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it’s been a long journey. Tanx for following up.







It was all a dream?



That is what I thought as I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I remembered Raymond almost dying… failing to kill him. The vampire


king….it was all an awful dream?



Slowly sitting up, pain blossomed within me. I pushed off the covers and moved my night shift to see that I was wrapped up from an injury. I had a large wound.



It must have been when I jumped in front of Hilda. The pain was mild which I could not understand. Being that an arrow basically pierced me. Then again…..Morgan and Ray probably hurried up the healing process.



“Your highness?”



I looked up to see a maid standing in the corner of my room…..with tears


in her eyes.



“Is everything alright?” I questioned her as she nodded quickly, wiping at her tears.



“Yes I am sorry. You must want to hold your child yes?”



Before I had the chance to response she was rushing over to me with Roland in hand. She placed him gently in my arms.



He had his eyes closed….and he snuggled into me as I kissed his


forehead. He was large for a baby….then again he is not a full human.


Maybe his body came from his Lycan side?



“Tell me where is mercy? What happened? Did anybody die?”



The woman cleared her throat.



“The maid child..she is awake already. The vampire king was killed. Everyone is fine.”



She made her way over to me, out stretching her arms.



“He has fallen asleep….and you are still recovery.” She said tiredly.


Did she think I would wake him?



“Oh….put him on his bed for me.”



She nodded her head. I gave him a soft kiss on his forehead before handing him over to her.



She cooed him a bit as he began to fuss…most likely missing my warmth.



“Thank you. Thank you for taking care of him while I was injured. ”



She smiled at me before placing Roland in his crib.



“It is my duty to take care of the young prince,Luna.”



I sighed.



“I will take my leave now, my queen.”



The next hour or so I spent falling in and out of sleep, waiting for Raymond. Maybe he is busy….but where is Sophia? She should have come


to check on me, I haven’t seen her since I woke up. Whatever the reason be….it was time for me to get up.



It took a minute, but I managed to get to my dresser and throw on a thick cloak. Who cares if I had a night gown on under….no one could see and I was the Queen for heavens sake!



As soon as I heard the door open ring, a smile came over me as I thought it was Sophia. Well, it was Raymond who entered the room.



“What is it Raymond? Are you alright? ” I questioned as I watched him close the door.



Raymond looked awful. As if he did not sleep nor eat in a few days. His hair seemed to be getting out of control…..and I wonder what was going on in his mind for him to look like this.



“Ray, why do you look this way.?” I questioned as I grabbed one of his hand and sat on the bed.



He smiled. What was he smiling for?



“I’m glad that you are awake now ! My wolf haven’t been at rest after you took that arrow. Tell me, why do you like risking your life?” He questioned glaring at me.



I gulped before removing my gaze from his.



“You see…..Morgan has been very good to us….I just couldn’t let her





“So the only way you could save her was taking the arrow?”



Agh! What is wrong with him! He should be grateful that I’m alive. At least.





“Ray darling, I am just recovery. Can you ask me those questions later..please..” I pleaded giving him a puppy eyes.



He scoffed.


“Okay. But Bella, did Sophia told you she was pregnant?”



What? Sophia pregnant? When?



I looked at him suspiciously. I needed to know if this was one of his Silly jokes. The look on his face was like a serious alpha look. He wasn’t joking.



“No. Is she pregnant?”






“Sophia Is pregnant? Why didn’t she tell me? I am going to kill that Lady!” I yelled as I walk towards the door.



Raymond grabbed my hand and pulled me to sit on his lap. Awwn so sweet of him. But why didn’t Sophia tell me she was pregnant? I thought I was her best friend? I thought…..



“Hey, relax. I didn’t know she was pregnant until the witch told I and Kelly. She had been hiding her scent so we lycans couldn’t smell her with child. At first Kelly was angry, but after she explained why she did it. He forgave her and I don’t know the reason. That I’d between two of them.” Raymond explained as he massaged my fingers.



He look handsome even when he seem tired. I am sure the war wasn’t easy for him to handle and to make matter worse I was unconscious for a week and two days!



“Okay. But I am still angry with her. She should have told me at least. I am sure she is angry at morgan. Anyways, you defeated the vampire king?” I asked while grinning.


He looked up at me as he rubbed my chin.



“Thanks to you, yes. I defeated him and ended him.”



“How? I don’t understand. Thanks to me?”



“Yes. After you fainted. My wolf took charge and killed Enoch. Arden arrived just in time, we were able to put down the vampire king. I could have spared his life but if I do, he will try to harm you or our son. I can’t let that happen ever.”



He said that with so much emotion that I felt like crying.



“I love you.” I said trying to control my tears from falling from my eyes.



“I love you too.”



I smiled at him. There is nothing like loving someone and the person loves you back.



“I should write to Elsa. Let her help me thank Arden for his assistance.” I said while looking at Roland who was sleeping in his crib.



“Speaking of Elsa, she just put to bed. Arden send a letter a day after the battle.”



Wow! I have really missed a lot this past few days. First, the news of Sophia pregnancy and now, Elsa delivery.



“That’s great. ”




“She gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl.”




“Nice. She had always wanted a female but Arden wanted male. Very good.” I said as Raymond smiled at me.



Why is he smiling? Did I say something wrong?



“You look so beautiful.”he complimented me as I felt my cheek redended.



There was silent in the room for a while until a knock was heard on the door.



who is there?” Ray annoyingly asked. I laughed. This man is funny.


“It’s me Max, your highness. I came to inform you that they are here already.”



“Okay. Bring them here.” Raymond replied him.



Who were they talking about?



Raymond held my hand and raised my chin so I could look at him. What is wrong? He look too serious for my liking.



“Isabel, I know you might think I am wicked for keeping you away from your foster parent….and I am so sorry about that. It just…..”



He was talking too soft. Did anything happen to them? Did Alex kill


them? Did….



“What happened to them?” I asked as I started panicking.




“Relax. They are fine. I couldn’t let you see your parent until we have been together for a year. It is a tradition. Anyone who doesn’t keep to it will die and if I had told you about it, you won’t believe me.”



They are fine. Thank goodness. I sighed.



“I know. Sophia told me about it.” I said while touching his palm.



He looked at me suspiciously.



“You knew? And I kept fighting my conscience all the time for not letting you see your parent or not telling you about the tradition.” He flared.



“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. Sophia made me promise her that I wouldn’t tell you.I’m sorry.”



“But you should…..”



He was interrupted by the sound of the knock on the door.






“My king, they are here.



Raymond looked at me before answering the guard.



“Open the door and let them come in.”



The door wasn’t lock so the guard opened it. Two other people were at his back. He bowed down to greet Raymond and I before leaving the room.



It was after he left I recognize the two people. A man and a woman. My father and my mother. I looked at Raymond who nodded his head.



The tear that I have been holding for a while fell off immediately.



“Mum.” I cried out happily.



“My baby….”







Sophia pov



“Kelly you should let me see Isabel. Just because I am pregnant doesn’t mean I should not walk. In fact the medicine man said walking is good for pregnant women. ” I pleaded with him.



Ever since he found out I was pregnant he wouldn’t let me come down from the bed. He always carried me to the bathroom and carried me back to the bed. It is annoying. I won’t blame him, I blame Morgan! I thought she was someone I could trust, but no! She proved me wrong.



“Fine….but that will be after she had talked to her parent. They are in


already in her room with Raymond.”



What! Isabella finally met her parent? That’s great news. She would finally be happy.



“I’m glad. Kelly please can I get some bread. I am hungry.” I told him sweetly.




He sighed.



“But you just ate few minutes ago.”



I glared at him.



“You got me pregnant and purpose, now you can’t feed your daughter and I.”



Yes! Kelly said I am having a female child. He smelt the child gender already. I am so happy. The moon goddess granted me my heart desire. Having a male child is stressful and I don’t want a male child considering how the royal family is. A girl child is better and Kelly is okay with it. As long as I am happy he is very happy!



“It not like that. I will get the bread. But don’t step out from this room.” He said while standing up from the bed.



“As if the guards will let me.” I scoffed



“You women can be cunning sometimes.”



“Meaning…? ” I asked while giving him a dangerous glare.



“Nothing.” He shook his head before leaving the room.



I chuckled.



Alex and Mirabel alongside the vampire king were burnt in the forbidden forest. Their aches were scattered in the swamp area. That is the punishment for anyone who tried to rebel the Alpha. I am happy that finally, Isabella and I lives will be peaceful from now.


****Elsa’s Pov***



Andrew and Anabel were already sleeping. They are just like Arden, their father. Never letting me be even for an single minute. Mother hood is not easy but I am happy that I could give Arden an heir. I had already started eating fish. It was against my tradition but the medicine man said I needed blood and I should take a lot of vegetables and fish too if I wanted to br**stfeed my children because they aren’t just ordinary fairies like me,they have dragon blood in them. I don’t know if my two kids are both dragons or one is just like a fairy like me. Arden said we would know when the kids are six months old. The one who is a dragon,anytime he cries or angry his scales will show.




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Titiana means Queen.



I turned my gaze from my babies to the glorious dragon king marching towards me in a black collared shirt, his tie hanging loose around his neck, and let a out an exaggerated growl.



“Hello handsome, do I know you?”



He gave me a wicked smirk as he strode over to me, tugging me into his arms and wrapping his hand around my waist.



“Mmm…I don’t know you but I am glad I am seeing you. You look so beautiful.” He muttered gruffly, as he caressed my cheek.



I hummed and slapped his chest lightly.



“You should control your dragon. I know what you are thinking but I am too sore to indulge in any act right now.”



He huffed against my neck.



“I know. I just want to hold you.”



I smiled and tried to leave his embrace, only to have him spin me around and pin my hips against the counter with his body.



“What the…”



“How are our babies?” He asked as placed a soft kiss on my neck.



I inhaled sharply and goosebumps scattered across my skin. He said he just wanted to hold me. I need to relax!



“They are fine.” I sighed as he released his hold on me.



I know he was frustrated. His dragon was frustrating him! He can’t even do what he want to do with me!



The moment he turned around,I took my chance and swatted his hips causing him to flinch in surprise and me to burst out giggling as he rubbed the sore spot.



“You…” He pointed at me accusingly



“You can’t touch me. I am still sore.”



I barely had a chance to chuckle at his facial expressions before he Stalked toward me and began running his fingers across my stomach, forcing laughter out of me as tried to get my cloth away.



“Arden, stop! ” I wheezed, trying to grab his wandering hands away.



“Still sore, huh?”



He finally gave me a moment to inhale before he crashed his lips into mine, making me release a soft moan as he dominated my mouth. When he pulled away, he bit his lips and ran his thumb along my bottom lip.



“You are a temptress who like seducing me. One day, I might not mind if you are sore or not and I will just take you anywhere. ”



He winked and walked out, leaving me to catch my breath with a dazed smile.
















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WRITTEN By: Pamela James


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