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Episode four



Daniel Hilda


One month later


After we’ve given Eva’s dad a secret burial, I have no choice than to let her live with me since she has nowhere to go


I let Tony stay too, the thing is, I feel like I’ve known him since long ago, he’s like a brother to me


We’re now three in the house,


Eva asked for more time to calm down before starting work, so she’s starting work at my hospital today…


“Always lock the door, never leave the door ajar please” I told Tony before zooming out with Eva


“Good morning doctor Leo” I greeted, he’s actually my assistant


“Good morning chief, who’s…


“She’s Eva Anderson, she’s starting work here today as one of the surgeons” I answered


“What’s her qualifications?” He asked


“No questions, just do as I say” I said and he bowed


“Your office is next to mine, don’t fear” I whispered to Eva


“Thanks doctor” she whispered back


“Doctor Leo, you can get back to work now, and call all the doctors to the


conference room, I need to introduce her to everyone” ….



Eva Anderson


I was introduced to the whole doctors and surgeons and I got to meet great people, I even made a friend, she’s doctor Laura, a very accommodating and cheerful doctor, her office is next to mine and we’re in the same surgical team


Among all the people, I can’t help but notice asst doctor Leo, he doesn’t seem happy by my presence and it’s a bother


“Em, Daniel, doctor Leo, he really doesn’t seem happy, he always frowns at me and gives smiles that looks fake” I complained to Daniel when we’re finally at home..


“Don’t worry about him, he’ll soon get used to you” he answered but I don’t seem to be content with that answer…


“You’re a beautiful lady, he might have noticed you” Tony said and I threw my slippers at him


“Pervert” I mumbled


“I need a computer, laptop, and all those devices, I feel like I’m gonna be sick if I don’t get to press them” Tony complained, jumping on the chair, he’s always behaving childish


“Eva, can you walk me to somewhere?” Daniel asked


“Where?” I inquired


“Are you coming or not?” He asked


“Ok fine” I said, standing up


“I’m coming too” Tony said



“No, you’re always behaving childish, you might do something funny and anybody might notice you” Daniel answered and he sat down


I got my black sunglasses, though it’s already 7pm but I still need to be very careful


We got to the electronics store and Daniel ordered laptop, computer, tab and other devices


“You’re getting them for Tony?” I asked


“Of course, since computer is the only thing he doesn’t behave childish in front of, it’s ok, and also I feel connected to him somehow, he’s like a brother to me” he said


“What about me, what am I to you?” I asked teasingly “You’re my life saver” he answered


“No, you’re supposed to be my lifesaver,you saved me twice” I said “You won’t understand” he said as we zoomed into the compound Tony is close to crazy when he saw the computer He hugged Daniel tightly


“Thank you brother, what will I do without you” he said


“Or you meant to say what will you do without the computer” I said


“Why do you like teasing me?” He asked, pouting childishly as he checked the company out


“Maybe you look like a kid” I answered and he looked at me swiftly


“I’m not a kid!!!” He shouted and I laughed so hard……..



The next day


There’s a liver transplant that’s supposed to be done today and as the chief doctor, Daniel will choose the operating doctor


“Let Eva do it” he said and I doctor Leo stood up


“I’m still the best surgeon here, I should do it” he said proudly


“Didn’t you hear what chief doctor just said?, He said Eva will do it” Laura, my friend said, when it comes to talking, she’s a first class person


“Just like I’ve said before, Eva is handling the surgery” Daniel said…


And thanks to God, the surgery went well…


I and Laura were coming out of the operating room when we met doctor Leo


“Just be careful and don’t ever cross your boundary” he said, refferring to me


“So what is it this time around?” Laura asked


“I wasn’t talking to you” he answered and walked away


“Don’t mind him, he’s just too proud and cocky,he thinks he’s the best and should be the one to handle everything” Laura said and pulled me along…


Benson Bills


“You’ll have to go back to Daniel” I said to Tina my daughter


“What!!!, He’ll be really stupid to take me back, didn’t you remember how you slapped him?” Tina asked


“I never knew he’s a rich dude then, I thought doctors are poor” I answered


“So what next now?” Tina asked



“The big news is that I have some connections with his dad, I’ll talk to his dad and the rest will be over to you and your mum” I replied


“What’s he talking about mum?” Tina asked, facing her mum(Vera)


“We’ll get the two of you together by all means and then collect what we have to collect from him, then we’ll leave him stranded” Vera said


“Mum, you mean we’ll dupe him?” She asked


“Of course, are you going to marry a boring doctor?, Let’s just do this and get what we wanna get” I answered


“Not bad, at least im gonna get the biggest share, but he won’t agree so easily” Tina said


“Don’t worry, I’ll convince his dad”….




People Sha


Who still remembers Benson Bills?, Those who read it from the beginning will understand


The man who took the goods and the money away, the cause of Eva’s predicament


Turns out he’s Tina’s dad, now they wanna dupe….


And doctor Leo, what do you think about him?


And I like Laura’s guts






(She also wants him)


Β© Authoress Naomi



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