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What has gotten into me. Don’t tell me you like her Darian. Dude she is eight years older than you, I thought.


Yes she is but …. but getting interested in older woman isn’t my thing but this is


different or let’s say I liked her all along but I just so angry about everything.


She is nice and cool and so perfect. Next week is my birthday. I can’t wait to tell her.


Even though I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. I will gladly love to receive a gift from her.


What is wrong with me. When i said she was beautiful, I almost kissed her but she quickly pulled away from me.


She might not be interested in me but I think I’m ready to give it a try … to explore and also I want her to take my virginity.


Well, that’s enough. I have to stop thinking about it before I get mad.


I moved downstairs and found my food at the table. She was already eating.


“Hey… why didn’t you wait for me”,I asked and she smiled.


“I was so hungry”


I dragged my chair backwards before sitting down while I had my meal.



“So thank you for today”


“No worries”


“Tell me something”,I took a sip of my juice, “How come you learn how to fight”


She stopped eating and stared at me, “I was once in the navy but my mom was so sick so I had to quit”


“I’m sorry. So is your mom still alive? ”


“No, she isn’t alive. She died eight years ago”,she replied.


“I’m sorry ”


“It’s okay… That was a long time ago”


“So you know how to shoot”


“Yes I know how to shoot”,she replied concentrating on her for once more as her new phone vibrates.


“Hello… “,she said softly and I wondered whom she was talking to. “Hi Ray…”


That’s where I frowned. Ray. My principal. What going on between this two people.


“Okay.. I will be right there Ray “,she replied taking her plate and mine as she washed them.


“Going somewhere?”


“Ray and I have a date”, she quickly replied.


“Oh okay…”


My bad.. I was just hoping that the two of us would actually spend time together and know eachother better but I was wrong.


She was going out with my principal.


She walked away from me moving upstairs.


I went to the sitting room as she was getting dressed. Immediately she came downstairs wearing a red dress.


I just stared at her. She was actually a princess tonight. She was so perfect and beautiful.


“How do i look?”,she asked.


“Beautiful”,I took my phone taking photos of her. She is so beautiful.


Then I heard the horn of the car outside.


“Oops. He is here. I got to go. Oh and please take care of yourself”


I just nodded as she closed the door behind her. I opened the curtains watching them while Mr Raymond kissed her cheek and he whispered something to her and she giggled and he opened the door for her and I watched them leave.


I was all alone in the room. Everywhere was quiet. I went into my room and I started painting something… something beautiful and that was her.


After painting … I opened the curtains allowing the moonlight to shine on my art work.


I sat on the bed and stared at the picture. Dirty thoughts flowed in my head..


Dirty thoughts of her naked beneath me while I had made love to her.


It was just perfect and I didn’t realised when my moved down my pjyamas buttoms stroking my erection as I orgasm on my hand breathing hard.



This is the most disgusting thing i have ever done. I feel so ashamed right now. I can’t believe I imagined her in my fantasies.


I went to the shower having my bath. I returned back and sat on the bed while I stared at the picture.


Three hours later, I heard a glass and went downstairs seeing Alondria.


Her hair was messy. Wait, did she have s£x with him.


No I don’t think so.


“Darian. I’m back”,she said and i moved close to her.


The more I got closer the more I smell acohol around her.


Did she drink.


“Did you get drunk?”,I asked and she smiled. “Yes… I had a drink with Ray. He was so funny” “Okay. Okay. Come on, you need some shower”


“Yes I do. Please make some coffee for me, will you”,she said as she crawled on the stairs.


She spent time with Ray and honestly it’s pissing me off.


I stood at the kitchen waiting for 30 mins before entering inside the room.


She was dressed in her night gown as I hand her the coffee.


“Oh thank you so much..I can’t believe I did something crazy in a long time.”


I sat on the bed, “What crazy?”


“Well I got drunk … And Ray”,she paused falling on bed touching her lips.


“We kissed”,she whispered, “It was the best kiss I have received in a long time. No one had kiss me so wild before”,she sat up sipping the coffee.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have tell you that”,she blushed.


“It’s okay.. ”


“Thanks for the coffee”


“Erm.. I will be in my room “,I said leaving.


You are such a fool, Darian. You thought she would like you too. What was I thinking. I’m just a kid right infront of her.


She is interested in Ray now all i had to do is back off.






Gosh, my head hurt so bad. I don’t know why?


Oh I do.


I woke up stretching my body. It’s was 7am.


I woke up making some hot coffee for him.


He was dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans and I saw his new tattoo on his arm.


It was something like roses drawn on his arm.


“Good morning, Darian”,I greet but he didn’t mind.


I served his coffee while he sat down, “Good morning, Darian”,I said again but no response.



Okay. Maybe he isn’t in a good mood to talk to me.


I heard my phone vibrating in my pocket.


“Ray..”,I said softly.


Ray and I had a crazy night but it’s never happening again and he knows it.


He knows I never wanted this kind relationship. But the kiss felt good, I won’t deny it.


“I’m really sorry, Alondria. I’m so sorry”


“It’s okay Ray. Never mind…”,I trailed as Darian grasped the phone from my hand declining the call.


“What is wrong with you?”, I asked and he stared at me tightening his jaw. “You are not allowed to make useless calls in my house” “Says who?”



“Says the boss’s son”


“You know what ,Darian… it’s seems you don’t like it when I’m being nice”


“You are not being nice Alondria. You are treating me like a kid and honestly I really hate it.”


Wait. Where is all this coming from because I don’t understand anything one bit.


Yesterday he was so cool and today he is the grumpy guy I once knew.


“So how do you expect me to treat you. Like a man?”, I asked and he was quiet fuming in anger.



“If you wanted me to treat you like a man, you wouldn’t have take my phone like a 5 years old boy. Now give me my phone. I’m counting to three”


“And If i don’t”




“I’m not giving it to you”




“You can’t do anything to me”




In a quick motion, I twist his hand to his back while my other hand pinned his back on the table and quickly took my phone from him.


I left him and to my surprise, his arms wrapped around me from behind and he swirled me around and his hands wrapped around my waist carrying me off my feet.


“Darian, what devil had gotten into you today?”


“Lucifer himself “,he answered. His hand were wrapped tightly around my waist as he moved me to the kitchen counter.


He placed me there, his body in between my legs. All my life, today is the first time a guy is seducing me.


Not a guy. A boy.


His body trapped me and his lips moved closer. I had no choice but to hit him on his wound.


He groaned in pain. I pushed him getting down from the counter. He held my arm stopping me and I slapped him.



“You are harassing me and I won’t tolerate that the next time”


“I’m sorry..”, he apologised


“Good. I never knew you had this sort of intention, like I wouldn’t have been free with you”


“I’m sorry”,he apologise.


I turned leaving but he quickly grabbed my leg.


“Darian”,I called out, “Let go of my leg”


“I said I’m sorry”,I turned staring at him on the floor.








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