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I turned staering him. He moved closer and pinned me to the wall, “Now that she is gone, you are the next I want to touch”


I stared at him in surprise. What is he going to do.


He got both wrists and I struggled but he held them tight.


His hair covered his face so I


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His forcefully pulled my hands above my head.


“Darian, I didn’t come here to be your next touch”


“Then what did you come here for Adria. Ruin my horny moment?”


“I didn’t come here for that. I came because I was worried about you”



“As you can see I’m not a kid so they is no need to worry”


I just nod, “I’m sorry but it’s late”


“You are not my mother to tell me what to do”


I chuckled, “I think you are being childish Mr Clooney”


“I don’t care about that anymore. What’s your problem”,he scolded.


“Sometimes I don’t understand u. You are nice then all of a sudden, you change to rude. What did i do to you”


“You wasted my time. I would have slept with her by now”




He chuckled, “I want you to….”,His hands moved under my shirt and I groaned


stepping on his foot.


He quickly let go of me and he laughed at the same time, “You are being unfair Alondria. You slept with my principal and you ruin my moment”


“What!!! I never slept with him”


“So I’m a liar now…i saw you moaning beneath him”


“So this why you were rude to me… Tell me something Mr Clooney, how was I moaning”


“You are such a hypocrite.”


“That scene you saw was him sleeping with another woman be cause I saw that too”,I moved angrily away from the party .



I walked kicking stuffs on my way. I saw his red car following. He finally blocked my way.


“Get in..”


“I’m not”


“Alondria, don’t force me to do something I might regret”


“I’m not entering inside your damn. You promised me that you will change but I still saw nothing”


To my surprise, he carried me putting me inside hid car.


I was angry but what’s the use of scolding him. It will lead to nothing.


I fold my arms and pouted my lips staring at him. He didn’t look at me, he just drove home.


I quickly got out slamming the door.


“Alondria…. Wait up”,he said but I run and he chased after me till he grapped me


hauling me into his arms.


“What is wrong with you?”,


He sighed and framed my face. His forehead touching mine, “I’m really sorry for everything. For being rude and childish. I was angry since I went to Mr Raymond’s home. I thought, it was you. I’m sorry”.




“So u forgive me”


“Yes please…”,I smiled at him, “I’m tired, I have to go bed”


I sat on the floor tuning my fingers through my hair.


I feel the same way for him too but I’m scared. His father is one the famous billionaire.



He has such power and if he finds out I’m in a relationship with his son, only God knows, what might happen.


This so difficult for me. Why?


Why is this heart of mind so stubborn. Why does it have to fall for the wrong person.


This is so difficult.


I really hate this …


The next morning, I was in the kitchen washing plates. Sarah and the maids had their day off.


I heard the doorbell and open realised it was Harry, Jake and Charlie.


“Good morning Miss Alondria”,Charlie kissed my cheeks.


“Good morning.”,I replied seeing a wrapped present in their hands.


“Sorry to ask but what’s fit the occasion?”,I ask.


“You didn’t know. It’s Darian’s birthday”


“Oh okay…. come in”


I saw them run into Darian’s room. I moved back to the kitchen washing the plates.






I was in bed when my friends entered. Charlie opened the curtains making the light shine on my face.


Jake pulled the sheets from my skin, “Guys I told you I don’t celebrate my birthdays. What are you doing here with presents”



“We just thought if was your day so we decided to get you something”,Harry answered.


“Let’s forget about the birthday for now”, they all sat on the bed, “So what happened yesterday with Susan?”,Jake asked.


“Nothing happened. Everything got ruin the moment Alondria came in”


“Oh….”,They all said


But I’m glad, Susan and I didn’t do it . I just want to try it out with Alondria” “But why?”,Charlie making me feel uncomfortable.


“Because Alondria is more


experienced and also I’m inlove with her so I know it will be perfect”


They all nodded staring at eachother.


“So erm…. Did she confessed her love for you”, Charlie asked.


“No… please just go home. I just want to be alone with her”




I escorted them to the door and returned back to the kitchen finding Alondria cooking. I don’t know what it was but it’s smells great.


Her back faced me. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt and I don’t know if she was wearing underwear.


“Good morning”, I said but she didn’t respond.


She turned, “Happy birthday”,she said and continued what she was doing.


“Thank you”


“You are welcome”


“Where is my present?”


“I didn’t get you any present. I just heard it was your birthday this morning”


“You know I don’t like birthday but if it’s were up to you, I will consider it as special. If you were to get me something, what will it be”


“Well, I don’t know. Something you’ve always like or something you really love. Just tell me and I will get it for you?”


“You promised?”


“Yes I promised. Just tell me and I will get it for you as long as it not expensive”


“I want you, Adria”




“I want you”


“I know you must be joking”


“I want you”,I said softly, “I wanna hug you, hold u. I want to touch you. I want to kiss you, feel u”,she turned staring at me.


“This is wrong Darian. We both know that. You can’t be talking like this… you are just a kid”


“Stop calling me me that Adria… Stop calling me that. I wasn’t a kid when I kiss you”


“That kiss was nothing”


“It’s was something to me Adria. That kiss made me realised that you want me too”



“You don’t love me, Darian. You just miss your parents love and affection. I can’t be your mom”


“Yes it’s true, I miss my parents but Alondria, I want you as my mom. I want you as the woman I love. I want you as my everything Alondria. Can you please understand me. Just let me touch you”, I moved close to her, and cupped her br**sts through the shirt then she slapped me hard.


Then I saw regret. She moved to the living room standing near the couch and I joined her.


“What do you want from me, Darian”


I knelt infront of her, “Love me, Adria. Love me like I’m the man of your dreams. Change me. Be my friend, be my mom, be my everything please”


“Come here”,she knelt down and pulled me into her arms hugging me tight and I hold her. About two minutes, she let go and kiss my temples.


As she tried to settle back down into her seat, I got closer and planted my lips against hers.


she returned the kiss and slid her tongue into my mouth. I moaned and pulled her small frame up from the seat next to me so that she was straddling my lap.


I still had to lean down to kiss her. Not that I minded doing so as it forced her to lean forward and press her firm br**sts into my chest.


She tangled a hand into my hair as I started to drive her tongue back into her mouth with my own, and pulled my head back to get her lips and teeth on the base of my neck.


I groaned louder and slid my hands down her back, gripping her butt roughly and I realised she was just in her panties.



Adria moaned into the mouthful of my flesh she was biting, and I took it as encouragement to lift the bottom of her t-shirt up and ease my hands down under her waistband to the bare flesh of her backside.


She sucked my bottom lip before framing my face.


“I love you”,I whispered and she tilt my head deepening the kiss once more.



















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