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Three days. I haven’t seen her. I missed her so much. She left only because I tried to kiss her. She quit the job.






“Darian”,I called out, “Let go of my leg”



“I said I’m sorry”,I turned staring at him on the floor.


“I forgive you … please just let go of my leg”,she said softly and he did. “Promise me that you are not going to harass me again”


“I’m not harassing you. I’m sorry to this but I like you. I like you like a woman . ”


She chuckled, “You can’t like me, u are just a kid”


“Stop saying that”


“I never knew this was your intention but I’m sorry to say, I can’t work for you anymore”


“No please Adria”,I said softly. .


Adria is short but Alondria is way too long.


“Okay… fine. I have heard you”, she said walking put on me.


What have I done? I was too angry.


I was in my room trying to stay away from her. Then I heard the horn of a car.


I looked through the window and found the cab driver putting her suitcase in the cab.


I wish I could ran to her and tell her to stop but I couldn’t.


I couldn’t stop her from her decisions.


Till now she wasn’t back. My parents called me yesterday that they would be returning tomorrow.


I decided not to go to school for three days. I was really bored and angry and I was crying be cause I missed Alondria so much.



“Dude….”,I heard Harry opening the door. It was only him.


“Where are the others?”;I asked.


“They refused to see you since you refused to pick their calls”


I kept quiet.


“What’s wrong?”,he sat on the bed close to me.




“Stop lying. Three days.. what’s wrong and where is Alondria”


“She left”


“But why”


I stared at Harry. Among my three friends, I trust Harry most.


“Because I harassed her”


“What do u mean harassed her?”


“I tried to kiss her and she left”, I answered and Harry kept quiet waiting for me to continue.


“I like her Harry. I like her so much. I know she is older than i am but the feeling is strong. I know it’s insane . You must be disgusted seeing me interested in an older woman”


He chuckled, “Who am I to judge u. My favourite celebrity Nick Jonas got married to a woman who is 14years older than him. Everyone was complaining but they still loved eachother. So I don’t see anything wrong in falling for your nanny. She is older but you won’t realise it until she tells you. She is really beautiful”



And he stood up, “If I were you, I will would search for her and make her understand u are interested. Act like an adult and not childish. Do you understand”


I just nod.


“Uh… I will see u later. I got some things to do”


He is right. I’m childish sometimes. If i want her I need to behave like an adult.


I have my own online business which I earn wholesomely.


I need to cook and not rude.


I need an apartment besides I’m 20.


I haven’t even had s£x with anyone. How can I pleasure her. I don’t even know much about s£x.


Oh my God, I suck at everything.


I need to give her everything and I need to stop depending on my parents.


Infact I have a lot of money to become independent.


I took my laptop trying to buy a nice apartment.


A perfect home for Adria and I.


The next thing was the most embarrassing of them all. I watch porn.


I just need ways to pleasure a woman. I didn’t even had my meal. I was stuck watching porn and learning new things like how to make a woman fall for u. Important things a woman needs and more.


The next morning, I quickly dressed arriving school early.


I saw Susan walking towards me.



“Hey..”she smiled at me.




“I’m having a party at my house evening and hoping to see you”


“Sorry, I have other plans”, I walked out on her moving to the principal’s office.


He was on the phone the moment i entered.


He made a sign making me have my seat.


“Mr Clooney…”,he said right after he ended the call, “How may i help you”


“Actually I need a favour”


“Go on”


“I need an address of Miss Alondria’s home”


He bite his button lip tearing a paper as he wrote down the address for me.


“Thank you..”,I said softly before exciting his class…


I wasn’t able to concentrate after wards.All I did was patiently wait for the siren so I would go home .




Leaving him was so hard for me but what could I do.


This is really insane. He likes me.


The first question I ask wad that, what did he see in me.


Why did he try to kiss me.


Was he jealous because I called Ray.


Honestly I don’t understand a thing.


So I have no choice but to leave. I’m so scared that he will fall in love with me and that’s where it will worsen.


And when his parents finds out, they are going to make me pay.


I wore my black gown waiting for Ray to pick me up. Yes I have him a chance. I want to have relationship with me.


He had been there for me since college. He is fun to be with and he isbt a heart breaker. He is far more than that.


We moved to one of most expensive restaurant in Newland. Candles were lighted everywhere.


It was just him an I having a romantic dinner.


He keep staring at me in the way like he wanted to devour me. “Thank you for everything. At least u made me forget everything”

His fingers brushed my arm, “And thank you for giving me a chance to love u”


I smiled sipping my wine, “U are welcome”


After the dinner, he dropped me home, opened the door for then he kissed me.


My hands moved tonhis cheeks responding to his kiss. It feels lame. I didn’t enjoy the kiss.


“Goodnight”,I said softly closing the door behind me.


I threw my purse on the couch and I pulled my zip down moving to the bedroom.


I removed my heels and dress while I wore a baggy t-shirt.


“Alondria…”,I heard a soft whisper and I knew he was here.


He was here and I was undressing and he didn’t say a word.


How did he get in anyways.


He stood up from the couch and moved to the moonlight. “How dare you? You were here and I was getting undressed!!” “I’m sorry to disturb but I cane here to talk to you” I turn on the lights, “About what”


“About everything”


“Say whatever you have to say and leave”.


“I’m really sorry. I’m very sorry for harassing you. For telling you I like you. I’m sorry”


“Okay.. you can leave”


He moved closed and hauled me in his arms.


“Darian….”, I whined


“Don’t you like me a bit”


I remained quiet.


“Please answer me…”


“I do like you Darian but not like what you are thinking. I like u like the way a nanny will take care of a child”



He groaned.


“I will change Alondria. I won’t be childish anymore.”,He touched my cheeks, “I want be your man. Let me love you”


I laughed as he stared at me confused.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“I can’t believe it. I can’t love you Darian. You are young and u have a beautiful life but that has nothing to do with me. I have a boyfriend and that’s your principal. I’m happy. I moved on. I can’t be what you need”


He continued to frame my face, “I’m not giving up”


“I’m still moving on”


“Please come back”


“I can’t …. I have better job”.


“You have to go now”,I said softly. His arms tightened around my waist.


His nose touched mine. My fingers already grapped his shirt.




“Please Adria.. just one kiss”, His thumb brushed my bottom lip before his lips touched mine.


His kiss was sensual and a bit commanding. I slowly opened up tasting him.


He pulled away, “This is my last visit Adria.. I wish you good luck”,he kissed my


temples before leaving.























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