Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode twenty


(Final saga)





It’s 6:59pm already


“Did anyone hear of doctor Leo?” I suddenly asked


“No, he’ll probably be hiding somewhere cos he’s not been coming to the hospital” Danny answered


“Or he’ll be trying to get out of the country” Eva said


“Isn’t he the doctor who collaborated with Toxica?” Samantha asked


“Sure” I answered


“Even if he tries to fly out of the country,his plane will crash” Samantha said and we all laughed hysterically…


Then the 7pm News started


Newscaster: at McDonald’s street today, eighteen corpses were found rotten in a house, fifteen were said to be guards who were brutally killed while two ladies were shot, one of them is said to have been poisoned with acid mixed with poison and the whole house was reported to be smelling of their dead bodies


Reports had it that no one was suspected, Maybe another serial killer.


A plane crash happened today to a plane (Gtf 209), flying from the country to Scotland… reports had it that all the passengers died including the famous doctor Leo Mallory of lucky life hospital, the family of the deceased……


“Samantha, you’re really something else, you just said his plane will crash and it did!!!, Great News” I said after hearing the news


“It’s the law of karma, what goes around comes around” Samantha said and I nodded


“That’s true” I said



“Nemesis caught up with Doctor Leo” Eva said


“And I’m happy with the way Toxica body rot in the house” Samantha said


“Yes, what do you expect, their corpses were there for two good weeks” Eva said


“Well well, all’s well that ends well, let’s continue our merriment” Danny said as we popped another champagne…






We indeed had a double wedding and it’s the talk of the Town cos Danny and Tony are so romantic when it comes to love


And I must confess, they’re sweet like honey….









Eva Hilda


Being Mrs Hilda is a blessing cos Danny is a husband anybody would pray for, he’s one in a million and a total caring husband


We had two children already,


Daniella my first girl, also my carbon copy cos she looks a lot like me, she’s fourteen years old


Jude my second born ten years old, he takes After Danny …


We still run the hospital and everything is going smoothly


Samantha is happily married to David, an intern in the hospital and she’s currently


a shattered accountant, a very rich one at that….



Happiness is found everywhere in my dictionary and I pray it lasts…



Laura Blake


The best thing that ever happened to me is being Mrs Blake…


I might be a year older than him but who says love care about age, hell no, it’s just a number…


Tony is creative, brilliant, and caring to crown it all


We have two children already,


Gladys my first born, a girl of thirteen years old who resembles Tony a lot


Mack, my second born, a boy of nine years old who takes after me…


I have my own hospital already (Laura hospitals)


Tony continued his computer bussiness and he now has his big company that’s patronized allover the world…


I’m just too happy to be with him


Though we went through hard times with Daniel and Eva but right now, we can’t ask for more happiness cos it’ll be happiness overload


We’re living happily as family friends and we hope that nothing will ever come between us.



Authoress Naomi © 

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