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Elsa’s Pov




For god sake I am a queen! How can Arden instruct the guards not to let me out of the room? I have been stuck in this room for the past two hours. I sat by the window watching the sky, before a thunder strikes.



Oh shit! It’s going to rain soon.



I hope arden already reached the lycan kingdom. It will take three hours for him to get there if he flew. He should have left when I told him to go. I hope Isabella will be save. She is the only human friend I have.



“My Queen, you can’t leave your room.” A guard said as I came out of the bedroom.



I gave the guard an intimidating look


Like who the heck do you think you are to stop me?



“Why?” I asked while frowning.



“Uhmmm…hmm…the king had instructed that you shouldn’t step out of your room.”



“I see. But I want to leave the room. Will you disobey your Queen wish? No?” I questioned.



“No Tatiana, but….”



“But…thank you.” I said as I stepped out.



I need to go to the meadows, it will help me from being worried. Walking through the castle hall, I felt something wet on my thighs. Did I pee on


myself? I need to change. I turn back to my room as I felt something hit me.


My baby girl is coming.



“Somebody help!” I shouted in pain







Ray’s pov



Glistening fangs. Just as his sister had. The demon straight from the pit of hell has decided to grace me with his presence. He is just as I remembered. An arrogant sorcerer who enjoyed pain and everything that came with death. To think that we used to be allies…



“I would like your head on a platter. I want to squeeze the blood from your miniscule dark heart, but I do not know if that would remedy my problem.” The vampire king grinned.



Crimson stained his ivory fangs. Something I had been accustomed with….her.



Fangs were always bared at me. He was just as she was.



“I am glad that your problems will not be solved with my death.” I growled out, glancing at Isabella.



She was shaking as she tried to help the old witch up. Who was bleeding on her forehead a bit.



Isabella looked the same as I have found her in her human world. The day the invasion happened. Blood covered her feet and the bottom of her dress. My men’s blood rather than human blood.




“It will, in time. Tell me where is that child of yours? I will appreciate killing it ,then I will leave. ”



“I lost it.” Isabella announced,looking away from xander.



Tears that were already gathered in her eyes began to leak. I watched Morgan weakly smooth over Isabella’s hair. Telling her words of comfort.



“I lost my child.” Isabella sobbed, very convincingly.



The old wench was terribly wounded yet still found the strength to aid Isabella in her lies. I did not understand that woman.



Xander glared at me, a smile on his lips.



“I am glad I did not have to play god . I am happy that the gods see that you are unworthy of having children. Filth cannot bring purity into this world, Raymond.”



Vampires are always arrogant bastards.



Roland was in a room in the far north tower of the castle with about sixty guards and a maid surrounding him. For great measure, I forced the old woman to place a spell that no one could enter the room.



“I am waiting for…ah, here he is! ”



Before I could turn to see what he was talking about, a sharp pain pierced through my chest. I could smell the scent of the man who had previously attacked me in the other room. Bastard! How can he be alive after all I did to him?




Isabella screamed. Searing pain enveloped my body as I glanced down to see what had happened. A silver blade was in my chest.









A man has snuck behind him and stabbed him. He let loose a yell


like I had never heard him yell before. It went straight through his chest…..



Raymond broke away from the man and snarled, attempting to try and fight him.






With a blow to the head, Ray staggered back.



“I will kill…you ” he coughed as hr charged to the man again.



He was losing a lot of blood and energy. Silver was a lycan’s weakness and even though Raymond was the king he was not immune to it.



With a few more weak attempts at attacking he fell to his knees, as the vampire king began to laugh.


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“I was awaiting Enoch to come with the blade of silver.” He explained to Raymond as he attempted to graple at the sword. It was from behind so he could not pull it out.



I watched as hair began to spread over his arms before quickly receding.


“Enoch bring him, for me please.”



The man grabbed Raymond by the hair forcing him to look up at the vampire king.



“After years and years of despising you so much. Thinking you would never be taken down, here you are, kneeling before me.” He smirked as I glanced at Morgan who was falling asleep.



Her head injury was too much to keep her awake. I glanced to the door to see many of our soilders standing there, looking horrified. One even attempted to come in. The spell was still killing them and he fell to the ground instantly.



“I am not bowing by choice, leech.” Raymond heaved, a mouth full of blood coming from his mouth with his words.



He was still attempting to pull the sword out from the front, but that was doing nothing. It was covering his hands with his blood.



“Human Queen, I suggest you turn a blood eye….it will get very bloody.”



Before I had a chance to say anything….the vampire king’s fist connected


with Raymond. The sickening crack I heard made me wince. The following blows to Raymond were detrimental. At first he was boisterous, yelling and spitting. Hiring insults…but then he became quiet. The blows were endless.



Raymond does not deserve this. He doesn’t deserve every blow, every cut….he didn’t deserve them at all.



They will kill him.


I will be a widow just as Alex had predicted.



I was already crying. He was in so much pain. I could feel it!



“I only wish my sister was here to….. drive this blade into your heart” The


vampire king announced, a satisfied smile his lips as he rubbed his chin with bloodied fingers.



Raymond lay in a pool of his own blood. His eyes were not focused on the men pummeling him but on me. Empty eyes, locking with my own.



“Human Queen, so you accept my request?”



I did not notice that the vampire king was in front of me. Looking down at me with a dagger offered to me.



“What…what do you want?” I questioned, getting ready to do anything to save my husband.



“It is only right if I let you end his life, human seer. ” he told me as he helped me stand.



His hand was slick with blood. It felt warm to the touch. My entire body quaked as I heard yells and screams from the soldiers.



“Please Queen Isabella. No!”



“Do not kill the king.”



“Queen Isabella.”



Their screams and pleadings were being drowned out as the vampire king lead me over to Ray’s limp body. The vampire king slipped the dagger into my hand.



“Right here, human seer.” The vampire king bent down, pressing his hand directly where I would end Ray’s life.



Raymond growled weakly as king xander pressed down hard. He pulled me down with him, so that I was closer to Raymond.



I could not see clearly because tears were interfering with my sight.



I cant. I can’t end the man I love.



“I can’t…I can’t.” I sobbed as I dropped the shallow knife on the floor.



I could not do it. I can’t kill him. He should just kill me instead!



It made my chest ache to see Raymond like this!



It made my stomach hurt!



It made my throat burn.



“Just kill me instead!” I screamed as I was shoved to the ground.



“I knew being kind was wrong….what did I expect from a human? ” The


vamours king spat as he grabbed the blade from the ground and lifted it high in the air, getting ready to plunge it into Raymond’s heart.



“Raymond, do tell the devil I said hello in the pits of hell,yes?”





It all happened in a blur. Something like a bolt of light shot from across the room. King xander was kneeling in front of Raymond, getting ready to drive the dagger into his heart….. Was sprawled on the floor, grappling rie get up.



I looked in amazement to see Morgan standing in the spot she has recently just been thrown into. Shaking with her hands.



“Xander, I cannot let you kill the dog king. He owes me coins and gold. He has a long debt to fufil and that will never happen if he dies.” Morgan complained as I noticed that she was getting paler by the second.



King xander had rose to his feet, saying words that of course were filled with spells. I waited for a blinding lights….or swords to come flying at Morgan. Nothing happened though.



“You have no power left, xander. You use it all by trying to make that barrier, killing all of those soldiers and keeping that girl in a deep sleep. ” Morgan explained a weak smile on her lips.



I watched as the vampire king at the man who stabbed Raymond. He had a bow and arrow in his hand….quickly assembling it.






I scrambled up from my feet,rushing towards the old woman. Morgan does not deserve to die. She was the one who least deserved to die out of all of us! I sight a dragon growling through the window.




Arden is here. He received the message!



“You idiot human Queen!” Morgan shouted as I felt an odd pain


enveloped my body…..











WRITTEN BY : Pamela James



©Pamela Library™



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