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(She also wants him)


© Authoress Naomi



Episode one



Eva Anderson


“Beside best oils filling station, Moreno street, the client is already waiting” Toxica said, handing me a bag that contains the goods I’m to deliver to a client…. don’t wonder too much about the content, it’s cocaine


“Do a good job as usual” Ricky my boyfriend said, patting my shoulder


“And I want my money” Toxica said as I went out


I’m Eva Anderson, I’m not as bad as the job I do, I’m a pretty 22years old lady who dropped out from school of medicine as a result of lack of funds but I still know a lot about medical


I live with my dad who’s been living with stroke since the death of mum, I also have a junior sis (Samantha), we live in a one room apartment in this part of Singapore…



Ricky is my boyfriend since secondary school and when my mum died two years ago as a result of cardiac arrest on my birthday, living became hard cos dad became a stroke patient and couldn’t walk nor work…


Ricky introduced me to the cocaine delivery job though it’s risky and illegal but I agreed to do it since it’ll put food on our table and also buy dad’s expensive medicines…..


I started the job six months ago and I’m doing well…only Samantha my sis knows about it cos I wouldn’t dare to tell my dad… it’ll kill him in his weak State…


It’s hard to believe but as hard as I deliver, I don’t carry guns around and I’ve never inhaled cocaine


I deliver singlehandedly believing that nothing bad will happen


Toxica is my boss, a no nonsense lady of 24years old(just two years older than me) but who cares


Ricky my boyfriend is Toxica’s partner, even before I joined


Well enough of the introduction


I took the cocaine to the spot and the client (Benson Bills) is waiting already, standing by his car


I gave him the stuff quietly and he gave me the bag containing money but immediately my hands touched the bag, I felt a burning pain in my eyes and the money was snatched from me


Benson drove away together with the money and cocaine


I can hear the zooming of his car as I sat on the ground, rubbing my eyes


The idiot used pepper spray



Now I’m left with how to face Toxica without her money or cocaine I’ll surely die tonight


When the spray subsided, I managed to walk grudgingly to the hideout “Why are your eyes so red?” Ricky asked


“Benson used pepper spray and took away the money and the goods” I said and saw Toxica’s eye color change


“You mean you don’t have the money nor my goods?” She asked in anger “Why are you so daft Eva?” Ricky said


“Toxica, I’m sorry but this is not my fault” I said “Then get ready to die” Ricky said


“Ricky, you’re supposed to be supporting me” I said


“But you just f**ked up and you have to pay for it” he said and I became shocked…how can he turn his back at me so quickly


“The wages of sin is death” Toxica said, pulling out her gun


These people are surely not joking…I quickly ran out while they chase me


I got to the main road and I became tired but I kept running…


Then suddenly I saw Toxica’s car beside me, she pointed a gun at me and before I


knew it, she shot me…. it hit me on the belly…


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Daniel Hilda



“Tina, where do you think we can go for our summer vacation?” I asked Tina, whose head is rested on my chest


“Paris” she answered and the door burst open….her parents came in, we’re actually


at my house


“Tina get here this instant!!!” Her dad yelled and Tina got up and went to them


“Don’t you ever come near my daughter again if you don’t want to die!!!” Her mum threatened


“Ma, I really….


And that was interrupted with a slap on my face from her dad


“Stay away from our daughter, it’ll be the best thing for you right now” her mum said and they all went out


I’m Daniel Hilda, a son to James and Ally Hilda who are the owner of Hilda investments.


I’m a 23 years old guy, a professional medical doctor by profession and I have my own hospital already


My life sucks cos I’ve never had any good relationship with girls, every girl I met always break my heart.. most of them came because of my money


Tina is the fifth girl I’ll date and she seems natural and cool


But now, her parents took her away, threatening to kill me if I ever come closer to their daughter again…why is this happening to me?


I think I’ve been cursed that I won’t have a stable love life


I’d rather commit suicide than face tommorow



I took a rope and zoomed out of the compound that rainy night, it’s raining heavily, at exactly 8:30 pm…


Then I drove past something as my full lights shone on it, I had to reverse and come out of the car to check and I’m shocked by what I saw


It’s a lady lying in the pool of her own blood with a wound on her belly, I knew immediately as a doctor that it’s a gunshot..the rain has drenched her so badly and she seems lifeless but she’s still breathing, just unconscious


If this bullet is not removed in the next few minutes, her whole blood will just drain and she’ll die


I forgot about suicide that instant and took her in my car…I drove back home…










(She also wants him)


© Authoress Naomi



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