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“How could you make her leave?”,I heard my mom.


“Find her as soon as possible.. And make sure she is alive do you hear that”


I had already contact the police on my way. I was surprise that mom could actually go to that extent.


“Do you understand?”



“Yes.. madam.”, they answered and i cleared my throat distracting them.


“I clapped my hands. I was impressed by her words.


“So you were the cause of Alondria’s disappearance. I can’t believe you mom”


She rolled her eyes excusing the guards. I didn’t bother stopping them. The police were outside anyway.. .I had given information about them to the police and they were my mom trusted guards.


“Yes I kidnapped Alondria. So what are you going to do about it”


“Nothing but I just want to tell you that you are not laying one finger on her”


“Are you daring me? The son I gave birth too, is against me today because of that stupid Alondria..Do you know where she is from? Do you know that she lied to you about her age and everything and I don’t even know what is wrong with you. You fell for her?”


“It’s was all your fault. You and your stupid husband were so busy with your stupid business”, my mom slapped me making me spit blood.


“One more word from you and I will forget you are my son”,she said.


“After what you did, I don’t think you can still be my mom?”,I said softly and then I heard noises down stairs… It was the police and the guards.


My mom stared at me and I grinned.


“You thought you win, Dare”,she smiled evily giving the challenging look . i don’t think she is really my mom because if she is, she wouldn’t he doing this.


I had to see how my Alondria is doing. I need to spend good time with her, and be with her.


I took my car and drove to the hospital. I heard Jake and my friends were out of the hospital.



I went in and I saw Alondria lying in the bed. I kissed her temples and she smiled at me.


“ are you feeling”,


“I’m feeling a bit fine”, she whispered.


I pulled her into my arms.




“Yes baby”


“Please let’s go home…”


“Are you sure? The doctor said you have to stay here”


“No Darian… please us go pleass”


“Okay baby”,I answered and went to the receptionist to pay the bills ..


I stood writing for the bills and to my surprise I saw Alondria already dressed in her previous dress.


I stared at her walking towards me. I quickly payer the bills and we went to our new home.


She held my hands the whole time and it felt so good to be home with her.


The moment we entered into the room, I hugged her so tight while she burst into tears.. . It was as if I knew she was hurt.


The dress she wore brought her many memories she could remember and it’s was all my fault.



I should have brought her new clothes. I carried her in arms as she buried her face in the crook of my be.


“Shh.. .”,was all i could say to calm her down. We went to.the bedroom. I pulled her on my chest rubbing her back as she sobbed.


About 5 minutes, she stopped and she was asleep…I stroke her hair thinking about what I’m going to do next.


I’m staying right here with her..We both belong here. I will try to make her the happiest woman on earth.




I opened my eyes looking around. Darian was gone. I saw that my clothes were changed to his shirt.


I smiled moving the kitchen. I heard the aroma of something special….


He was bare chested busy with God knows what he was cooking..


I hugged him from behind kissing his bare back.


He quickly turned kissing me and I opened up for him feeling his tongue devouring every inch of my mouth. I wrapped my hands around him and he carried me on the counter while we kissed more.


I moaned the moment, he sucked on my tongue.


“How are you feeling, Adria”


“I’m better”,I kissed his forehead and he smiled at me, “So…. what are you




“Something special you are going to like”


“Hmm… impress me”


He carried me again making wrapped my arms and leg around him.


“Can you get down baby”, He said softly.


“Nope…”,I answered and he chuckled carrying me at his back while legs and arms wrapped around him.


“What have you been eating Alondria?”


“Nothing. Why do you ask?”


“Because I was expecting you to be heavy but you aren’t”




I rest my head on his back.


“You are hot, are you sure you are okay?”


“Yes… just hurry up”


We remained quiet for a while then I slowly rest on his back. I’m grateful to have met a man like him.


He loved me and I loved him too.


“The police arrested the guy who raped you”


“Thank you…”, that was all i could say.


“Are you feeling pains down there”,he asked.


“No…please”,I replied and he smiled at me.


“I’m glad… I think my mom had reported me to the police by now”


“Why do you say so?”



“Because I know my mom so well, Alondria. She might be looking for me then God knows what happens… I might be force to go the university then I won’t see you again…. I won’t come back to Newland anymore”


I dropped from his back then I hugged him so tight…


“I will wait for you, Darian. ”


Gradually, we were embracing and as we looked in each other’s eyes. It was now or never as I moved closed and to kiss him.


Darian reciprocated our lips met. Kissing, tongues touching, feeling my br**sts push into him, oh that connection ever so beautiful.


We stopped briefly and then continued like we could not stop. Darian moved his lovely face toward and started nibbling my right ear as he kissed my neck and shoulder.


“Though the night is young, we’ve lots to do, my cheeky handsome boy,” i purred. “and we can’t do it here.”


“True,” he agreed. “Where next, my love?”


“The bedroom,” i explained.


“That’s how I want it, baby,” he said roguishly which brought that mischievous smile. “I want you to myself.”


He carried me to the bedroom.


The door was barely closed when we resumed our lovemaking.


He kissed neck whilst making circular movements on my still covered br**sts. I lifted up the bottom hem of myshirt lifting it over her thighs kissing them then her hips. Uncovering my g string, he planted a kiss on my covered delicate part.


“Oh Darian,” i moaned as i lifted my arms to assist him removing my shirt. All i had on was her bra and g-strings.





I reached around her back and attempt my skill of being able to unhook Alondria’s bra with one hand. As I did, she started unbuttoning my shirt then caress my bare chest and shoulders.


Just then I felt the bra unsnap. Taking the bra straps with my fingers I slowly pulled the bra off her shoulders watching her br**st drop slightly. the strap slid down her arms and I chucked the bra aside, finally being able to see Alondria’s beautiful bare br**sts. Oh, how naturally beautiful they were.


I ripped off my shirt and extended my arms to Vanessa who smiling stepped into them then thre hers around me our naked torsos connecting. A kissing frenzy started as I felt the warmth of her br**sts pushing into my chest. I caressed her back and worked my way down, squeezing her arse gently.


Adria looked longingly into my eyes as she ran her hands around my waist and sarted to undo my belt.


I lowered my head to her right boob and started to lick the areola then around her erect nipple.


I removed her gstrings and she was finally naked.


“You are beautiful”,I captured her once more and we made love.


The next morning, I opened my eyes, seeing her make above me… she was perfect.


My fingers brushed her parted lips and she pouted.


“Hey, beautiful, it’s morning”,I said softly.


And she groaned, “Let me sleep a bit”


“Okay… baby”,I replied and continued rubbing her back.


“Darian?”,she called.


“Yes baby”


“Will you be happy of we had kids”


“Yes… very happy. Why do u ask?”


“My monthly pill ended yesterday. I could have done another one but I didn’t”


“But why?”


“I don’t know… Maybe I wanted to have your baby so bad. I know your mom will be an obstacle between us that why I wanted to have your baby”


I smiled at her words and she kissed, “You made the right choice, my little girl”


“I’m glad you like my choice”,then suddenly we heard a gunshot while I held Alondria.


“Wear a shirt baby. I’m going to check who is outside”,I said softly.


“Becareful.. .”, I heard her.


I moved outside and meant my mom and two policemen. How did my mom find me here.


“Oh my son, are you alright?”,she was sounding dramatic and I know it.


“Darian”,I heard Alondria and I wished she want here.


“That’s her officer”,My mom pointed, “That’s the woman who kidnapped my son”


“No, I brought her here. Stop being so dramatic”,One of the policeman moved behind Alondria and handcuffed her.


“You can’t do this!! You know she is innocent!!”


“I don’t know… son. Arrest her!!!”,sg e ordered.



“Darian!!”,I heard Alondria cry.


“I will make sure you are out of there Alondria”


“No, I will make sure she spent the rest of her life in there”


“Mom… just let go”,I begged, “Please, don’t take her. If you want to punish me, please do”


“Now my boy us coming back into his senses. Let’s make a deal..”


I nod.


“You are going to the university and you never seeing the witch ever again.. if you promise me that, I promise to let her go”




“The clock is ticking son, answer me before I changed my mind”


“Okay!! Fine!! . I promise to do anything you want but please just let me say goodbye”


“No, no, no… you are not saying goodbye.. . You are travelling now!!”,she answered and entered the car.


“I’m waiting”


I frowned and hop into the car.. I’m just sorry Alondria. This is the only way to get


you out of there and I hope you don’t get angry at me in the future for not saying





















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