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“Dude, what was that all about?”,Jake asked.


“She wants to call my dad and I had no choice but to smash her phone”


Harry nod negatively, “That’s not how it’s done”


“Yea”,Charlie confirmed, “Now you are going to apologise for such childish behaviour.”



“No, no, I’m not going to apologise to her”, I frowned and moved into my room as the other boys joined.


Harry, Jake and Charlie opened the curtains.


“Guys, what are you staring at?”,I asked.


“Her”,They all said at once.


“But dude, I think she us more hotter than Susan, don’t you think guys?” “Yeah”, I heard the rest of them.


“Harry, you don’t know what you are talking about”


“How old is she?”,Harry asked.


“Well she is in her 20’s”,I answered.


“But she looked so young and beautiful as if she a teenager too”,Charlie confirmed.


“Enough guys, it’s time to go home.”,I opened the poor.


“Are u throwing us out”,Jake teased making smile.


“Yeah… get out.”


“Such a rude human”,Harry took his bag and they all got out.


“I will see you soon, man”,Charlie waved.


I just closed the door behind me and sat on the bed. Then i starred at the open curtains and decided to see what they saw.


I stood there staring at her then suddenly she looked up and I quickly closed the curtains.



What’s the use of looking at her.


I went to the bathroom taking some hot shower. My stomach rumbles. I think I’m hungry.


I wore my pjyamas moving to the kitchen. I checked the fridge and there was no food. I can’t believe the students are everything in there. The kitchen was so clean.


She cleaned here too. I checked the curtains if I would see her but i didn’t.


Where is she?


I walked towards the corridor seeing her door ajar.


I opened the door and saw her on her bed. She was in the most shortest night gown I have ever seen.


Her creamy thighs and br**sts were out on display..Her hair was scattered across her face.


It was such a beautiful sight and it was so s£xy.


I took my cell phone taking pictures of her. Who knows of i might paint her.


My friends were right. She was beautiful… Very beautiful. And there I saw her cracked phone beside her.


She groaned in her sleep. I realised my shadow blocked her. I moved staring at her and slowly exit her room.


I returned back to the kitchen. Nothing was in there and I was so hungry. I couldn’t call her to prepare me something and even if I did, she wouldn’t. Because I crushed her phone and maltreated her.


I slowly went to bed on empty stomach.


The next morning, I woke up hoping to find her but i couldn’t.


Where is she?


I’m so hungry… I checked her room but I couldn’t find her.


I sat on the counter waiting…


“Oh yeah, thanks for the gift. The phone is pretty amazing”,I heard her at the level.


She had a towel on her shoulder… She was in her sports bra and sports underwear.


I watched as she walked towards her room.


I’m sure she going to freshen up and how come she is having a new phone all of a sudden.


Suddenly l heard the doorbell… And also why aren’t the maids and servants here.


I opened and rolled my eyes seeing Jake, Harry and Charlie.


“What are you doing here guys? I thought you said we would meet on Monday”


Charlie raised a brow, ” We aren’t here for you. No pretty boy. We are here to see the pretty nanny”, and they nodded.


I chuckled closing the door but they pushed it.


“What’s wrong ,man”,Harry pushed me.


“Yes… what are you doing?”,Charlie teased making smile.


I sat on the couch as they joined me.


“So where is she?”,Jake asked.


“I don’t know”


“Never mind… I’m hungry”,Harry rubbed his stomach.



“Yes.. . thanks so much for everything Ray. I really appreciate”, we heard her walked towards the door


“Is Ray her boyfriend”,Charlie whispered but we all didn’t mind.


“Sure Ray”,she hanged up and stared at us.


“Hello guys”,she smiled moving towards the kitchen.


“Hello..let me help”,I heard Harry.


“okay thanks”?she moved to the gates taking more boxes as Jake and Charlie helped me.


“Have had your breakfast before coming..”,she asked and they nod negatively.


“Have a seat …i will be done soon”,she replied.


“No, no … we want to help. Right guys?”,I heard Harry. “Okay thanks.. . And by the way i don’t know your names” “I’m Harry, And this is Jake and Charlie ” “Such charming names… I really love it”


“Thanks”,They all said at once.


“What’s your name, beautiful”,Charlie moved closer.




Alondria… I said in my thought… it’s such a beautiful. “I have never heard such name before but it’s special” “Thanks…”



“Charlie and Jake, help with the boxes”




I can’t believe they left me for her.


One hour later.


She served the foods on the table..


“Guys food is ready”, She said sweetly.


I watched as my friends run to the dinning table.


I joined them waiting for the food. Gosh, I’m so hungry.


She brought three plates of food to my friends.


“Enjoy your meal boys”


“Thanks Miss Alondria”,Jake said while chewing.


She back to the kitchen. I waited hoping to see my food but to no avail.


I moved to the kitchen and I saw her washing the plates.


“What is wrong with u?”,I said but she didn’t mind.


” I’m a human you know”


She remain quiet and it’s pissing me off. I held her wrists turning her around.


“How may i help, Mr Clooney?”


“You’ve not given me my food”,I scrowl.


“I thought u said u don’t need my food so why now”


That’s where her phone rang. She glared at me before picking it up.


“I will be right there..”,she hanged up.


“You told me you are matured so Mr Maturity, the food is right, when you are hungry, just eat. … u don’t need me to serve you like a kid. Be a man”,she tapped my chest leaving me surprised.


Monday had arrived. I havent seen her but at least she was a bit caring.


She made me breakfast but I haven’t seen her anywhere.


I messed up and I really need to make it up to her.


I took my bag and moved to the nearest shop buying her a latest phone.


Then I moved to school. That’s where I heard murmurs around. I saw Susan standing infront of the locker talking to her friends. She gave me a wink and I returned it.


I entered the class and heard Jake screamed across the room, “And here is the boy with smiling face”


“What’s with the smiling face?”,Harry asked removing my bag.


“Well… I met Susan”,I said and Charlie whistled while the remaining boys twist their face in disgust.


“That’s what we are to talking about?”, Harry commented.


“Ryan was so mad searching for u this morning … The dude wants to kill un man”


“Forget about it. I not scared of them”









“Doctor, how is my sister”,I asked curiously.


“She is fine.You can see her now”,I said and moved into the ward seering my sister.


“Hi ..”,I whispered.




“I’m sorry. I should have listened to u earlier”


“No sis, it’s okay. I’m rather sorry for causing u pain. I just had a little accident”..


“Are you sure u will be okay”,I said and she nodded.


“Go home. I will be fine”


I nodded and kissed her temples.. I have been here since morning waiting to see her and I’m glad she is awake and kicking.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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I checked my watch and it was 4pm. I board a bus moving home.


Forty five mins later, I reached home removing my coat and bag.. I feel tired and my leg fills sore.. I wore my yoga pants and shirt.


I took some fruit juice while I sipped.


Suddenly i heard someone groaning in pain.


I opened the curtains checking the window.


Darian was on the floor while two boys kick his stomach while a he groans in pain.


I left the glass realizing the glass shattered on the floor.


I ran downstairs … and ran towards them as they continued hitting him.


“Hey!!”,I shouted but they didn’t mind.



“Hey!! stop it”,I pushed one the guy but he didn’t listen and continue kicking Darian’s stomach.


“I said enough!!”,I pulled one guy by his shirt and punched him on the chin.


He spit the blood and they both walked towards me and I moved backwards.


“I don’t want to hurt un guys.. “,I said.


I saw Darian getting up.


They burst out laughing.


“She is so funny”,One of the guys said ready to punch me but I dodged and punched the other one who hadn’t received my punch yet…


And to my surprise they took their bags running.


“Are you okay”,I asked touching his swollen face and to my surprise he didn’t flinched.


I helped him in his car and drove him to the house. I brought him to bed and he groaned resting on the bed.


“If you want we could go to the hospital”,I said softly.


“No I will fine”


I moved to the kitchen taking the first aid kit.


I came back.


“Remove your shirt”,I said.


“I can’t…”,he said weakly. And I removed his shirt.


His stomach was more reddish and his cheeks were swollen.


I tried to make some for water to massage his bruises as he groaned in pain.



“I’m really sorry “,I heard him.


“For what”


“For everything and for being a jerk”


“I agreed u are jerk but it’s okay”


“Thanks for saving my life”


“Don’t worry”,I bandaged his stomach and applied ointment on his cut lip. “I have assignments. ”


“Don’t worry about your homework… I will do it.”,I said softly.


“Drink this”,I placed sedative in his water.


He drank a but and I saw him drowning in his sleep.


I slowly smiled and I took everything leaving the room.




















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