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Episode sixteen





“Just what the f**k is happening??” I ranted as i checked the flash drive but it’s empty


“So this Tony of a guy played us, I’m going crazy right now” Tina said and Ricky exhaled loudly…



Then the 9 O’Clock news started


Newscaster: Eva Anderson who was accused of murder at Lucky life hospital yesterday has been evicted this morning after submitting evidence that shows that she was injected by one of the doctors by the name, doctor Leo, right now, doctor Leo and his accomplices, Toxica, Ricky and Tina Bills are wanted by the cops….


“My God, what the heck is going on!!!” I shouted, disgruntled to the bone as our pictures were shown on TV as wanted criminals


“What are we gonna do?” Tina asked, obviously flinching


“Toxica, think of an idea please” Ricky begged





I’m just too happy at the turn of events, at least if I’m to die, I’ll die in peace for saving Tony and Eva…


I picked my phone up and Cāllèd Tony…



Hello who’s speaking



It’s me Ricky



Just at the nick of time, please I need to see you even if it’s cursory please



You know I can’t come out,I’m a wanted criminal



I know but I need to know why you saved me



Em….ok, I’ll try to sneak out, let’s meet at the bar in your street….





“Are you sure this Is not a trap?” Daniel asked as i prepared to go meet Ricky


“If he wants to kill me then why did he save my life?” I said and he nodded


“Just be careful” Eva said


“That’s true” Laura added and I nodded before wearing my facecap already fixed with bug


I got to the bar and sat for about five minutes before Ricky showed up…


“I have only ten minutes” he wishpered, adjusting his cap and facing the ground


“Ricky, why did you save me?” I asked seriously


“It’s because working for Toxica is not what I wanted, I don’t kill but she’s forcing me to do so, that night that Eva went to deliver cocaine to Benson Bills, Toxica threatened to kill me if I don’t date her, I told her I love Eva but she pointed her gun at me and made me concur to her wants…


She shot Eva that night not only because Benson Bills took away the goods but also because she wants me…


I later came back to that road that night but I can’t find Eva’s body


She went to her house and killed her dad and kidnapped her sister…


“Samantha is still alive?” I interrupted


“Yes, she’s alive but she’s as good as dead cos she’s been giving her shocks since then” Ricky answered and tears escaped my eyes


“Continue” I said


“Later when she heard Eva is alive (only God knows her source), that’s when we came to your shop to help track Eva, Toxica hates to be turned down so when you declined, that’s why she told me to stab you with a knife the second day, I don’t want to do it but she’ll kill me if I don’t, that’s why I stabbed you but not too deep (cos I want you to survive), Toxica saw your corpse and told me to dispose you, I



intensionally threw your body on a busy road when I saw a car coming cos I know someone will get curious…


And luckily, Daniel found you and took care of you, I later found out that Eva lives with Daniel too and I’ve been watching the three of you since then, praying that no harm should come over you…


About Tina’s parents murder, Toxica killed her dad (Benson Bills) while I killed her mum though I was forced to do it and I’m regretting that till now


But Tina is too daft, Toxica tricked her into believing that they’ll kill Eva together and she gullibly agreed to collaborate with us(her parents killer) without an ounce of thought…


How Toxica knew Eva works in the hospital is a mystery till now, and how she knows doctor Leo hates Eva, I dunno, I just know Tina showed her your house…


I started planning how to evict you from the troubles that are about to loom,…


I planned to change the mixed acid we gave to doctor Leo but my plan failed…


When we went to the hospital to give doctor Leo, I noticed black bug in his office and at Every angle in the hospital, dont be curious, I use contact lens so it’s easy to detect the tiny bugs, I became very happy and I knew immediately that it’s your work, at Least you’ll be able to save Eva with the videos


Then Tina said we need to kill you and Toxica agreed


I quickly prepared rubber bullets and rubber plank, I painted the two to look like iron to avoid suspicion


I injected animal blood into the plank, that’s why blood gushed out when I hit you with the plank


And I shot you with a rubber bullet but I was still disturbed, that’s why I called and a girl picked up, after hearing that you’re fine, I became relaxed”….


I’m already in tears as he told the story, I pity him greatly



“Why don’t you just kill Toxica and gain freedom or you can just run and escape” I said


“It’s not that easy, she has eyes everywhere, I should have told you our hideout




“No need for that, I like to do some research, we’ll find out by ourselves and I’ll find a way to save you, Be strong bro, God gat your back” I consoled as I gave him a brotherly hug before he departed…


I wiped my tears and went home


“So how was it?” Eva asked impatiently and I explained everything he told me to them


“My junior sis, Samantha is still alive?” Eva asked in tears


“Yes” I answered


“So Toxica has been forcing Ricky since all these days” Laura said my


“And they’re always giving Samantha shocks, we have to act fast” Daniel said and I nodded as Eva started crying loudly…





I entered our hideout and met Toxica and Tina looking at me devilishly…


“So you’ve decided to betray me, one of my informants informed me you were seen with Tony, that could only mean one thing, you shot him with a rubber bullet right?” Toxica said and I squinted


“Yes, you’re right, just do what you like to me, I’m even tired of this wretched life


you make me live, I’m…..


Before I could finish my statement, Tina shot me on my belly, and Toxica shot my chest…



I fell on my knees in great pains and looked at Tina…


“We killed your parents you dummy, we killed them” I managed to say before breathing my last breath…


Tina Bills


It’s as if life has left my body as Ricky said those words before dying.


“They killed my parents?” I asked myself as I faced Toxica and saw a devilish grin on her face


“Don’t be surprised, he told you his last truth,we killed your parents, I personally killed your dad and he killed your mum” Toxica said loudly and started laughing…


“You animaaaaaal!!!!!!!” I yelled and ran to her but she grabbed my hair….


“Now you’re gonna experience hellish life you dumbass!!!” She yelled and gave me shock injection….I became weak to the bone and she slapped me, I fell down


blindly as my whole body suddenly started acting like they’re not mine….












(She also wants him)


© Authoress Naomi



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