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I jumped moving away, “Horny monster”,i teased and he laughed.


He took his phone from his pocket checking for some messages.


“I will see you at seven”,He cupped my cheeks with his hands and I stared at him confused.


“Where are you going?”, I asked.



“I have to go on an errand baby. I will see you at seven”


“Okay…”,he kissed my temples and left me.


I stood there for a while. Then I decided to check the house. I prepared some meal while I ate alone.


I missed him already. I wonder what he is up to.


I heard the doorbell and quickly ran. I opened it seeing a man in a red shirt holding a box.


“Hello ma’am. This is for you. Can you sign here please”,he asked handing me the book.


“Sure”,I took the pen signing and then I took the box.


I wonder what’s in there.


I went to the bedroom and quickly opened it seeing a a white gown.


I saw a card.


It’s yours, Be beautiful…


I smiled at the words. Be bought me dress. How come he knew he my size.


I smiled moving to the bathroom. I had my shower and I smiled remembering all the sweet memories Darian and I.


It feels right and wrong at the same time.


But I have to enjoy the moment and face the consequences later.


I was done dressing as I stared at the mirror applying red lipstick.



I heard the horn of a car. I opened the curtains and saw Darian in a tux staring at me.


I smiled and sat on the bed wearing my red heels.


I opened the door and he rubbed his chin.


“You look so beautiful.. .”,he said softly giving me his hand. I quickly grapped them and he kissed my knuckles.


We entered inside the car… The driver started driving and i looked through the window.


“Thanks for the dress…”


“You are welcome”, he held my hands.


“So where are you taking me to?”


“Some where special”


Neither of us talked till we reached the restaurant. It’s a fancy one but honestly I couldn’t see anyone in there.


“Wait… you bought the whole place”, I asked




“But why…”


“I don’t want anyone stating at my girl”


I smiled kissing his cheeks, “Don’t tell me you are the jealous type Mr Clooney”


“When it’s comes to u, I am. I don’t want any man staring at u”


A man walked towards us, “Mr Clooney, welcome”



“Thank you…”,he said softly.


“This way”, the man said showing us the way to our seat.


We both sat down while Darian stared at me making me really nervous.


The waiter brought some champagne as we ordered for some food.


“Tell me about your family?”,he said.


“There is nothing much to tell”


“I wanna hear them”


“My parents died eight years ago… And since then I had to take care of my little sister Cassy”


“Where is she now?”


“She is in a boarding school..”


“That’s really nice. I would like to meet her one day” “Don’t worry. I will pen down her number” “Okay…”,he said and i focus on my food.


After our meal, we danced then we went to a movie theatre to watch a horror movie.


It’s was Darian’s idea to get me scared but at the end he got scared clinging to me.


And damn, I love how scared he was.


He clinged to me till we reached home.


“I don’t feel good.”,He said leaving me.


I placed down my purse.I was sitting on my desk when I saw him walking towards me.


He smiled at me and I smiled back, he’s kinda cute I thought.


He put his hand to my upper back and came in for a kiss, he was a good kisser and, the fury of our kisses increased and I was getting aroused.


He completely caught me off guard when his hands pushed my gown to my waist.


He slipped his hand down the front of my pants and I felt his fingers slide down to my wet pu**y. I was still on the desk.


He continued to kiss me and fondle me then he carried me to the bedroom. My feets touched the ground as I kissed him more.


His touch was unbelievable and his assertiveness was exciting. Where did he learnt this from?


He unhooked my bra with ease and we frantically began to take our clothes off, while still trying to kiss one another.


Once we were both naked he slid his hands down my sides, making my skin tingle, his cock was hard and I was ready for him, he took my hand in his and led me down the hall to his bedroom he sat down on his bed and pulled me toward him.


“I thought you said you haven’t done this before”


He chuckled and brush his thumb over my cheek, “That doesn’t mean I’m innocent in s£x sweetheart. .I know some things so just relax and enjoy”


As I stood between his legs he fondled my br**sts and my nipples hardened with desire.



He ran his hands up my back and laid back onto his bed pulling me with him. He rolled me onto my side and laid beside me.


He kissed me, kneaded my br**sts and nipples. He licked and sucked on my br**sts and nipples.


God his hands and mouth felt so good I had never responded to a mans touch the way I responded to his.

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He told me to scoot up, I did as I was told and he positioned himself with his head between my legs, my obedience was rewarded with a long slow lick from the bottom of my pu**y lips to my clit, his tongue felt so wet and warm, to my delight he began orally pleasuring me, this was a man who was definitely skilled at eating pu**y, enjoyed eating pu**y and my pu**y was enjoying being eaten.


We switched positions and I returned the favor of oral pleasure, taking ahold of his hard cock and licking him from the base of his cock to the tip of his cock.


Running the edge of my tongue around the ridge of his head. Gliding my mouth and hand up and down his shaft and licking his balls.


I have no idea how many times I came.


I had completely surrendered my body to him and reveled in the pleasure he was giving me.


As good as his tongue and mouth felt on my pu**y I was so ready to feel his cock inside me.


He moved in between my legs and I felt him entering inside me which made me gave a long moan.


“I love you, Adria”,He said softky as he moved slowly.


I moaned kissing him.


“Am i doing it right?”,he asked and I smiled kissing his cheek.



“You are doing it perfectly fine. More like an expert”,He entwined his hands with mine and moved faster and I close my eyes favouring the sensation.





The next morning, I watched her sleeping naked. She was beautiful as the morning din reflect on her.


My thumb brushed her lower lips as she sucked my thumb into his mouth.


She is so seductive. I rubbed her skin with my fingers. She moaned and moved up. She kissed my temples then move down kissing my nose and finally she took my lips with hers… Gosh, she is so perfect and I don’t regret falling for her.


“Good morning, Mr Clooney”,she rubbed my cheek.


“Good morning Miss Brooks”,she smiled at me kissing me once more.


“How was last night…”,she asked and i pretended to be serious.


“It was …. well boring”


Her mood changed, “What do you mean boring”


“Well after the movie, then I slept”


She stared at me confused, “Oh really?”


“Yes really”


She rubbed my chin, “So do you want me to remind you”


I nod and she sealed my lips with a kiss.


An hour later, we were both dressed because my parents texted me they were coming.


Adria’s hands and mine were entwined all along.



Finally we reached a coffee shop.. I got down and helped Adria getting down too.


Then I saw Susan walking towards us.


She rolled her eyes at Alondria.


“So the last time I remembered, your nanny pulled my hair and drag me out of the house”,she said folding her arms.


“So is there a problem?”,I answered.


“I can’t believe you are taking sides with her but I’m cool. But to think of it, She is your nanny and i don’t understand why she follows you around”


“Because I wanted her to”


“Let not it be what I think. Because if I do, I’m gonna make your life hell for both of you”


Alondria groaned almost grabbing her shirt but I pushed her aside.


“Don’t you ever threaten us again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, now excuse us”,I held Alondria hands as we moved to the coffee shop.


“She is suspecting us Darian”


“Don’t worry… okay. I have no choice but to let my parents know the truth before anyone from outside get the information”




“Trust me baby, we are going to work it out together”, I kissed her forehead and


I’m seriously keeping your promise.


















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