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Episode fifteen





“Noo, no, this can’t be happening!!!, What should I do??, What on Earth can I just do!!!” I lamented as I cried bitterly


Eva has been charged for murder, Tony has been shot and Daniel…. where’s doctor





Where on Earth could he be at a time like this? And why would anybody kill Tony?, There’s definitely something I dunno


I moved closer to Tony and checked his pulse…..he’s still breathing!!!!, His heart is


still working regularly as it should


I became shocked, how can a person that has been shot on the forehead still be breathing?


Almost immediately, Tony’s phone ranged on the table, I picked it and checked the caller ID, it’s an unknown number





hope Tony is fine?



Who’s speaking?



It’s Ricky, hope Tony is fine?



Though I dunno who you are but Tony has been shot but he’s still breathing



Yes, please remove the bullet, it’s a rubber bullet so it won’t penetrate, you can even remove it with your hand…


How did you…..



Just do it!!!!


I checked Tony’s forehead truly I can see the bullet, it didn’t penetrate, I removed it carefully though it left a small wound on his forehead…


I’ve done it



He’ll wake up, he’s fine



Who exactly are……


He cut the call before I can even finish my question


“Oh my God, why is anyone not explaining what’s going on to me!!!” I screamed frustratedly


Tony coughed and eventually opened his eyes slowly…


He sat up with a surprised look on his face…


“I’m not dead?” He said, touching his forehead


“Ouch!!!” He whimpered as he felt the small wound


He looked at the left and saw me


“Laura!!!” He shouted and hugged me


“I thought I will never see you again” he said


“Can you just explain what’s going on right now to me?” I asked impatiently


“I will tell you,but firstly, can you tell me why I’m still alive?, I was shot, that too on the forehead,how come I only have a small wound on my forehead?” he asked surprisingly


“It’s because you were shot with a rubber bullet, I think you fainted due to the shock and pains the rubber bullet caused” I said, showing him the bullet


“Then where did all this blood come from?” He asked


“I dunno, all I know is that it’s not your blood, maybe it’s one of Ricky’s tricks” I answered and saw his eyes widen


“how did you know Ricky?” He asked



“He called when you are unconscious and told me that you were shot with a rubber bullet, he’s the one who told me to remove it with my hand, he’s so concerned and kept asking if you’re fine” I explained


“Tina gave the order to shoot me and Ricky shot, why did he use a rubber bullet?, Why did Ricky save my life?” He asked no one in particular…


“Now, I need you to tell me why you’re shot with a rubber bullet, why Eva is framed for murder, and why Daniel is nowhere to be found?” I asked seriously





I took my time and told her all the story, how Eva was being chased by Ricky and Toxica, how they killed her dad and sister, how I too has been nearly killed by then once, how Tina’s parents were killed by Ricky and Toxica,how Tina joined their gang, how doctor Leo joined too….


I showed her all the videos and also we watched the one I placed on my button together


There we saw it’s really rubber bullet and the plank I was hit with is also a rubber




Laura inhaled some breath after watching everything


“You guys have gone through a lot” she said


“I know right?” I answered


“So they killed Eva’s dad and sister, and they nearly killed you if not for Daniel and Eva” she asked and I nodded


“Then why is Tina so gullible and daft?, They killed her parents and she’s still doing all these with them” she asked


“They’re using the witch, I’ve always hated her” I answered



“But come to think of it, why did Ricky save your life?, There would surely be a reason why he shot you with a rubber bullet,he doesn’t want you to die” she said and I nodded


“We’ll find out about that later, can you disinfect my forehead for me?” I asked and got the first aid kit for her, she did it and even plastered it to hide the wound…


“Let’s go to the police station and evict Eva” I said


“They won’t allow entry right now, you know them, let’s just go tommorow morning” she answered


I copied the videos into more flash drives so that we’ll have our own copy after submitting one to the cops



Eva Anderson


I was thrown in jail immediately we got to the station, no help is forthcoming, Daniel, Tony, Laura, none of them is coming, I’ve cried my heart out and I’m already short of tears


I have a guilty conscience right now for killing Suzy, though I know I didn’t do it intensionally but my conscience won’t let me rest and it won’t till I kill everyone of them, Toxica, Ricky and doctor Leo….


The next morning, I suddenly saw Tony and Laura walking into the station with a plaster on Tony’s forehead….what could have happened?


I became optimistic again…


They went to the general office and came back later, a cop opened the cell and I was released after signing some papers


I hugged them both tightly


“I thought I’ll never see you both again”


“It’s never gonna happen” Laura answered



“How did you guys do it that I was released?” I asked in surprise


“Let’s get to Laura’s house first” Tony answered as we zoomed to Laura’s house The videos were played for me and I wasn’t shocked


I’ve always known that Tina is a snake, but for the fact that she’s helping her


parents killers, what a Dumbo….


Dr Leo that injected me is not a new enemy, I’ve always known he has bad intensions


As for Toxica and Ricky….


“Wait, why did Ricky save your life?” I asked surprisingly “I have no idea” Tony answered “And where is Daniel?” I asked

as his phone ranged


He faced us after picking the call


“Daniel met with an accident since yesterday, he’s in the hospital” Tony announced and my heart skipped a beat





I woke up and found myself in the hospital, doctor George is beside me “Chief doctor,you’re awake” he said happily I remembered I had an accident


“Today is?” I asked


“Thursday” he answered



“So I’ve been unconscious since yesterday” I mumbled “Yes doc” he answered


“Who took me here?” I asked weakly


“Some good Samaritans” doctor George answered and helped me to tilt up


Laura, Eva and Ricky rushed in at once…


“Brother” Tony called


“Chief doc” Laura said but Eva kept mute Tony looked at me with pity


“Why that look?, I’m not dead you know” I said and he smiled “Why that plaster on your forehead?” I asked


“It’s something for another day” Tony answered but I spranged up “I want to know today, let’s go to my office” I said and led the way “You’re not strong Danny” Eva talked for the first time


“I can manage, don’t worry” I answered as we went to my office


The videos were played and I was flabbergasted to see Tina collaborating with her parents killer


So Tony’s assumption about her has always been right.. she’s a bitch and a snake…a


gullible creature, all the damn feelings I have for her disappeared immediately….


And about what doctor Leo created in the hospital, I dunno how my hospital will fare from now on, Leo ruined everything…



I asked for him and it was reported that he’s not shown up in the hospital today….


Tina, Tina, Tina, you’re gone from my life forever, and for doing that to Tony and


Eva, I’m so heartbroken….


“But why did Ricky save your life?” I asked Tony


“I have no idea” he answered




Smiles…now I can inhale some breath of relief….so you guys like Tony this much


So he’s alive o, luckily it was rubber bullet, and the surgeons I gathered yesterday, don’t worry, another surgery on the way…


But y do you think Ricky saved Tony???










(She also wants him)


Β© Authoress Naomi



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