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“Dare…”, I liked how she whispered my name. It’s made me feel different.


“Please Adria.. just one kiss”, I begged brushing my thumb across her bottom lip.


She slowly part her lips and she stared at me.


My hands held her cheeks and I closed the gap behind us taking her lips across.


She tiptoed grapping my shirt and slowly part her lips ready to taste me. That’s where I pulled away, “This is my last visit Adria.. I wish you good luck”,i kissed her temples before leaving.


I was either expecting her to actually call me back and tell me that she truly want me to.


But to my dissapointment. I had none. I really got none. And honestly I’m not sure I’m gonna keep my words.


I don’t want to. I want to see her over and over again and beg her to love me.


I reached home and saw my friends sitting on the couch.


“Guys, what are you doing here?”, I asked sitting next to them.


“Like seriously?”,Jake and Charlie said at once.


“What?”,I shrugged.


“You weren’t in school for three days and we came to pay u a visit. Is that what we get”


“Okay fine. I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to be alone”


“How rude…”,Charlie said while Harry cut him off.


“Dude, can’t you see the boy is in a bad state. He isn’t happy.”


They all quiet and to be honest I was really happy that they were quiet.


I wanted some peace.


“Dude, how did it go”


I sighed, “It’s still the same”,and I smiled, “But we kissed”


“Whaattt”,Harry smiled.


“Okay.. . wait”, Jake stopped our conversation looking at us confused.


“Yes.. . what’s going on? You were inlove and you didn’t tell us”,Charlie confirmed.


“You never ask”,I replied.


“Okay fine, I’m asking. Who is the girl?”


I stared at Harry who winked at me nodding negatively warning me not to tell them.


“Is it Susan?”,Jake asked and I nod no.


“Is it the new girl in school, Jessica”,i nod no.


“Then who ?”,Charlie asked.


“Alondria..”,I whispered closing my eyes as Jake and Charlie burst out laughing.


Harry and I remain quiet then they suddenly stopped laughing.


“You serious, right?”,Jake asked and I nod.


“But how? This is insane. U never liked her. I saw it myself. She is way way older than you”,Charlie said.


“I don’t know. It’s just happened and changed and then I liked her.. like a woman”,I answered.


“Gosh, I took 6bucks from Susan promising her that you would love her” “Love isn’t for sale…”,I replied standing up. “Good night guys…”,I went to bed.


The next morning, I took my bag ready to go to school.


Today I didn’t feel like taking a car so I took my bike.


I listened to some soft music on my way to school then I heard someone screaming…


It was Susan.


“Darian!! You almost give me a heart attack”


“I’m sorry …”, I stopped staring at her.


“It’s okay.. Can you ride with me?”


“Uh.. no”,I replied moving away from her.


“Wait”,I heard her call, “Let me get my bike so we could go to school together”



I stopped and wait till she hot her bike. I ride. I could hear her talking but honestly she had no idea I was listening to music since I had a hoodie on.


We reach school, then I saw something surprising and heartbreaking. It was Alondria and my principal.


They were making out. She didn’t even notice, I was right here.


She doesn’t even like me. After the kiss we shared, she was still with him.


“Darian!!”,I heard Susan and I quickly turned, “Where were your thoughts”


“You were saying”


“Never mind”,She left me.




Two days later.


“So you drink now? U are turning into something else”,Harry said.


“It’s just a glass of whiskey, that’s all”


He sighed.


“She will never love me Harry. She is head over heels inlove with Mr Raymond.


Who am I to interfer”,I sipped the whisky.


Harry stood up taking my art work checking them.


“Did she tell u that she is in love with him”




“Then what’s your problem. Tell me something, how was your first kiss with her? Did she slap u afterwards”


“No, she didn’t”



“Then she feels something for you. Don’t give up. Prove to her, how much she mean to you”


“Okay but I will do that tomorrow”


“No get up, now. Tell her how you feel now”


“Okay…”,I hugged him, “You are really a good friend”


“I know ,go now”




I pressed the doorbell over and over again.


A woman next door came out, “Young man,are you looking for Miss Alondria?” “Yes please…”.


“She went out with a man. Why don’t you wait”


“No ma’am. Thank you ”


She smiled and went back in.


I’m sure she is with him. All I have to do is to go to the principal’s home and confirm.


What if she is having s£x with him. I don’t even want to think of that scene.


I won’t forgive her and myself.


I reached the principal’s home. Lights were on and I knew he was in there.


I decided not to press the doorbell. I just turned the knob and tiptoed inside.


I checked everywhere but couldn’t hear a thing till I moved upstairs.



I heard something.




Moans of pleasure.


It’s not what I’m thinking.


She was seriously having s£x with him.




The door was opened ajar what as I saw Mr Raymond butt and I saw a lady legs wrapped around her waist.




I knew it was her.


I tiptoed back and went home.


I had never been so angry before.


I kicked everything in my room and I cried so hard for the first time.


She chose him over me.







One week.


Mr Clooney, Darian father invited me to his office. I knew he wanted to ask me back but I seriously I don’t want this.


One week ago, he kissed me and I sort of like it. I broke up with Ray.


He wasn’t my type. I just saw a woman in his home .



Hmm.. but I’m not heartbroken. I was thinking about Darian.


I don’t know if he was serious about what he said.


Bit if I accept him. This is going to be one big fight for me.


Everyone would judge me. People would think …..


Ugh, I don’t know what to think anymore.


“Mr Clooney…”,I said softly shaking him.


“Miss Brooks. Have a seat”, I sat down,


“Honestly I was so dissapointed that you left without telling us”


“I’m really sorry sir but I had to”


“Tell me the exact reason why you are leaving”


I remained quiet.


“Or is the pay not enough”


“It is”


“Is my son rude to you”


Should I lie … or….


Come on, he was rude


“Yes he was so I had to leave ”


“I knew it… I’m really sorry”,he apologise, “But please come back” “No sir”,I replied.



“I’m begging you… please just come back. I promise to double the pay. Just do it for me please”, I stared at him for a while.


“Okay sir.. I will be there tonight”


“Thank you so much”


“I will take my leave now sir”,I said feeling so awkward.




In the evening, I took my small bag and left home. I saw Ray on the streets.


His hands fixed into his pocket. I rolled my eyes walking to the other side of the road.


He still followed me.


“What are you doing here, Ray? I thought I told you we are done”


“Alondria… I’m really sorry but please just give me one more chance to prove to you how much I really do love you”


“You’ve already proven to me Ray and besides you and I can never be together. It’s over. Move on with her”


He wanted to touch me but I moved backwards.


An hour later, I reached Mr Clooney’s mansion.


Sarah smiled at me the moment i entered inside the house.


“You are welcome Miss Brooks. We really miss you”


“Thank you”


“Erm Sarah”,I said and she turned, “Is Mr Clooney in there. I mean the boss”


“No…they travelled”



This family are actually wierd. I think they don’t even care about their son.


“What about the young master”


“He is in there…”,I heard her.


I knocked on his door.


“Come in”,I heard him and moved in seeing him staring at the mirror busily dressing… He was in a tuxedo suit.


I thought he would be happy to see me but he didn’t.


He looked so serious and really handsome.


“Hi”,I said softly.


“Hi…”,he replied.


He groaned as he was fixing his tie. I try to help him.


“Let me….”


“I’m okay”,he cut me off removing the tie as he placed it on the bed, “I’m going for a prom. I don’t know when I will back”


“Okay …”,I responded.


One hour.


It’s normal… one hour is normal.


Two hours.


Three hours



Then 5 hours… I checked the time and it was almost two am in the morning. What kind of prom is that?


I was beginning to get worried.


I have to find out if he is okay.


I took a cab to his school, heard the bashing of music and screams of teenagers.


I went inside and saw Charlie who was laughing loudly.


I tapped him on his shoulder, “Charlie”


“Oh hey…”


“Where is Dare?”


“He is in the bathroom with susan”


I kept quiet and I searched for the bathroom.


I moved to the ladies bathroom and found him with her, kissing passionately.


“What are you doing?”,I asked loudly and they both gasped turning.


Darian rolled his eyes, “It’s none of your business”


“can you please excuse us, Susan”


“Nope.. I’m right here with him”


“Oh really”


“Yes really. He is old enough to take his own decisions. You are not the one to decide …..”,She didn’t even end her sentence and I dragged her by the hair out of the ladies bathroom.



I turned staring him. He moved closer and pinned me to the wall, “Now that she is gone, you are the next I want to touch”


I stared at him in surprise.




















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