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Episode seven


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Daniel Hilda


“Are you serious right now Tina?” I asked her unbelievably


“I’m dead serious about this” she replied more seriously


“Then I’m afraid I can’t do it, that girl you see is my lifesaver, when you left me, I nearly committed suicide if not for this girl, though I also saved her life but I felt it’s a greater privilege for me to be alive till now, I can do everything for you but not this” I said seriously


“Really?” She asked


“Sure” I replied


“Then be ready to lose me the second time” she said


“Then go ahead” I said though I’m hurting


“What did you just say?” She asked unbelievably


“I told you to go ahead” I repeated and saw her jaw fall



“Tina, she’s just my friend and no strings attached, and also it’s risky and dangerous for her to go to any other place besides my place” I said


“Why?” She asked curiously


“It’s a story for another day, just let her stay” I said


“Alright” she answered and stood up


I gave her a hug before she walking her out ..


I was just returning to the office…


An attendant rushed in


“Why the rush?” I asked


“It’s doctor Eva, she fainted in the restroom” she said and my eyes widened




“I dunno” she answered and we both ran to the restroom and met her lying on the floor


“I’ll get the stretcher” the attendant said


“No need” I replied as I heaped her on my back and carried her to one of the wards…



Eva Anderson


I woke up feeling fine, doctor Laura was sitting beside me and Danny was standing with a worried look on his face


“Are you ok?” Laura asked concerned


“Sure, I’m fine” I answered


“Who did it?” Danny asked


“Did what?” I said


“Who knocked you out in the restroom?” He asked


“I’m not sure but I heard the perpetrator mention doctor Leo” I replied


“That slimy guy, I’ve been thinking of transferring him” Danny said seriously, ready to go out but I held his hand


“Please, just leave him Danny, he’s jealous, that’s why he did this” I said, trying to stop him


“Jealous to the point of sending someone to knock you out?, He shouldn’t only be transferred, he should be relieved of his work as a doctor in this hospital, he’s a cocky professional, he should find another hospital in no time” Laura said angrily


“Please Laura, Daniel, let’s just act as if we didn’t know it’s him, let’s watch his movement, and doctor Laura will go with me to anywhere I’m going inside the hospital” I said and they both heaved sighs of relief…


Doctor Laura


Chief doctor Daniel went out immediately, leaving me with Eva in the ward…


“Eva, why did you call chief doctor Daniel unofficially?, You just called him Danny?, Is something going on between you two?” I asked curiously


“Of course no, we have nothing going on between us, maybe that was just a mistake cos he’s a friend” she replied


“Sure?” I asked more seriously


“You know you can be nosy sometimes, stop poke nosing” she replied, pressing the tip of my nose



“Alright, let’s go get back to our work” I replied and she stood up as we went out of the ward


“And here comes the devil” she said, looking towards a direction I traced her eyes and saw doctor Leo…I smirked ” Doctor E…e…e… He stammered


“It’s Eva, did you suddenly forget her name?” I said and Eva pinched me


“Let’s go” she wishpered and I gave doctor Leo the f**k you sign before Eva pulled me along…



Tina Bills


I got home and fell on the couch exhausted…mum and dad are in the living room “So how did it go?, Did you persuade him to send the girl out?” Dad asked


“No, no matter how hard I tried, he’s bent on not sending her out, he called her his lifesaver when he nearly committed suicide” I replied


“Then your mum must frighten the girl while I confront Danny himself” dad said “How?,” I inquired


“I’ll go talk to Danny about sending the girl out” dad said “And mum?” I asked


“Your mum will hire some men to scare the girl and warn her against living with Daniel” dad replied


“Good plan dad” I said


“Yes, cos while the girl is still in that house, our plan will be ruined” mum said, nodding positively…



Daniel Hilda


“I saw what happened to you at the hospital today” Tony said immediately we got home, he was actually refferring to Eva


“From which source?” I asked


“I came to the hospital today” he answered my eyes widened


“To do what?, It’s dangerous for you to come out” Eva asked alarmed


“It’s dangerous for you too, but you go out, I don’t need to be saddled with fear, but I promise not to go out again” he replied


“So what did you go to the hospital for?, And how did you know what happened in the hospital?” Eva asked


“Take a look at all my computers” he said and we looked at his computers, we can see all what is happening in the hospital, I mean all the wards, offices and the restrooms, we can see them in all his seven computers


“Whoa, how did you do it?” I asked


“Before I explain, promise to never call me a kid again” he said, facing Eva


“Promise, valid promise” she answered


“Good, it’s simple, I just planted bugs in all the rooms in the hospital and connected it to my computers so everything that is happening in all the rooms in that hospital, I’ll be seeing it from here” he said, smiling


“My God, you’re such a brilliant person, I can’t ask for a better brother” I said as I hugged him


“I’m impressed with this, you’re a renewed computer guru Mr…..kid” Eva said



“I thought you said you’ll never call me that again!!!” Tony screamed as I laughed,


watching him chase her around the room….these two give me joy…












(She also wants him)


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