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I wish I could return but I couldn’t. I think I’m scared of things that is going to happen.


He kissed the tip of my nose making me feel so excited within.


“I love you and I don’t care if you say it back or not”


“Darian… do you realise what we are doing. My life is in danger”


“Shh.. .. let’s enjoy the moment”,he kissed me again and to my surprise, he carried me in his arms to the bedroom.


“Darian…”, I framed his face once more, “Your parents….”


“Don’t worry, they never visited me on my birthday”


“Darian.. . I can’t. Let’s take it slow please… I can’t”


He dropped me staring at me kissing my temples.


“Honey!!”,My eyes widened the moment i heard Mrs Clooney’s voice. “Your mother. I thought you said…” “I didn’t know they will be here”



“stay right here”,he said softly leaving me. Imagine I’m having s£x with him and his parents saw us.


What will have happen?


I moved to the living room to see what was happening.


“Happy birthday to you baby”, His mom hugged him.


“Mom… what are you doing here?”, He asked.


“Aren’t you happy to see me?”


“No… I’m not happy mom”,I stood behind them.


His mom stared at me feeling embarrassed and I felt really bad giving them some time alone.


“Your dad bought you something”


“I don’t need them mom”,I heard Dare.


“You know we are really trying to make you happy but it’s seems u don’t want that”


“And how are you going to make me happy mom. Buy me expensive car, give me money. I don’t want that. I want you to have time.”


“Baby.. ..”,His mom trailed.


“I’m really busy… I have to go mom.”


“Darian!! Come back here!!”,but he was gone. His eyes met mine but he was gone.


“Alondria!!”,I heard his mom.


“Yes ma’am”


“Take care of my son and please tell him that, I did everything because I love him”


“I will… ma”.


“I will be back next week”


“Okay Ma,am. Have a safe trip”,she just nodded.


I sighed knocking on Darian’s door.


“May I come in?”


“Yep…”,he answered. I opened the door finding him painting me.


I smiled, “You don’t have to he rude to your mom”


He stopped painting and turned wiping his forehead with his hand. He pulled me into his arms and turned me so I could fave the painting.


His chin on my shoulder. His hand wrapped around my waist while he gave me the brush and held my hand along while we paint .


“They were never there for me. They never attended meeting. Well if I could remember, they attended once… that was just for fame. I couldn’t tell them anything because they never listened”



I kept quiet listening, “I was mostly beaten by bullies. When I report to them, they only say “sorry baby”. They never wished me happy birthday but honestly I don’t care because I was used to it”


“The moment I saw you, I hated you because all the nannies who raised weren’t nice. They were rude. That’s the main remain reason why I was rude. I hate you but then I love you because you were beautiful… The day you saved my life and fought me, that’s when I realised you are special in your own way then I fell in love with you. Don’t regret anything we do . I love you”


I still remain quiet, “So tell me yours”,I heard him.


“When your dad told me I’m going to be a nanny for a 20 years old guy, I thought it was insane. And I meet you, to be honest, you were handsome but rude and I hate you for that too. When you squash my phone, I felt my beating the hell out of you”


He laughed, “Why didn’t you do it”


“Because you are kid and I’m afraid I might break you”,I said and he sank his teeth in my shoulder.


“Ouch… “,I left the brush, “I’m stronger now”


“Oh really…”, I turned and his mouth sealed mine as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

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Gosh, am I dreaming. Who could believe she had now accepted to be with me.


My hands wrapped around her waist and we fell on the bed as she giggled.


My hands rubbed her back and she was quiet for a while.


“Tomorrow, I have a surprise …”


“Hmm… I can’t wait. But tell me the surprise”


“No… I can’t”


“Please.. .”,She said sweetly.




“I’m begging you”


I kissed her forehead, “No… I’m hungry”


“You will prepare the meal yourself”




She rolled off me sleeping in the other side of the bed.


“What are you doing?”


“Sleeping. I’m hoping the food will be ready in 1 hour”


“Don’t be a lazy girlfriend. Get up”




I grapped her ankles pulling her from the bed, “Okay…. okay…I will prepare your




We moved to the kitchen and I stood there.






“Start cooking”


“You are rather cooking”


I raised a brow, “Okay..”


And then i removed my shirt showing my abs and chest.


“Why are you removing your shirt?”


“I’m going to cook”


“Is it necessary..To remove your shirt. Are you sure you aren’t seducing me”


“Oh come on, Adria. If i were seducing you,you would have been in my bed by now”


“Oh really?”


“Yes really”


“Come and teach me how go cut the vegetables”


“Dare…”,she warned


“Oh come on, I’m not going to seduce, just help me”


She moved to the counter and I started chopping while I was behind her.


Her hair smells of vanilla..she smells great and I love ir


My hands wrapped my waist.


“Concentrate Darian”


“I’m concentrating, sunshine “,I said kissing her back.


















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