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Episode nine



Daniel Hilda


I can’t believe my house is suddenly an open bar…. gosh


I quickly showered and got ready for work…


I came to the living room and met Laura and Eva, dressed up already “I’m sorry Danny” Eva whispered


“Chief doctor, pardon me please” doctor Laura said


“It’s ok, but it’s not allowed again cos I won’t let you off the hook as lightly as this” I warned


“Thanks doctor” they mumbled


“I’ll drive you both to work” I said and Tony came down


“Bro, aren’t you going to forgive me too?” He asked, pouting childishly “You know you really sound like a kid right now” I said and he squinted “Daniel!!!!!” He shouted and ran after me but I’ve escaped before he got to me… I drove Laura and Eva to work and went quietly to my office…


Eva Anderson


“We narrowly escaped” Laura said as we entered my office


“I Know right?, He’s kind enough to let us go” I answered and she came closer



“Are you really sure there’s nothing going out between you two?, You two are not an item?” She asked inquisitively


“My God, do I need to keep repeating this?, I’m telling you the truth that we’re just housemates and nothing more” I said


“But you somehow like him” she said


“Laura leave me it’s too early in the morning to start this” I said and sat


“It’s ok, I understand it’ll be hard to admit it” she said and slipped out


“That clingy and nosy girl” I wishpered and someone knocked..


“Come on in” I said and doctor Leo came in


“Good morning” I greeted but he answered with an evil grin


“Doctor Eva, you just need to be more careful of me in order not to get hurt in this hospital, I can be a bit dangerous” he said cunningly


“What are you talking about?” I asked


“Just what I was talking about” he answered and walked out…


“A saying goes, when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade from them, life is not only throwing me lemons but basketful of it, such a pain in the ass, so far I’m still alive, my death will not come from a human” I said to myself as I grabbed my lab coat to go check patients up…


Daniel Hilda


I was preparing for my only surgery today when someone bursted in ….. Benson


Bills, Tina’s dad…


“What brings you here?” I asked modestly



“As the father of your fiancee, you should at least offer me a seat first” he said cockily, sitting regally


“Need flash for you, I’m just her boyfriend, not her fiance, cos I’ve not proposed” I said, trying to hide my anger


“Then you better do so as fast as possible cos I won’t hesitate to give her to the next suitor who’ll show up” he said


“What are you here for?, As you can see, I’m preparing for surgery” I said…


“It’s about the girl I heard is staying at your house, if you really want to continue dating my daughter, then you must send that girl out” he said and I grimaced


“Are you sure this useless talk is what you cane to say?, If that’s the case, forget it” I said seriously


“Oh, then I’ll surprise you” he said


“What do you mean?” I asked


“You’ll find out very soon, your dad gave me orders to do what I like if you refuse to chase her out” he said and my eyes widened


“My….dad” I mumbled


“Yes, so if I were you, I’ll do the right thing” he said and stormed out of the office


“I think I need to start reconsidering dating Tina if it’ll cost me this much, love is


supposed to be simple, not hard like this…..but I love Tina….



Eva Anderson


“Sleep well today” I bade Laura goodbye as she entered her car, she actually asked her bro to bring it for her since she didn’t go home yesterday…


“You too” she said as she drove off…


I’m on night shift together with Daniel so I’m staying…


I was still walking through the parking lot when two men suddenly appeared with a woman…


“So here she is” the woman said, looking at me like I’m some sort of trash


“Teach her a lesson” she said and one of the guys brought out something that looks like pepper spray, before I could think,it was sprayed in my eyes and I cried out in pain, holding my face…my stomach was punched and I fell down heavily


“I’m Tina’s mum, leave that house if you want to live in peace” I heard the woman


say as they walked away…I can only remember that….



Daniel Hilda


I was just coming out of the operating room when I realized I’ve not seen Eva since morning


Then I saw Tony running into the hospital and my heart skipped a beat


“What are you doing here?, I thought you promised not to come out again?” I asked


“It’s what I have to do, Eva has been harmed by some guys and a woman, I saw it from my camera at home, that’s why I rushed here, I’ve taken her to ward number seven and a nurse is attending to her already” he rushed and my heart skipped a beat as I rushed to the ward…she’s conscious already


“Who did this?, Did she mention any name?” I asked


“It’s Tina’s mum, but it’s ok” she said and anger surged through me


“Nothing is ok, I’m going to her house now to settle things for good!!!” I said and


rushed out of the office…. Tina’s house, here I come…


I got there and met them seated in the living room



“Have you decided to send her out of the house after seeing what I’ve done?” Her mum asked


“That must be it” Benson answered and smiled as Tina tried to come to me


“Have you sent her away?” Tina asked


“So you even know about it” I answered and she made to touch me


“Stop right there!!!, And I’m here to tell you that I’ll be the one to kill both of you for what she did to Eva!!!” I threatened, pointing to his wife


“Danny…. Tina called


“Don’t ever call my name again, it’s over between us!!!” I yelled as tears fell from my eyes


“Do you mean that?” Tina asked unbelievably


“I wasn’t laughing when I said it, don’t ever call me or show your face in front of me again If that will make Eva safe!!!” I yelled before storming out of the house…












(She also wants him)


© Authoress Naomi



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