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Episode fourteen



I’m sorry for the late post dearies, it’s NEPA that f**ked up yesterday and our gen was not responding, we fixed it sha, so let’s continue…


Eva Anderson


I told the cabman that’s driving me to speed up so I can get to the hospital quickly, it’s like I’m suffocating inside the cab…


He dropped me in front of the hospital and I hurried in after paying my fare


I entered my office quickly to hide the tears that are already falling from my eyes


It’s like the whole world is against me, why do I have to be in the middle of a love triangle?, Why do I have to fall madly in love with a person who loves another person?, Why is my life in shackles?


These are the questions I kept asking myself as my office telephone beeped…I quickly wiped my tears as I picked the call






It’s doctor Leo speaking, you need to come to the hospital right now



And why is that?



Patient Suzy says you’re the only one she’ll Allow to give her her drugs,she’s not collecting drugs from any doctor


Why is Suzy so stubborn, I’ll be there in a jiffy cos I’m in the hospital already



Come to my office first






I have something to tell you





I inhaled deeply as I dropped the call, patient Suzy has always been one of my best patients, a fifteen years old stubborn girl


I rushed out to doctor Leo’s office…



Daniel Hilda


“What are you talking about?” I asked Tony Immediately he told me what he saw, I just can’t believe Tina is part of the Crew


“I would have shown you the video but there’s no time, just rush to the hospital now and save Eva from these devils!!! Tonia shouted as he threw my car key at me.


I ran out so disoriented… I’ve never been this confused…I drove off to the hospital



Eva Anderson


I got to doctor Leo’s office and met him standing


“So what do you have to tell me?” I asked sternly


“Just to apologise for all my wrongdoings, I’ve always been rude” he said but I just can’t find sincerity in his voice


“I’ll be going cos I know you’re not being sincere” I said and turned to go but I felt something like an injection thrusted into my neck….I couldn’t cry out cos my mouth was covered by one of his palms while the other did the injecting…


I felt strange changes within me as he released me…


I faced him and couldn’t say anything, I just stared at him like a servant will stare at his master, ready to take orders from him


He brought out a container and a syringe, he drew some of the contents of the container into the syringe and gave it to me which I collected


“Go to patient Suzy and inject her with this” he said and I nodded while heading out




I saw how he injected Eva and how he gave her the injection to inject the patient with…I saved that on the same flashdrive too..


I dunno what’s taking Daniel so long, he should have got to the hospital by now….



Daniel Hilda


I was speeding so much on the road not minding the repercussions, it’s Eva I’m going to save anyways and it’s a matter of life and death


But for the fact that Tina is involved, that’s what I’m just not believing


The Tina I treasure and love so much?, no, this can’t be happening


I was thinking too much that I didn’t notice an equally speeding car, coming right


in front of me…we jammed each other and that’s all I could remember….



Eva Anderson


I got to the ward and saw patient Suzy sleeping peacefully, the thing just kept pushing me till I got to her bedside and before I knew it, I thrusted the injection into her arm and in front of my eyes, her body started changing like to say someone set it on fire, she started screaming in agony and that’s when I came back to my senses and I was terrified to see my best patient with things like scales on her body, blood is gushing out of her nose, ear, mouth, even eyes and she looks lifeless


“Suzy, Suzy, suzy!!!! Nooo!!!” I screamed as doctor Leo came in with five policemen and three other doctors


“You’re under arrest for murdering your patient”


“No, no,I didn’t do it intensionally, I was injected by him” I said, pointing at doctor Leo but they won’t listen…


Suzy’s corpse was packed as I was led out of the ward


“Suzy, noo!!!, I didn’t do this intentionally, I swear it!!!!”


My phone beeped and I was allowed to pick, it’s Tony



Tell Laura to come to the house right now



Why??, I’m in trouble now!!!



Just tell her to come


I hanged up and Laura rushed in..


“What’s happening here?” She asked confusedly


“Your friend murdered her patient” doctor Leo said, sneering


“No, are you mad?” Laura said to Leo



“Please, go to the house and meet Tony” I said and she looked at me like someone dreaming


“Just go” I repeated and she ran out



Doctor Leo


What’s the meaning of that call?, She seems relieved after getting it and who the hell is Tony?


I picked my phone up and Cāllèd Tina



Do you know who Tony is?



Yes, Daniel’s housemate, they’re actually three that live in the house



He might have something cos he just called Eva before the police took her away


What did he say?



He told her to send Laura over and Laura is already on her way there



My God, that guy is a computer guru, he might have an ace to destroy us with, we’re actually at a bar not far from Daniel’s house, we’ll go there right now




I should have gone to the hospital myself but going out with this type of situation on ground won’t mean well for me too cos I might end up getting killed without getting to submit the evidence


That’s why I called Laura to come when that crazy Daniel is nowhere to be found…


I got the original flashdrive and


Kept it in my pocket, then I got an empty flashdrive and inserted it into my computer, I got a bug and inserted it into one of the buttons in my shirt in case of



necessity, almost immediately, the doorbell sounded, my only mistake was, not checking the door camera before opening the door cos I thought it’s Laura but I’m wrong,


I came face to face with three people, Tina, Toxica and Ricky


I tried to close the door but Ricky punched me and I fell down blindly..


“So why did you say Laura should come here?” Tina asked, a devilish grin playing on her lips


“It’s non of your business you witch!!!” I ranted


Ricky forced me to kneel down with his hand on my shoulder


“So you have evidence against us?, I forgot you’re a computer guru” Tina said


“So you’re the guy from the computer shop last month, I thought we killed him?” Toxica said, facing Ricky


“Maybe someone saved his ass” Ricky answered as Tina went to my computer and removed the flashdrive


“This must contain all the evidence you’ve got, we’re gonna destroy it” she said, laughing wickedly as tears escaped my eyes,


I just know that the bug in my button will record everything going on right now, and the original flashdrive is in my pocket, and I pray that even if I’ll die, Danny should find them and save Eva, also to know the kind of beast he fell in love with…..More interesting stories available at Topster Stories


“Finish him” Tina said and I closed my eyes, expecting the worse…. something that


feels like a plank was hit on my head and I was shot on my forehead…..






I couldn’t find my car in the car park when I got there, I’m really going to go crazy anytime soon, I boarded a cab and we got caught in an hold up for about ten minutes, I have to get out of the car and run all the way to the house breathlessly…


The door is ajar when I got there and I became scared, I entered and saw my greatest shock!!!!, Tony in the pool of his own blood!!!, gushing out of his head from what looks like a gunshot and a crack…..


“Oh….my God!!!!”


















(She also wants him)


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