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I woke up the next morning at dawn seeing her on the couch..


She had been here all night. Wow, I have never seen anyone cared for me so much.


I’m really impressed she took care of me. I slowly got up feeling pains everywhere.


I saw my books across the table. I smiled.


She did my homework.. . the subject I really hate.


Mathematics and literature.


She opened her eyes blinking, “Good morning”,she yawned.


“Good morning”,I answered.


“How are you feeling now?”,she asked checking my swollen face.


“I feel pains everywhere”,I said softly staring into her eyes.


“Hope you will be going to school today…”, she asked and I nodded.


“You can’t go with this bruises. Freshen up.. I will attend to u later”,she said closing the door behind me.




What just happened. I have been a jerk. A stupid jerk. I was so angry I didn’t see this side of her. I was angry because my parents never loved me. All they knew was feeding me up with money.


I got out of the shower and quickly dressed up. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door.


“Come in”


She came in holding a tray serving me my breakfast.


“Thanks”, I sat down having my meal as she decided to exit.


“Stay…”,I said softly and she sat on the couch looking around.


“I’m sorry once again”,I said.


“It’s okay”


“And thanks for yesterday.. If you hadn’t come earlier. I don’t know what would have happened.”


“It’s past now”


We stared at eachother for a while and she looked somewhere else.


She is really beautiful.


“Please can you get me my school bag”,I said and moved to the kitchen with my tray.


She followed me to the kitchen and open her small purse taking some make up.


I stood there as she polished my face and she made sure I checked my face in the mirror.


It was cool… I went outside reaching for my car. I realised she was following me.


“What are you doing?”


“We are going to school together”,she answered.


“I can take….”,Then she raised her brow and stretched her hand surprising me. I


gave her the keys as she drove to the school.


She was dressed in jeans and sports bra. I wonder what’s with her and sports bra. The moment we reached the school, she wore hoodie. She look so s£xy right now but she didn’t notice.



Everyone was staring at us and I felt awkward.


She turned facing me, “You are going to show me the two morons who beat the hell out of you”


I just nodded and we reached my locker. I took some books as Alondria was behind me.


Then I saw them. Ryan and Mad Dog. Well for the second guy, I don’t really know his name but his pet name is Mad Dog. That’s what everyone calls him.


They walked towards us. I turned looking behind me seeing Jake, Harry and Charlie at the entrance.


“Oohh… He is back. I should have broken your legs to stay away from my girl”,


“Guys honestly, I don’t want trouble”


“So you mean we want trouble”,Mad dog scrowl moving closer, “And he brought the s£xy girl who almost killed us last night but guess what we are going to beat u right infront of her while she watched”


In the quick motion, Alondria grapped Mad Dog shirt pushing him against my locker while everyone in the room gasped.


Her hands squeezed Mad Dog neck as he coughed, “Mess with him, u mess with me. Understood”


She glared at Ryan and pushed him against the locker with one hand while the other was on Mad Dog neck.


She is amazing… I can’t wait to ask her to teach me how to fight. I saw my friends with shocked faces.


Oh yeah, that’s my nanny.


Finally the principal was in as everyone have way for him. Alondria didn’t notice.



“Ma’am”, I heard the principal behind her and she turned smiling.


“Ray”,She left the two boys and hugged our Principal.. So he was the Ray all along. The Ray who bought her a new phone.


“Is this your school?”,she smiled with the perfect smile.


I just wished it was me in Mr Raymond’s position.


“Yes… this is my school”,He answered and moved closer whispering something into her ears making her laugh.


“Wow… I never knew your nanny was this cool”,I heard Harry behind me “Why is she beautiful all the time”,Charlie asked making me roll my eyes. “I want to learn from her”,Jake said.


“Mr Clooney… Follow me to the office and you two”,He ordered.


One hour later.


Class had started. We sat down waiting for Mad Dog and Ryan’s parents.


“Alondria… I think you should go home now.. they won’t come”,I said.


“Yes they won’t. I will go home but Ray, please don’t let this boy ruin Darian” “I won’t”, he stood up as they both shook hands and I stood up following her. “Thanks so much”


She turned and smiled before leaving.


I entered the class while I heard people cheering. It was our Mathematics tutor was in.


“Silence everyone!!”,he ordered and I had my seat.


“Mr Clooney.. I’m waiting for my assignment. If you haven’t done it, you know what to do. Detention”.


“Sorry to dissapoint you, Mr Johnson. Here is my assignment.”,I hand him my book and went back to my seat as my friends stared at me weirdly.


“What?”,I turned staring at Charlie.


“You did your maths homework. I thought you hated Maths”


“Not anymore baby”,I closed my eyes feeling relieved for all that happen today.


“Guys I was thinking that we should get a tattoo today”, Harry said


“Yes … we will after school”


“Count me out”,Charlie raises his hands in surrender.


“Me too”,Followed by Harry.


“Cowards. Darian and I will go together”,Harry said.


“I’m highly impressed today. Give an applauds to Darian. He top the glass today”,I quickly sat up as everyone clapped for me.




Thank you.


It was break and I ordered for some soda and sandwich and Susan blocked my way.


“What are you doing?”,I asked.


“I’m sorry for what happened”


“It’s okay .. I’m cool with and please don’t ever call me again”,I said feeling angry.


She knew perfectly well that Ryan was hers but she still pretended as if she was interested.


Which girl does that?





I prepared some meal in the evening. I was so tired. I couldn’t sleep well last night.


I gave the maids and servants a week off due to Darian’s childish behaviour.


Last night I decides to do his home assignments. I came across his sketch book.


I kept in my home so I could see what he had been painting. Last night, I realised that he really hates Mathematics and Lit..


I don’t know i just feel like helping him out. I moved into my room checking his sketch book.

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It all contains drawing of his parents of him and a broke and a painting of him in tears and more parents love then finally I saw a picture of myself.


I was onthe bed with my hair spread across my face.


Oh my God, I was so indecent. When did he find out about this.


I can’t believe it. Darian is only rude because he needs parental love and care. He had always been rejected by parents and that’s what made him angry and childish.


I now understand the meaning if his painting. I took the sketch book back to his room.


I served his meal while he came in and for the first time he smiled at me.


“Hi …”,he said softly and I looked at his bandaged left arm.


“What happened to you? Did they beat you up again”



“No… it’s a new tattoo. ”


“Oh okay”


“I’m going to refreshed up.. I will call you when I need you”






Thirty minutes later, I heard him call. I moved into his room and he was in pjyamas buttons.


I went in staring at him. I took the bandaged and he say on the bed. I was rather expecting him to get up so i could but he didn’t.


I moved to the edge of the bandaging him and all he could do was stare at me which made me feel a bit awkward.


“Don’t do that?”,I said. Our faces were inches closer.


“Do what? “,he asked.


“Why do you stare at me?”


“Because you are beautiful”,he answered and i pulled away immediately.


“Your food is already served”,I said.


“You have to do that. I’m not a kid anymore”,he said as we both smiled.























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