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It’s time Alondria. Everything has to take time. Just relax and be patient with him.


He will like you soon and accept you as his nanny.



I was in the bus thinking about what happened earlier. I don’t understand why he is angry for no reason.


Like i said everything takes time.


East High school.


I stood at the entrance as the security opened the door for me.


“Thanks”,I whispered to him. I saw a couples of girls walking towards the class as I heard the siren.


“Excuse me”,I said to their hearing and pointed one.


“Please come”,I begged. The blonde girl run towards me.


“How are you dear?”, I asked and she pushed her hair behind her ear. “I’m fine”


“Please do you know Cassy Brooks”,I asked and she nodded.


“Yes.. . I know her”.


“Can you tell her that her sister is here”


“Sure”,she smiled and ran back with her friends while I waited. “Alondria.. .”,she stood and ran hugging me, “What are you doing here?” “What am i don’t here?. I miss you sis”,I replied hugging her tight. “I miss you too sister.”,She sobbed.


“Hey, what’s wrong?”,I held her face in my hands wiping her tears.


“I hate it here, Alondria. I really do hate it here. There are lot of bullies here. Please take me home”



“Shh.. ..” ,I hugged her tight, “I know how it feels to be bullied but sweetie bullying won’t last forever. If you want I could tell the principal about what’s going on”


“No… it’s okay”,she said softly.


“They are just losers baby. Be strong and be yourself. Get friends and fight against them.. okay baby”


“Okay.. .”


“Erm… I bought you some provisions”,I gave her the bag as she gasped.


“You bought all this for me?”, she asked looking through the bag.


“Yes baby. I bought it all for you”


“Here take this”,I removed some money from my purse.


“Thank you so much”,she hugged me, “I have to go now”


“Okay dear. Take care of yourself and remember don’t let losers bully you okay”


“I won’t let them”,I stood there watching her leave. She turned waving me goodbye and I waved back.


I board a bus at the station and I went home.


I pressed the doorbell as the guards opened it for me.


I heard the loud and bashing of music. What’s going on?


Then a maid ran towards me, “You have to do something Miss.. His father told us not to allow him to party but he isn’t listening. All what he does is threatened us to be fired”


I stared at her, “What’s your name?”,I asked.



“Sarah. I’m incharge of all the maids here”


“Okay Sarah…thanks for the information”


I got closer to the crowd, the grass and floor were filled with red cups everywhere.


What’s going on here? Darian is rather giving us extra jobs while he knows perfectly well that the maids had to go home to take care of their families.


I walked through the crowd, turning off the main plug to stop the music.


While everyone turned staring at me.


“Party is over, go home everyone!!”,I yelled while I watched them leave.


“Sarah…”,I mentioned, “Can you please call all the maids and servants please”


“Yes ma’am”,I heard as I stood there.







Music started and all i heard was my classmates screaming.


Wow this is really a cool house, I heard some couple of girls talking.


“Dude, I’m still scared. Don’t you think your parents can come any moment and sabotage this party”,Harry asked sipping his soda.


“No, they can’t come here. In fact they don’t know when they are coming back”,I said, “Hey, where is Charlie and Jake”


“There”,Harry pointed as I saw them talking to some girls.


“That’s cool.”,I replied.



“Hey, don’t you think its time for you to talk to her?”,Harry winked making me turned seeing the hottest in school




She was hot and my secret crush.


“No, man. I heard she is interested in Ryan”


Harry chucked, “They are not officially dating. Why don’t you go and meet her”


“That’s a very bad idea”


“No it’s not. Come on”,He pushed to Susan’s direction.


She was nodding her head to the music while I stood there breathing in. My hands were sweaty.


This is the first time I’m taking to her since kindergarten.


“Hi”,I said nervously..


“Hi”,she answers with the most cutest smile.


“Erm.. Nice dress”.


I know it’s lame right but I don’t know what’s there for me to say.



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“I’m Darian”


“I know.. . there is no need to introduce yourself.”


“Actually what are you doing here?”


“It’s not bad really. I just wanted us to be friends”


“We are friends, Dare”,she answered softly..



“I mean …..”,she kissed me which made me astound.


“If that’s what you are thinking… I’m interested. I was just waiting for you to ask” I laughed and she laughed too.


“I have to go home. I will see you soon”


“You too, Susan”, I replied watching her leave. Finally we had something.


I turned to Harry as he raised his hands in victory.


I continued to sip my drink and I saw Sarah coming towards me.


“Sir…”,she called.


“What do you want Sarah?”,I frowned.


“Sir, it’s almost ten and my kids might be hungry. Please… let me go home”


“Do you want to get fired?”


“No sir”,she bows her head.


“Then be a good girl and stay”, I replied and she frowned.


I watched as people danced around. This is cool. And that’s where I heard the people shouting “Oohh”


The music stopped.


“Party is over, go home everyone!!”, I heard her.


Then Harry came closer, “That’s your nanny?”, he asked and I nod. He sipped the soda, “Wow… she is really really hot and beautiful”



I rolled my eyes, “She isn’t your type dude…”


“Do i have a choice. Who can ignore such a pretty woman”


I ignored his question and stared at her talking to Sarah.


“Dude …Is that your nanny?”,I heard Charlie behind me.


“Whaaaat… She is really beautiful. Just like a goddess”,Jake said making me uncomfortable.


“What do you think you are doing?”,I asked moving towards her.


She ignored me as she stared at the maids and servants coming towards us.


“I’m sorry for everything. I should have been here earlier. Like none of this would have happened. I know it’s late but you can go home. I will just take care of this mess”,she said and they cheered moving away.


“Now what were you saying?”,she turned to me.


“How dare you to sabotage my party”


“And how dare you to keep the servants and maids waiting for your stupid party”, she almost yelled.


“I can do whatever I want. This is my house too”


“Then why don’t i ask your father …”,she took her cell phone. What’s is she doing? She is going to call my dad.


I grasp the phone from her, threw it on the floor and i stepped on it breaking the screen.


“You. are. not. going. to. call. my. father.”,i stamped my foot on her phone saying the words.



I saw the total shock on her face. I knew she wasn’t expecting this from me. She was expecting me to beg. I’m not that type.


I kept stamping my foot on her phone. I looked up and realised she was gone. I looked at my friends and they were in a total shock mood.


I saw her dragging the trash can on the floor as she picks up the red cups from the floor.


I messed up big time but I don’t regret it.








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