said, smiling, which annoyed me but I tried my best not to make it obvious


“I made some steak,mind trying some?” She asked


“Actually it’s late already, I think I’ll wait someone other time” I replied as I took my bag


“I’ll see you off” Danny said and we both went out



Eva Anderson


Immediately they left, I started nursing some strange feelings


The Tina of a girl seems unsettled while she’s here, and there’s an air of suspicion around her, just her presence gives me the creeps


Well, if Danny takes my advice and is careful, he won’t be hurt the second time I went upstairs to Tony’s room and met him on the computer



“Thank God you know how to use the computer, you would have been a complete novice in everything” I teased


“Then I’m glad I beat you at something” he shot back


“Alright kid, let’s go and eat” I said


“What did you just say?” He asked


“Kid, let’s go have dinner” I announced again and he spranged up..


“I’m not a kid, I’m twenty years old for crying out loud” he said


“And I’m twenty two, I’m older by two years, Daniel is twenty three, he’s older by three years, so that makes you automatically the kid of the house” I teased


“Oh shoot me, just wait and lemme grab a hold of you” he threatened as he chased me downstairs






The next day at the hospital..


I just finished a surgery and while coming out of the operating room with Laura, I felt the need to use the restroom…


“Bestie, I’m gonna use the restroom” I said and she smiled


“I’ll head to my office then” she answered and smiled


I entered the restroom and someone entered too, before I could spin around to see the face of the person, the person grabbed me, his hands on my face, obstructing me from seeing anything, then he punched me on my stomach and I fell but I can still hear faint voices


“Next time, respect doctor Leo” the person said before going out



That’s all I can remember



Doctor Leo


So did you frighten her?



Sure boss



Hope my name wasn’t mentioned?



Oh…em… I’m….yes boss, I didn’t mention your name



Good, now she’ll be sick for a few days and I can be in charge of all the surgeries again…


Daniel Hilda


Tina came to see me in my office today


“I’ve been thinking of you all day, it’s so thoughtful of you to come here” I said happily, hugging her and giving her a light kiss


“I actually came cos of an important matter” she said after we’ve sat


“Tell me” I said


“It’s about that girl you call Eva, I’m not comfortable with her living in your house, send her away” she said and I smiled


“It’s not funny if it is a joke” I said


“And I’m not joking, send her away, that’s final”…




Tina huh


Doctor Leo….you!!!






(She also wants him)


Β© Authoress Naomi



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