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We finally reached our destination… I was holding the gun the whole time and Darian can’t stop asking me about what my plan was.


I just contacted the police. I seriously don’t want to mess up before the police arrived.. and if I do they would know that it was self defence.


After everything Mrs Clooney did and people she killed just because of inheritance..I don’t think i have the heart to keep calm.


I can kill her right away..


We reached the door and I breathe out.


“Are you ready Alondria…”


I kept quiet..


“Alondria….”,I heard him and point the gun at him.


“Move before I pull the trigger…”, I tried to be serious.


“So this is your plan”,he laughed…


“You are laughing. You think this funny”


I then gave a warning shot to scare him and he also fell.



“Move…”,I ordered and he raised his hand in surrender.


“Do you think its plan… You are so foolish to have followed me because I’m going to kill you”


His eyes widened, “What has gotten into you”


“Move before I blow your brains off”, I yelled and opened the door.


You know I was expecting something like..Mrs Clooney and her guards in the room with my son but it totally wrong.. . It was her alone with my son and Mr Clooney, his husband.


“I said move”,I yelled once more and Mrs Clooney turned staring at us..abd there she smiled.


She walked around us and she laughed, “Oh my God, look at your fave right now… it’s so sad. You thought Alondria would…”,she laughed , “Guess what… she is with me now and do you know what I’m going to do…”


I watched my son and Mr Clooney lips gagged. I just wished the police men were here on time.


“But before that, let me ask you a question”


She moved to Darian while Darian still raised his hands in Surrender.


“Give me your inheritance and I will spare your life”


“No …. never!!”,Darian scrowl..Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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Mrs Clooney frowned, “Fine then.. .Alondria… I want you to shoot him”


“Shoot him three times in the stomach”,she said again..


“It will be my Pleasure but before that.. . I will gladly give him a rest in peace kiss”



I looked into his eyes and he was so angry. I know he will be mad at me but he will understand.. . I tiptoed kissing him and then I hugged him tight.. .


“Now listen, act along … I want you to take the gun and pretend u want to kill me”,I whispered avd slowly pulled away but he suddenly got me taking the gun from me like I said.


I raised my hands in Surrender.


“I trusted you, Alondria. How could u do this”


“Mrs Clooney, he gonna kill me, please just kill him before he does”


She walked past me pointing the gun at Darian . I walked behind and took the gun from her.


Darian and I point the gun at her…Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“Ah, so this is your plan huh?”


I nod, “I’m glad you’ve noticed..Your days are over… one move and I swear ibwill shoot you in the leg..”


“I will you do it”,She laughed and she was running. I had no choice than to pull the trigger and shoot her on the left leg.


She fell… groaning in pain.


Darian removed the ropes from my son and Mr Clooney.


I still point the gun at her till the police arrived..


“Mom…”,I heard my son and I hugged him so tight.


“God, I thought I was going to lose you”


“No… you won’t lose me”



I stared at Darian who was hugging his dad. I’m just grateful everything was alright now. Darian caught me staring and he gave an excuse to his dad and walked towards me till we were close.


Gabriel cleared his throat, “I think I’m gonna go talk to grandpa…”


“So….”,I didn’t know to say next, “I guess it’s time for us to part our ways”


“And what if I refused to let you go. I’m not ready to lose you for the second time Miss Brooks”


I smiled.


He framed my face, “Just tell me that you want me here… Tell me you love me Alondria”


I held his cheeks in both hands and I kissed him, “I love you”, I whispered against his lips.


“I love you too,Alondria”,he whispered back and he deepened the kiss.


“That’s enough lovebirds.. let’s go to the headquarters while you write down your statement”,The officer said making us both smile.


One year later.


Darian and I were already married. And it was time for our honeymooning.


I never thought that I will ever get married to Darian because I thought his mom will always be an obstacle but guess what.. . she is now is jail.


And we are so happy without her. So Darian got married to me and you know he can’t get married until his friends are by his side.


They are married too… expect Jake.. . He says he wants my sister Cassy and he would for her till she returns to Newland.


“Baby… I’m waiting… you’ve been in the bathroom for ages”



I got to go … I will end here because I guess we are going to be busy the whole














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