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“Sir… please let me have this job and I swear, i won’t dissapoint you”,I said to the older man who rubbed his chin.


“Please…”,I begged again. I have always dreamt of working with this man.. Well he is the richest billionaire in Newland. Meal and is a small country.


He owns fashion companies, chocolate companies, television stations and more.



Mr George Clooney. Yea that’s his name. The man I’m really begging to hire me as a maid. He was in his sixties.


Alondria Brooks.. that’s my name. I’m 28years old. My last job, I was a librarian but I was fired. The pay sucks infact I quit the job. For now I’m willingly to get any job. And it’s been 2hours since I’m stuck with this old man but it’s seems he doesn’t understand anything I say.


At this age, I should be thinking of marriage but that’s really impossible.. . Marriage isn’t the thing. I just need money to help my little sister Cassy. I had dated a couples of guys and it didn’t end up very well.. It’s always end up with argument and cheating.


My sister is now in high school . It’s a boarding school and i need to send her some money so she can buy some necessities. We were always in poverty till death took our parents away from us.


“Please sir…. “,I begged once more.


“I don’t think being a maid suits you and besides we have a lot of maids around”


“So… so you are not going to employ me”,I asked.


“No… I’m not going to employ you as a maid…”,he said while I nodded.


“But…”,he paused, “But you got be a nanny for my 20 years old son”


I chuckled, “Why will your 20 years old son wants a nanny. He is matured enough”


“You don’t know my son… He can childish sometimes and due to the busy schedules between his mom and I, we never had time for him. You are the right person for the job”


“Really sir”,I smiled.


“Yes..You will start work tomorrow. And you will stay here with us.”



“I’m so grateful sir… I can’t believe I got the job..Thank you so much sir”, I shook him running excitedly towards the door. I’m so excited”


The guards opened the main gates and I breathe in the fresh air.. . Gosh, I can’t believe I had the job..


I need to pack my clothes..decent ones of course. I’m so excited. I just wish Cassy was around to see how excited I was.


But too bad. I’m going to celebrate alone.




The next morning, I was at Mr George Clooney mansion. I dressed in jeans and blouse.


I moved in and felt embarrassed. They were having their breakfast. They all stared at me making me nervous.


“Oops, I’m so sorry to disturb”,I said turning to leave.


“You didn’t disturb, join us”,Mr Clooney said.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


(Join Group)



“Is she the one?”,Mrs Clooney asked and her husband nodded.


“Actually Mr Clooney, I had breakfast on my way. Thank you ”


Hope I talk good? Well I did.


“Dare…”,Mr Clooney called his son but it’s seems his son wasn’t in the good mood.


“Dare. Darian!!”,My heart pounded at how his dad yell at him.


“How many times do i have to tell you I don’t need a nanny. I’m old enough to take care of myself!!”,he damp the napkin on the table.


He turned and glared at me before leaving.


“Sir … if you want I could leave.”



“No… like I said you are going to take care of him. We are travelling this morning and we don’t know when we will be back so please take care of him. He is stubborn but just care of him”


“I will Mr Clooney”,I said and nodded at his wife as she did the same.


“I will leave you incharge of this house”


“Thank you sir”,I said while I saw the maids dragging my small suitcase.


“The maids will show you your room?”,he said again and I nodded.


I followed the maids to the room and damn, I wasn’t expecting this room to be so big.


It was more bigger… I like the view and how high the bed is.


“Thank you”,I said to the maids.


I sat in my room for an hour… just looking through unnecessary stuff on my phone.


Then someone bulge in.


Darian, Mr Clooney’s son. He was really angry but he is so cute and handsome.. He was wearing a hoodie.


“Now listen to me woman, if you think you will have peace here then you are lying because I will make sure of that”


I stared at him, “Your dad was right, you are way too childish. No wonder he asked me to be your nanny. Grow up and i will gladly leave, Mr Darian Cloooney”


He tightened his jaw as he frowned at me and slammed the door leaving.


Oh, rich kids. They are so rude and had no manners. I don’t even know what’s wrong with them.







All my life, I had never had parental care.


My parents were always busy… And it’s always end up with different kind of nanny.


And now I’m twenty, they still hired a nanny for me. For Christ sake I’m not a kid anymore.


Your dad was right, you are way too childish. No wonder he asked me to be your nanny. Grow up and i will gladly leave, Mr Darian Cloooney.


Damn her, who does she think she is.


I just hate her already. I will make sure this place becomes unbearable for her before she leaves.


I took my bag and took my headset. so had to go to school. I’m already late for school.


I heard her footsteps behind me, “Mr Clooney, what should I prepare for you when you arrive home”




“Okay then. Since you don’t want me to prepare you anything, I had to visit my sister in school so I’m asking for your permission…..”


“I don’t care okay!!!”,I screamed across the room and walked away from her.


I entered inside my car and hit the road while I played some music to calm down my nerves.


Class had already started. Today was the first time, I was actually late. I moved to my locker checking what subjects we had today.


Mathematics this morning and painting after break…


I love painting …. it’s actually my gift. That’s the only way I express my feelings


through them.



I entered as students throwing folded sheets against each other. I sat in between my friends. Harry, Jake and Charlie.


“What’s up with long face,dude?”,Harry asked.


I didn’t mind.


“Or did your mom scold you again?”, Jake continued.


“Oh I know. I guess the hottest girl in school damped you”,Charlie laughed.


“Haha… funny”,I joked.


“Tell us, man”, Harry tapped my shoulder.


“It’s nothing. It’s just that my dad hired a new nanny”


Charlie gasped, “Oh I see. You had a little sister and never told is about us”


I rolled my eyes, “No, they hired a nanny for me”


They all burst out laughing.


“What the heck. A nanny at this age. Dude, that sucks”, Jake squeezed his face. “I know”


“Baby Dare, open your mouth let me feed you… Do you want to pupu… come on, let me help you pupu”,Harry teased in a girly voice as we all burst out laughing.


“That’s really disgusting dude”,Charlie smiled.


“So, is she hot?”,Harry asked making me surprised at him right now. “What?”, he shrugged, “I’m just asking if she is hot”



“No, I didn’t get the chance to see how pretty she was because I was so angry this morning”


“Okay… Actually it’s been long since we’ve party”, Jake said, “And my parents don’t want me to party at their house so…”


“So we will do it at my place”,I answered.


“Wait … your parents warned us not to party at your house”


“Now they’ve travelled so I can do anything… I want”


“And what about the nanny”,Charlie asked.


“Leave the nanny to me”,I replied.


“Ooooh”,they all said at once.


“That’s the man, talking”,Charlie clapped making me roll my eyes.











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