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Episode twelve



Tina Bills


I’m the most Happy person on Earth right now, Daniel said he still loves me and that sentence is enough to melt away all my fears..



But there’s another thing to do…. Eva, I have to find a way to indict her…


I’ll implicate her in the hospital so that she’ll go to jail and leave Daniel’s life for good…yes, but I need an accomplice in the hospital…


Daniel Hilda


Since I broke the news of dating Tina again, Tony has changed drastically, I know he disliked Tina but I never knew it’s up to this


Eva changed too, though I dunno why, she always gets uncomfortable anytime I’m talking with Tina on phone…


I think the two of them are not in approval of me dating Tina but what can I do?, I love the girl…


Well, it’s eight pm today and Tony is working on his computer as usual


“Tony, why aren’t you talking to me as u do before?, Are you angry?” I asked him as he buried his face in the system


“Don’t mind me, just go on with your life” Tony answered, not looking up


“Tony this is not you, you were always cheerful before I talked about Tina, is this about Tina?” I asked and he looked up


“Thank God you know, I dislike the girl in many ways and I have this lingering feeling that she won’t mean well” he answered and I went closer to him


“Tony, Tina is a good person if only you get to know her” I said, trying to persuade him


“Don’t even try to talk me into liking her bro, cos it’s never gonna work, like I’ve said, enjoy your love life while it lasts” he said and carried his laptop, he ran upstairs



I fell heavily on the couch and started thinking about what to do, the last thing I want to do right now is to have an argument with Tony, and the way he’s not talking to me is killing me, I just can’t stand it…..


Eva came downstairs but made to go upstairs immediately she saw me…


I ran to her and blocked her way


“Eva, what’s up with you and Tony?, You guys have been avoiding me lately, I mean how can we live in the same house and see less of each other, is something happening that I dunno?” I asked but she faced the floor


“Don’t mind us, we’re fine” she answered, not looking up


“Are you also not in support of my relationship with Tina?” I asked


She looked up at me and a small tear tried to escape her eyes


“Eva, what’s wrong?” I asked


“Nothing” she answered briskly and ran upstairs before I could stop her..


I’m going nuts right now…



Eva Anderson


I got upstairs and fell on my bed, I almost cried my eyes out cos I love him, seeing him everyday, hearing his voice everyday, my love for him is just growing stronger but what can I do when he’s blindly in love with Tina, it hurts so much…




Danny, I just don’t like talking to him again, he’s blinded by love and that’s where it all ends


And like I’ve always been saying, Tina will soon torture her where it hurts most, I’m just sure of it…



And I pity Eva, the girl is hurting day by day, one sided love is like getting Slashed with a sharp sword…


She’s always thinking at home and anytime I see her through the camera in the hospital, she’s always thinking in her office…






The next day


Danny and Eva has gone to work, I’m the only one at home, the doorbell ranged and I checked the door camera, it’s Laura


I opened the door happily and she hugged me before I could talk


“Come in and sit” I said, breaking the hug


“You’re supposed to be at work,no wonder I haven’t seen you in the camera” I said and she nodded


“Tony, is something wrong with Eva?, I mean, she’s always brooding and thinking in the hospital, she’s been rejecting every surgery assigned to her, saying that she needs to rest, is there something I dunno?” Laura asked and I exhaled deeply


“Love triangle” I answered


“Love triangle?” She replied with a puzzled look on her face


“Eva loves Danny but Danny loves Tina” I said and she nodded


“Now I understand, so chief doctor Daniel has a girlfriend and he loves her” she said


“No” I replied


“What are you talking about?” She asked



“Loving her is an understatement, he’s madly, blindly, breathlessly, brainlessly in love with her” I said and Laura laughed


“It’s not funny” I replied


“So my friend is caught in the middle, how pathetic” she said, making pity faces


“I know right?” I answered


“But why can’t she confess?” She asked


“We tried that once but we couldn’t, cos that’s when he announced his relationship” I answered…


“That doesn’t mean you won’t try again, let him know about Eva’s feelings before Eva will have hypertension, even if he won’t acknowledge it, just tell him” Laura said


“Do you think that’s ok?” I asked


“Yes, absolutely” she answered


“Ok, we’ll give it a trial soon” I answered as she stood up


“I need to get going, I’m late for work” she said and I escorted her to the door….



Tina Bills


It’s 8:00pm tonight and I’m already on my bed when I started hearing strange movements in the house, I had a hunch immediately that someone is in the house…


I was actually in My room so I went downstairs to the living room and met two people there, a lady and a guy, I started fidgeting


“W…what….what are you guys doing here?, Who are you?” I asked them,


obviously trembling


“You don’t need to be afraid Tina Bills” the lady said and my heart skipped a beat



“You…you…you know my name?” I stuttered


“Sure, and I know you hate Eva Anderson” the guy answered and I calmed down a bit


“How did you know?” I asked


“We did our research before coming here, thats why were able to get in, the two of us are enemies of Eva too” the lady said, rolling her eyes


“So what do you want from me?” I asked


“Let’s work together to get her” the lady said


“How?” I asked


“Good, there’s a doctor in the hospital she works at, his name is doctor Leo, he equally hates Eva, we’ll make him part of our team, all we need to do is to implicate Eva and let her go to jail” the guy said…


“And who are you guys precisely?” I asked


“I’m Toxica” the lady said


“And I’m Ricky” the guy answered…




Three spawns…no, four


If only you know they’re your parents killer…






(She also wants him)



Β© Authoress Naomi



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