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Final _Episode





Jessica turned and stretched her hand but found the bed empty. She opened her eyes but did not see Andy. Turning and sitting up, she saw Andy dressing up. He turned and smiled at her.


“Hey beautiful”


Jessica doubted that she looked beautiful because her hair was in total disarray, both from sleep and from all the events of the past night.


She frowned. “Good morning husband, off to work so early?”


“Yes, got an emergency meeting”


“But today-”


“I know sweetie, today is Friday, I just remembered that I had fixed today for the meeting. I have to rush off” he pushed his hands into his suit jacket hastily.


“But don’t you remember that-”


“Yes honey, I just remembered the meeting. Take care of yourself honey and remember, if you have to go out, please take the driver.


Please take the driver” he repeated, kissed her and rushed out.


Jessica glared at the closed door in annoyance.


How could he forget that today was her birthday? Please take the driver… why can’t he understand that the accident that happened about three months ago could have also happened if the driver had driven the car?


She did not like sitting at the back but at times, she had to admit that she actually enjoyed it. She sighed, getting out of bed. She checked the time and saw that it was almost eight. Her eyes widened.



No wonder Andy had been rushing, he had obviously woken up late too. But why could he not wish her a happy birthday. She entered the bathroom,


brushed and showered. Just as she was coming out, her phone rang and she picked it up.


“Lizzy” she called, smiling. Obviously, her friend had remembered her birthday.


“Oh Jessica, thank God I got you”


Jessica frowned. “Is everything ok?”


“Oh Lizzy, I am stranded here. I have some things with me and I need to take them home but I can’t find my purse again. I am somewhere around Mackey Close, not so far from your place.


Can you come and pick me?”


Jessica wanted to ask what she was doing outside so early in the morning but shrugged it off. Not everyone cuddled up against their husbands till this time. “I don’t know any Mackey close, where is that?”


“Oh, Jessica, ask your driver, he should know the place. Please babes,


ok? I am waiting” Lizzy hung up.


Jessica frowned and started dressing up. Minutes later she was sitting at the back seat of the car, as the driver drove.


He surely knew where he was going and she looked around, looking out for Lizzy.


What greeted her eyes when the driver came to a stop was a massive building that looked relatively new.


The beauty of the building was so dumbfounding and she found herself gazing at it, marveling at the mastery behind it. It was long and tall, looking perfect for a shopping complex.



She thought of so many things, just by staring at it but she


had to forcefully take her eyes from the building to look for Lizzy.


She turned to open the door but it was opened before she could. She looked out and saw Andy holding out his hand. “Happy birthday wife”


He called with a bright smile on his face. Jessica was floored.


There was obviously no meeting anywhere. She took his hand and stepped out of the car.


“You are mischievous” she said grinning. Andy smiled and leaned forward for a kiss. Jessica looked around. “Where are we?


This place is not far from home but still, I have never been here” he smiled.


“I know” and for some seconds he looked uncertain.


Jessica looked at the massive building before her, loving it the more.


“Oh my” she said breathlessly. “This building is divine… breathtaking”


she said gazing at it but Andy did not respond. She turned to look at him and he was watching her. He went to stand at her front.


“Sweetheart, you told me some months back that you would love to own your own business. It was then I thought of it. You are my heart desire, sweetheart, and I wanted to give you something that would make you very happy. I got this project started a week after you told me about it.


You said you would love something small but I thought of


this – a shopping mall. I know you love supermarkets and boutiques, so I felt it would be nice if we merged it. This building has three floors.


We would fill them with whatever you want.” Andy breathed, not sure of what Jessica would say, she had been staring like a frozen goddess.



“Happy birthday sweetheart” He stretched out a scissors which had a ribbon on it and put it in Jessica’s hand.


Jessica had been looking at Andy as his mouth moved and words tumbled out. She was not sure if she was sleeping or dreaming or in a trance or something. She was definitely hearing wrong things. When Andy landed and gave her the scissors, she finally found the ability to move a muscle.


She stared at the scissors like she did not know what it was used for.


She looked back at Andy and stared at the massive structure that towered over her.


For the first time, she noticed at


ribbon around the house.


The full effect of what Andy had been saying slammed into her like a tidal wave and she turned sharply to face Andy.


“You can’t be serious… You are joking right”


He smiled softly. “Do you like it?” Andy had hopeful eyes.


Jessica felt like her head would explode. “Of course I like it, but it is not mine, is it? It can’t be mine, can it?” she turned to stare at the building.


“Oh God! Andy, this is too much” It would have cost a


fortune” she frowned. “What am I saying? It would have cost a million fortunes” she turned back to Andy. “Where did you get the money to build this?”


Andy almost laughed. “Jess, do you know who you married? I have money enough to feed a nation”. “Please tell me you like it”


Jessica squealed. “Oh God! I love it” she jumped on Andy and he caught her, visibly relaxing. “But you know you did not have to do it right?”


He looked into her eyes. “Yes, I had to. I would do anything to make you very happy my love”



“You are my happiness Andy Williams”


He kissed her and stepped back, holding her hand.


She turned back to face the building and gasped when she saw so many people.


“Happy Birthday” they all screamed. Jessica grinned and


squealed like a little child. She became calm when someone walked up to her.


Jessica looked at Sonia. Sonia had done all she could to get her forgiveness buy Jessica had refused to. Staring at Sonia now, it was impossible to forgive her. Not with the happiness inside her.


She looked at Andy who gave an encouraging nod. Moving forward, the opened her hands and Sonia ran into it. Jessica felt her happiness increase.


Everyone made mistakes and they deserved forgiveness when they finally realize their mistakes.


Cheers went out and suddenly, Jessica was being hugged and pecked by all and sundry. They all went to the ribbon and their pastor who was also there, prayed.


“We open this building in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”


Everyone shouted amen and Jessica and Andy cut the ribbon. She felt the instant urge to cry and before she knew it,


she had tears rolling down her cheeks. She jumped on Andy. “I have never been this happy


Andy… I love you. I am sure our baby would love you very very much too”


Andy froze and pulled her back enough to stare into her eyes.


She answered his question with a smile. “You are going to be a father” she whispered and Andy gasped. He had just received the best news in the world.



Before Jessica knew what was happening, Andy was swinging her in the air.


She giggled and people looked at them, puzzled and amused, wishing to find a love like theirs.


Jessica’s feet hadn’t touched the ground when Andy pulled her against him for a deep breathtaking kiss.


When they broke off, they were breathless. Andy put his head against


Jessica’s and gazed into her beautiful eyes. “I am the luckiest man on earth”


“That makes two of us because I was thinking I am the luckiest woman in the universe.”


“We are going to be one extremely happy family” Andy said, wanting to scream on top of his lungs. They both turned to the crowd of people who were looking at them with curiosity but they were not going to tell them.


This was their news, their joy and they did not want to publicize it.


It was too good to share. They grinned and got the


celebration started, both thanking God in their hearts for the day they got married.






All things work together for our good





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