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In evening, I sat on the couch sipping some coffee.


Darian was having his bath and I didn’t want to bother him.


I was my favourite girls talk tv show.


I sipped more when I heard the doorbell.


It was 9pm and I was wondering who it could he at this time.


Who could it be….


I opened the door seeing Ray standing at the door holding a bunch of roses.


“Ray, what are you doing here? I thought we are done”,he rubbed his head and he grapped my hand and I quickly pulled away.


“I have changed Alondria. I really regret everything I did to you. I’m really sorry”,he said softly and I stared at him for a while.


“I moved on, Ray”.


“Are you saying someone else?”



“Yes… I’m dating some else… So please just take your flowers along with you and please go home”


“I loved you, Alondria.. Please just give me one more chance”


“There are no chances, Ray. Just go home”,I closed the door behind me turning to see Darian staring at me.


“Come here, baby”,he grapped my hand. He smelled good from the shower he had earlier. He wrapped a towel around his waist.


We sat on the couch and he pulled me into his arms as we watched the tv show together.


“Who was that?”,He asked.


“Your principal”


He rubbed my left arm, “What did he want” “He wants us to make up”,I said softly. “And?”


“I told him there was no room for him”


He kissed my hair, “I’m glad.. You haven’t given me my gift Alondria”


I sat up, “I did. You said you want me”


“Yes I said that but I want more”,he said softly pulling me back in his arms “I don’t understand more, Darian. Please explain to me better” “I want you to be my first, Adria”, He said surprising me.


I chuckled, “Is that the reason why you’ve been seducing me all morning”



“Mmmm hmm”,he answered.


I rubbed his chin kissing his cheeks, “You are not ready, Darian”


“I am ready. I want you to be my first on my birthday”


“Listen… like I said we are taking everything slow.. You are not having s£x. If i do it’s feels like I’m raping you”


“No, I really need this Adria. Please just that I want you. We are graduating next week and I just want you before i go to the university”


“Okay fine.. we will try it out tommorrow”


“Thanks baby”


I rest on his chest watching the television till I finally sleep. I have to face reality. This guy I’m sleeping on is now my boyfriend and I have to stop thinking about everything.


I just have to enjoy this moment.


I felt kisses on my face and I slowly woke up.


“Good morning”,he said softly holding a tray of breakfast.


I was really impressed that Darian made breakfast for me.


I opened the plates and found burnt cookies.


“Really?”,I said softly.


He scratched his head, “I know I suck but please manage this”


I bite the cookies feeling the wierd taste.


I coughed.


“I’m so sorry … “,he apologised and I hand him the cookies.


“Don’t worry about it.. . “,he said softly.





I was at the sitting room, waiting for the love of my life.


It’s an hour and she isn’t down yet. I wonder what keep girls long in the room. I felt her hands covering my hands, “Sorry I’m late. Can we go home now” “It’s okay”,I kissed her knuckles nd we entered the car.


She looked through the window till we reached our final destination. “We are here”,I got down opening the door for her as she stared around. “So where is the surprise”


“This is the surprise…”,I turned her so we could fave the house.


She gaspsed, “This is your house”


“No baby. It’s ours. I bought it for us”


She stared at the house.


“You like it?”,I asked standing behind her. “Yes I do… I really do. This is so amazing”

“Do you want to check it out”,I said and she nodded.


We moved inside and she gasped, “This is amazing. It’s so big”


“I’m glad you like it. I want us to spend the night here ”


“What for?”


“You don’t know”


She smiled, “No…”


“I will remind you”,I said softly moving my hands under her dress brushing my fingers on her thighs.


She jumped moving away, “Horny monster”,she teased and I laughed.



















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