Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Episode thirteen



Doctor Leo


I’m just finishing surgery on a cancer patient, I entered my office exhausted and tired


Eva has been avoiding surgeries these days and it’s a good thing cos I get to handle surgeries too..


But once she’s back again, she’ll take over, and the simplest of the surgeries will be the one I’ll be handling…


My God, I hate her with passion, I wish something will just come and take her away


Someone knocked, interrupting my thoughts


“Come on in” I answered and three people entered, a guy and two girls


“Who are you guys?” I asked, frightened…


“Doctor Leo, stop fidgeting, we’re here for your own good” the guy said


“Please leave my office right now, I don’t care about whatever reason you Came” I said and one of the girls went to lock the door


“Now you’re left with us, do our wish or die” she said, bringing out a gun


“Yes, it’s do or die, and I know you’ll be glad to do it, all you have to do is to calm down and listen to what were gonna say” the other girl added


“What do I have to do?” I asked , gradually calming down…


“Good, first let’s introduce ourselves” the guy said…



“I’m Toxica” one of the girls said


“I’m Ricky” the guy said


“And I’m Tina, doctor Daniel’s girlfriend” the second girl said


“So doctor Daniel has another girlfriend apart from Eva?” I said confusedly, I’ve always thought doctor Daniel is dating Eva for the fact that they live in the same house


“They only live together, there’s nothing going on between them, and to clear that misunderstanding, we have to sabotage her” Tina answered


“You mean we should indict her in the hospital?” I asked


“Exactly, we have to implicate her” Toxica answered, still carrying her gun


“How?” I asked


“Good question, just make her inject acid into a patient” Tina said


“Is that a good idea?, we have acid in the instruments store, if I go ahead and give Eva some of it to inject into a patient, later, won’t they suspect me as the one who came to take acid in the instruments store?” I asked


“And that’s why we came fully prepared, here” Toxica said, handing me a container


“That’s acid, mixed with poison” she said as I collected it


“Make sure you make her inject this into a patient anyhow” Tina said


“Do it very well, give her the container in your office, tell her to go and inject it to the patient, if the patient eventually dies, She’ll be the murderer and land in jail, and you’ll say you’re not the one who gave her since there’s no evidence” Ricky said



“Easier said than done, Eva is not so easy to get, she doesn’t even trust me, if I give her this, she’ll definitely test it before injecting it to the patient so I’ll get caught” I complained


“That’s where this comes in” Tina said and gave me an injection


“Just make sure you inject her with this no matter what, immediately you inject her, she’ll do all you ask of her” Tina said as I collected the injection


“Remember, no mistakes, she’ll land in jail after everything, that’s what we want” Ricky said and they went out…


I inhaled loudly, finally I found a way to get rid of Eva…



Daniel Hilda


I was just coming back from the hospital and I met Eva in the living room, crying…I rushed to her and cupped her face


“Eva, what happened?, Why are you crying?” I asked concerned


She looked at me and hugged me…


“Danny, I love you” she said and my eyes widened


“What are you saying?” I asked in awe


“I love you Danny, I have now, for a very long time” she said, standing up


“Just tell me you’re not serious right now” I said, standing too


“I’m dead serious here, I wasn’t laughing when I said it anyways” she replied


“But Eva, you know this is not possible, I love Tina” I said and more tears rushed out of her eyes



“I know that’s what you’ll say but I’m a bit relieved I’ve told you my feelings, just give those who want to love you a chance, try to give then attention too cos for all I know, Tina doesn’t love you, it’s just infatuation!!!” She yelled and went upstairs


She came back with her lab coat


“Where are you going to?” I asked


“To the hospital of course, I can’t stay here tonight cos I might die, I’ll just join the night duty” she said, opening the door


“Eva Please….


She went out before I could complete that statement


Oh my life!!!





I saw everything!!!


I saw everything that happened in doctor Leo’s office in my camera, through the computer


How they gave him acid mixed with poison, how they gave him the injection to inject Eva with, I saw it all!!!


And the most shocking thing is that Tina the witch plus the damn Toxica and Ricky are at work here


I saved the video on my flash drive memory immediately and ran downstairs


I met Daniel


“Where is Eva?” I asked, not minding to greet him, this is not a matter of greetings anyways


“She’s gone to the hospital” he answered and my heart started doing somersaults


inside my ribcage….


“She did what!!!”?




Let’s go to the mountain to pray






(She also wants him)



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