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Kelly was furious with me. The anger was resonating with him resembled that of his cousin’s anytime he was angry. I had never felt Kelly’s wrath before….and I was more than a bit nervous as I walked down the hall with him and a few hand picked men who knew about the severity of this task.



“Sophia will hide out near the gate….when they are spotted she will tell


some lie to get the guards to abandon their posts. That is when she will sneak them in. ” Kelly explained to the men who were glancing at me with deep respect.



I did not want their respect. I wanted their strength. To make sure that I made it back to Kelly alive.



Although I was still upset with him….I loved him. Nothing in his past or


mine will change that…..and that I was faced with a situation that I possibly


may not come out of. I was nervous. Of course I could not let that show. If I should it now, Kelly would cease this plan immediately.



“You eleven will protect her with your life, do you understand? We will ride out into the village and find the exact path where she will walk them throughout the village to the castle. You will all be posted various places down the path. ” he explained to the men who will be protecting me.



He turned to some other men.



“You will all be posted to escort Queen Isabella everywhere. Once we get word that they are here, wherever the Queen may be, you will not let her leave that room or allow anyone enter. Understood?”



These men were no regular soldiers or guards from the castle. That is what king Raymond wanted everyone to think, but they were trained killers. They carried out orders for death that the king would never ever dream of doing in person. Also Kelly .



“Yes lord Kelly.” They all answered in unison.



“Gather anything you will need. Meet me at the stables when you are all prepared. ”



The men filled out and I watched as Kelly turned to look at me. The concern and fury in his eyes was just too much.



“Sophie, do not die.” Was what he said as I smiled at him.



Walking up to him and grabbing his hand. He flinched as if it had hurt for me to touch him.



“I…I thought you were angry with me.”



“I am….but I am also about to lie to a powerful king and well some


humans.” I told him as I stood on my toes to kiss his hairy cheek.



He pulled me closer to him.



“I love you.”



He grumbled softly, kissing my forehead.



“I love you too.”














I stood at the gates waiting patiently. I was scared of course. I had a cloak on and was dressed as a villager. Isabella had given me the description of Alexander and Kelly had told me what the vampire king look like.



They told me that it was easy to spot the king, and that didn’t make me at ease at all. I knew I had to be strong though.



I had to act like Mirabel. I had to tap from that awfully mannered, ill spirited, sad woman that I had to call my….cousin now I suppose. Even if Kelly does not claim her as his blood anymore.



Glancing around, my eyes met with one of the many soliders stationed around the village. He gave me a nod and I immediately tensed as I looked over towards the gate.



They were here.


Eight cloaked figures.


Walking with determination.



I flipped my cloak down and then back up, a signal for some of the special soldiers to follow me quickly to the soldiers stationed at the gate. I watched three of the men approach the guards that were at the gates.



“King Raymond has ordered all the gate keepers to the siutherbt border. Something about to attack!”



The six guards that were stationed at the gates all look at one another. I made my way toward the gatekeepers who were looking at my soldiers suspiciously. I stood glaring at the men.



“My mate, prince Kelly had just alerted them. he said even if they are not there….you should wait for at least half an hour. They believe it is the work of the vampire and stay stationed at the southern side.”



At the mention if vampire they were all convinced. I was surprised they even I slowly watched one grab at the hilt of his sword.



The other few began to shift.


“Hurry! Go!”



I watched as all of them rushed the other way, look of anger and war in their eyes. I felt bad for decieving them but it had to be done!



As I walked up to the gate , I looked around to only see the soldiers who were tasked with protecting me. They were dressed in peasant clothes.



I quickly made my way to over to the gates, taking a whiff of them. I smelt vampire and humans. This was definitely them.



“Welcome, gentlemen.” I told them as they all filled in through the gates.



I was careful not to make an eye contact yet. Once they were all inside the gate, I began to push it was rather heavy and I felt the weight of pushing disappear quickly.



“I have it, princess Mirabella.”



That voice was as if someone had scraped a sharp and icy tool down my spine. I shivered,turning to look at the cloaked man, who helped close the gate.



He had the darkest cloaks on. His paled, large hands pushed at the gate with ease and I watched him do so with a smirk on his lips.



“Is everything alright princess?” He questioned, cranning his neck downward, to get a better look at me.



My heart lurched and into my stomach as I received a look at his eyes. Pitch dark. The night. That was what his eyes looked like. Endless night. Not to mention the power that was surrounding him.



He had to be the king.



King Xander.



I was used to the feeling of power. morgan had much of it, I could also sense it from Isabella. The king exuded it. Kelly wielded it. But this cloaked the man who stood before me….it was unrealistic.



It reminded me of when the dragon king was upset with his wife eating something.. .the anger and power rolled off of him in tendrils. This man….king Xander reeled with power.



“I am fine….gentleman, we must hurry. The soldiers will be back any


moment. ” I told them as they all began to follow me, immediately.



I thought it would be more pressing than this but it wasn’t.



As we walked through the village, I could feel a presence right on my heels. I suddenly paused,turning to look who was close to me. It was the vampire king.



“Yes, king Xander?”



Now that he was just walking…. I notice the sleeves to his cloak covered


his hands. You could see nothing of his body but his lips and chin. He walked around like some sort of ghost.



A reaper.



The dark tendrils of his hair peeked out the beneath the cloak covering his face. The only indication of what he might look like beneath that



disgusting cloak. I should have gotten a better look at his face when he helped me close the door….but I was too entranced with his eyes.



“I have not come here for the human queen. I am here for your brother. I want his heart in my hands, that does not pose a problem for you does it?” He questioned, my eyes going to his lips as they were moving up and down in a slight smile.



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“Of course not. My brother need to be dealt with. I have tried many times to save him from that…..that filthy human but he is too far gone now. If you succeed, the throne will be mine. A true Queen my kingdom will have.”



The words coming from my mouth felt acidic on my tongue. I could not understand how Mirabel could say things like this daily. Sure I had no love for king Raymond but he was the Alpha….and he also has the power to kill


me if he wants. I will never utter this words if I was… Just Sophia. But I was a princess now….a princess trying to protect my friend, my mate and lastly the Alpha.





“Even though I heard that you would like to be Quern with your brother ruling as the king?” He questioned, as we passed at least four of the guards that were stationed throughout the village.



I scoffed





“My brother does not deserve to be king. ”




“Princess if I may ask has the queen birthed that monstrosity yet?”




My attention was immediately drawn to the other men walking with us. It was one of the humans. I instantly knew who he was. The cloak that covered his face,did not do him justice. He was Alexander. The man who have been sending Isabella letters.



I turned to the human with wide grin.



“What if I say yes? What will happen to that monstrosity?”



The look in the man’s eyes was not one of kindness.



One would think since he wanted isabella as his queen he would not want to harm her child.



“I will kill it in front of that father of his, princess mirabel.”



“Good. He is nothing but filthy….right along with his mother. ” I told him


as I quickened my pace.



The vampire king was being oddly quiet and that made me nervous.



“Will you end the filthy human too ? Or you have plans for her?”



When he did not answer, I looked at him. He seemed to be thinking.



“I have always wanted Isabella….but she is tainted by your brother. She is


mentally ill though. Last time we spoke, she told me not to attack, not to kill Raymond. I believe he has poisoned her mind. I will take her with me and cleanse her of the foul beast then maybe she will be mine.”



Cleanse her? How on earth can he do that? It did not sound like a good thing, I will rather die than let him take Isabella. I glanced at the vampire king to see him suddenly halt in his movement, so did his two men.



“What is wrong? What is it?” I questioned as he began to shake and whispher words that were unintelligible to the ears.



“What is wrong with him?” I snapped towards Alexander as he shrugged giving me a wary look.



I looked around to see if we were driving attention to ourselves, only a few elderly people were out. Two special soldiers who posed as carpenters were watching carefully.



“King Xander, you must stop whatever you are doing. You will draw attention to yourself.”



He paused, his hand reaching out to my shoulder. He gripped it hard.



“Where does the sleeping woman lie?”



I could see the two soldiers begin to put down their swords. I shook my head quickly and they gripped their swords tightly. Not appreciating me holding of their attack.



I muffled a cry of pain.



“I do not know whom you speak of.”



“A woman who have been sleeping for a few months now, where do I find her? ” he hissed.


Sleep…..for a few months? He could not possibly be speaking about….



“Ah,what is that light in your eyes? Tell me or I will break your shoulder!”



The man beside him, grabbed him and whispered something in his ear. His lips that were pulled tightly into a smile, revealing his sharpened fangs….now closed, into a straight line.



He sighed , letting me go.



“I suppose I have no time to harm you….princess.”



After saying such an awful thing…..he disappeared. I do not mean as if he ran away to hide behind something….I mean disappear as in Morgan disappear!



Into nothingness!



“Where is he? Where did he go?” I snapped, grabbing at the Alexander man.



He was trying to pry my hands off himself.



“I do not know! He has a mind of his own….it was either ally myself with


him or the dragon king…..I took the lesser of the two devils.”



The dragon king did not seem all awful.



“Are you sure about that?” I spat, now becoming increasingly angry.



What was I do to now?



I could see the ‘carpenters’ setting down their tools and I held up my hand.



“Alexander he might have….might have proofed into the castle or some


sorts….we have to get going. Let me just see if anyone has witnessed that.”



He nodded his head.



“Yes….go check if those gentlemen have seen anything. ” he said while


pointing towards the very men that I needed to speak of.



I quickly made my way over to them.



“Listen, and listen carefully. I need one of you to rush back to the castle and tell them that the vampire king is missing and he might be headed there.”



It was odd…I know when Morgan does her disappear acts she can only be somewhere she has been before….but the vampire king has never set foot


in the castle. Not with the impending rage between king Raymond and him.



“Yes, princess Sophia, I understand. I will I will stay here and watch over you just in case.”



The other men nodded and I smiled at the two before turning my attention back towards the Alexander man and this three comrades.



“They have seen nothing. They are poor peasants, no one will believe them anyway. ”



Alexander chuckled.



“Ah! We are cut from the same cloth, princess. I do hope that xander does nothing rash and messes up this entire plan.”



My thoughts exactly, but I just hope he does not know where the castle is located.



“Yes…well lets hope. It is not like he knows the layouts of the castle or anything. That is a good thing. ”



Alexander suddenly grabbed me by my hand, pulling me close to him. His eyes turning to slits.



“Why of course he would. Considering his awful situation years ago.”



“Oh well yes….I forgot. It has happened so long ago. I seemed to have


momentarily forgotten. ” I lied while pulling away from his clammy hands.



“We do not have time to waste. Let us hurry!”



What awful situation did he speak of?






I can hear the drum of war beating















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