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Being separated from her thirteen years only made me lonely inside. I was forced to go school and I had to do arts and that’s my only passion.



Mother allowed guards to always be by my side for the past thirteen years so I couldn’t ran to see Adria.


The last question Adria asked was she missed her pill and that was when I realised she was keeping a part of me inside her.


I was so worried that will she be fine or will she be okay. Can she take care of the baby alone..


I got so worried and thought of escaping once but to my surprise.. . the guards were faster than I thought. I couldn’t concentrate in class and all my painting only describe how I feel or the beauty of my Adria.


So I thought spending three years in the states will be okay but it turned out that it was thirteen years.


My mom held me captive for thirteen years. I became independent by I was still captive against my will.


Mother captured me for no reason and had been forcing me to get a woman who bear her grand kids for her.


That’s where she introduce Carly… To be my suitable girlfriend and swears she is too clingy for my liking.


To social media and newspapers, we were the perfect couple but behind closed doors, we were just strangers. She tried seducing me many of times but I didn’t give in.


After 5 years, I made a gallery at Newland.. .where I display my arts . My mom wasn’t excited about my decision but it was already taken.


I visit Newland every two months to exhibit my paintings. And I always spy on Adria with my son… sometimes I see them on the streets, buying their favourite ice cream.



And sometimes I watch Alondria taking my son to school. The first time I layed my eyes on my son,I knew he is my mom.. There was no difference… He is the copy of me when I met.


At first I was scared to approach him because I thought since I left Alondria without saying goodbye, she might me angry for a long a nd who knows if she might say bad things to my child.


So oneday I waited for him after school. He came walking with his friends … He was give years by then. I stood infront of him.


“Hi”,Is all what I could say. He looked to staring at me and his lips parted.


“Dad?”,He said softly and honestly I felt excited in my heart. It was him. My son.


“You are my dad”,he said and I pulled him from my friends and hugged him tight.


“My son, you don’t know how much I have missed you”


“We missed you too”, she said softly.


“We?”,I asked and he smiled.


“Mom had missed you too…”,he said softly.


I knew she would even if she was mad at me.


Every two months, I visited my son and talked to him about a lot of things. He also told him about how his mom is doing and about school.


I really like to gear his side … when ever he mentions Alondria being sick , then that’s where I really felt worried.


Now it’s thirteen years and he is all grown up but I have never stop seeing him.


I met him yesterday and he told me that Alondria was dating another guy.



“I hate him”,he suddenly exclaimed as if he was in my thoughts. We were in a restaurant hanging out.


“Me too… What’s his name again?”


“Derrick…”,He said and we twist our lips in disgust.


“How long habe thet been dating?”


“About a month now…”


He suddenly smiled, “I wish I could tell mom that I have seen you but honestly I can’t. I don’t want him to marry that Derrick guy”


“Me too ”


He laughed, “Do you still love her?”


I just nod.


“Then why can’t you just go and tell her you love” “I can’t kid, it’s really complicated”,I said softly. He rolled his eyes taking his bag, “I’m going home” “But we just got here?”


“Mom will be worried”, I have never heard him say this before. I realised he was so moody.


“Hey, is something wrong?”


“No”,his voice was so shaky and I knew he was crying inside.


“Goodnight ….”


“Okay..let me drive you home..”


“No!!”, he yelled. “Whenever I asked you stay with me, you always give excuses and you know what Dad, it really pisses me off because it made me see younare a coward”,he slammed the door and I saw him running I’m the streets.


I was so quiet and I sat back drinking


my coffee. I went home. I was so tired from my exhibition and Gabriel’s words rang in my thoughts.


Then I went upstairs but then I heard voices. I walked to my mom’s rooms and I heard her talking to Carly.


I stood there eavesdropping.


“I told you I wanted you to make he impregnated you… what are you waiting for?”


“I have tried everything but he isn’t responding to my kissses and much less my touches”, I heard Carly’s voice.


“You are destroying my plans. I wab t you to bare his child as son as possible.”


“But why mother?”, she asked.


“Why? Because the moment, you give birth to him… then you force him to sign his inheritance to his baby… then we kill him and then next person will be his dad. I never like them both since I came home”


“But he is your son”


“He can never be my son. I came to this house meeting his worthless father”


I was really shocked that mom said this and I tiptoed but I was unlucky … The tiles were kind of sleepy so I fell and I saw my mom and Carly.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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i ran downstairs and I heard my mom or I don’t know who she is.


“Guards…. kill him!!”,she shouted. I thought she was joking but she was damn




I ran out of the house… thank God I have my credit cards with me.


All i was thinking was Alondria… I believe she can help. She is the only friend I need right now.


The main gate was locked so I had to jumped the door. Her bedroom window was opened. I climbed inside. And when I heard the bathroom door opened. I hide behind the curtains.


She stood in the middle of the room and dropped her towel whike I stared at her naked.


She hadn’t changed too… she is still the same beautiful woman I had always knew.


I don’t know why but all of a sudden my hands are so itchy to touch her. To make love to her and apologise to her. I didn’t mean to hurt her, I was rather protecting her.


I tiptoed so I could get away from that spot or else she might find out. The room was dark and I’m sure she can’t see me but I made the wrong decision.


She was actually turning around to see who in the dark. I was right behind her the moment she was about to scream. I had to cover her lips with my hand.


“Adria. .”,I said softly while her beautiful fragrance filled my nostrils. She step on my foot and she punch me on the jaw while I groaned in pain. I could believe she could do that.


“Darian… what are you doing here?”, she asked switching on the lights while i turned staring at her naked body.


She quickly covered her skin with the towel.


“Oh come on, don’t hide from me”,I smiled and she frowned at me



“Get out of my house Darian!!!”


“It’s ours, baby… our house”, I answered moving close


“I don’t care …. just get out of here. I don’t want to see you”, she scrowl


“I know we had a lot of things to say but please just help me.. . you are the only person who came… please Adria or else I would die.. .”, and it’s true.. she is only one who could help me.


Then all of a sudden, she bite her lower lip… Her pupils were dilated while she stared at my chest and face.


“I know that look Adria…”,i whispered.


She chuckled, “I was thinking of someone else ”


“You are not …”, and I knew she was denying the truth.


“Get out!!”


“There are a lot of memories, huh..”




“You are mad at me and I understand but everything I did, I did it for u”,i said softly and sg e turned. Her back facing me.


“Why are you here?”


“I’m here be cause I need your help”


“Why …”


“Be cause my mom wanted to kill me”.




“We don’t have time, baby. Let’s get out here ….”


“okay… let me dress up “,she answered and then I heard a door.


“Alondria.. . “,it was Derrick. I frowned pulling her by her arm to the door.


“What are you doing?”,she asked and I dragged her to the door.


“Tell him to leave or else I will cut down his throat”


“okay…”,I opened the door, “Hi Derrick”


“Yes…are you okay”


“Yes I am”


“I wanted to know if you are ready for the date ”


“No … I’m sorry “,she apologised and he kissed her and damn I felt so jealous. I thought she promised to wait for me but she moved on.


i don’t blame her. She will surely date someone else if she hadn’t seen me with Carly on the television or newspapers.


She closed the door behind her resting her head on the door. I flipped her, turning her around while my lips captured hers.





I was surprised he was kissing me. I didn’t respond but honestly I missed him.


I pushed him hard, wiping my lips with the back if my hand.


“What is wrong with you?”.


“Am i not better than him”,He asked and I laughed.



“He is more better than you”,I answered.


“Alondria…are you okay in there”,I heard Derrick’s voice.


Before I could respond, his hand moved behind my nape.


And he’s kissing me. Once, twice, until I’ve had a taste and realize I’ll never have enough. He’s everywhere up my back and over my arms and suddenly he’s kissing me harder, deeper, with a fervent urgent need I’ve never known before.


Gosh, I want him so much… He pulled away a bit and his thumb brushed my swollen bottom lip.


“Tell Mr sunshine to leave”,he whispered.


Sunshine.. . I thought Only Gabriel knew that word.


“Alondria?”,Derrick called and I was still in Darian’s arms and all we could do was stare at eachother’s eyes.


“I’m okay.. Derrick”,I shouted.


“Oh okay… I will call you soon”


“Okay Derrick.. . “, then I heard nothing no more.


I stared back at Darian.


“I’m glad Mr sunshine is gone”,then he pulled away.


“His name is Derrick. And how come, he nicknamed him Mr sunshine just like Gabriel”


He was quiet for while, “Because I have checking on my son for past eight years now…”



I blinked, “Liar…My son doesn’t hide secrets from me..He always told me everything”


“Oh come on, baby. That’s what you think..He is my son remember, my blood and he listens to me”


“When he returns from his trip, he will answer to me”


And I was surprise he was there… I went to the bedroom and found him taking some clothes.


“Where are we going?”,I asked.


“Some where ….They will be here any minute”


“But… we can’t run like cowards…”


“Listen to me baby, we need to or else we will be killed”


“Who cares …. they aren’t searching for me. It’s you they are looking for”


He stopped packing, ” Yes I know that but I’m sure my mom will come here to kill you too because she might think you are against my disappearance”


“I’m still not going”


He groaned and he took one of dresses and wore it on me… He changed his clothes and entwined his hands with mine while I decided to lock the door and we entered inside the car.


“Where are we going?”,I wore my seat belt while he started the engine.


“Some where no one is gonna find us”,he answered.


“And what about my son?”, I asked.


“He will be fine”,He answered and we drove off.








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