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We finally reached a place I never thought Darian would bring me.


“this is my hide out”,he said and opened the door.


“Not bad at all… it’s really beautiful but honestly do you come here alone”I looked around.


“Yes… I do. Why do you ask?”


“Nothing… I heard that you take that stick anywhere you go”


He came close, “I don’t know why but I can smell jealousy”


I rolled my eyes, “Jealousy my foot, I have Derrick remember”


He laughed, “Oh I see. So you were interested in him all along”


“Yes I was …Since leaving was what you were good at”





“You left me, Darian… Don’t you dare play innocent here as if you are the victim”


“I’m not playing but it’s you who acting as if you were hurt the whole time.. I was hurt too Adria… You don’t know how it felt like to know you have a son and you can’t even hug.. You don’t know how it like to be captive for 13 years. You don’t know how it feels to be alone alone..You don’t know how it’s feels to know that the woman you always call mother is your killer.”


I just stood there staring at him and I just walked out on him.Because I was too damn angry.


He followed me but I quicken my pace. He caught my wrists making me struggle, “Get your hands of me”


I pulled away from him closing the door behind him. I sat on the floor raking my hands through my hair.


Tears flowed on my cheeks and I wiped them. I was jealous. Really jealous that he had slept with her. And that during this 13years I couldn’t leave without him.


And he was out there with her.


I stood up entering the shower… I took my bath and wire my previous dress.


I went to the kitchen… He was preparing something but I don’t really know what it was.


His back faced me and I just sat there. He didn’t even notice I was behind him.


He froze the moment he turned. I frowned and he smiled.


“You don’t look beautiful when you frown”


“I like it that way”, I shrugged while he hands me the coffee.


“I’m sorry…”


“Don’t bother . . It’s not going to change a thing”


“Alondria…”,he said huskily.


“It won’t change a thing… so just let go”


My phone vibrates which almost made me jump.


It was my son, Gabriel.


“Gabriel….”,I said


“Hello Alondria. It’s nice to hear your voice”,I heard Mrs Clooney.


“Mrs Clooney.. . Don’t hurt my son”


“Then bring me my Darian… or else you son will die within twenty four hours”


Darian stared at me confused, “Please.. . let me see hear my mom”


“No…. Bring Darian to me and I will give you your son”


“Okay ma’am… I will look for Darian where ever he is”,I lied and I heard him hang up.


I don’t even know where my son is …


“What’s going on?”,I heard Darian behind me.


“Your mom kidnap my son”


“What.. ..”


I took my phone trying my best to track Gabriel’s number to know where he is.


“So what are we going to do now”


“Now…. we need a car…”, I heard his footsteps.


I knew he was taking some necessities so we could leave.. I still check my phone.


Then I saw where my son was hidden.


I can’t believe she took him out of this city.




He rushed and we entered inside the car.


“If anything happens to my son, I swear … I’m going to kill your mother”


“She is not my mother. She doesn’t deserve to be a mother”


I watched him and his eyes were fixed on the road…


“So where are going to?”,he asked again.


“To deepest part of Newland’s forest”


I yawned and rest my head on the window and I slowly went to sleep. I was a bit tired and I needed rest.


I know my son will be fine.


“Oh my God.. …no, no!!”,I heard Darian screamed.


He got out of the car opening the top of the car..


“What’s wrong?”


“The car is damage…”


“What!!!”,I got out joining him. “Hmm… let’s walk through the forest then”



He took his belongings from the car and walked through the tress… None of us talked because honestly I habe nothing to say to him..


We walked more. My feets were swollen and they were reddish. I haven’t walked like this before.

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It was dark …. I switched on the touch on my phone and walked through the trees.


“We will rest her for now…”,he placed his belongings down…”I will be right back.. We need to create fire”


I took my phone searching for a place to bath. I habe been to sweaty and I hated it.


Then I saw a rivet…. I removed my clothes and entered the river washing my




After a few minutes, I was done. I was just in my panties … I ran along with my phone … hoping to get dressed before Darian comes and honestly my dress smells if sweat.


I was thinking of Gabriel and Darian that I forget to wear clothes.


I just stood there my panties then I felt a shirt covered me. It’s smells of him.


“Thank you so much”,I said softly and button three buttons of the shirt.


He took some sandwich and soda from his bag and gave it to me.


He set the fire and we sat close to it while I sip the cola…


“Do you think Gabriel is gonna be fine”


“Yes… He is. My mother won’t kill him. Trust me”, he removed his shirt and I stared at his bare chest.


“This really tastes great”,I sipped ..



“Yes.. it is”,he took a bite of his sandwich.


He suddenly pulled my feets on his laps.. He apply ointments on my feets.


I just wonder how home he had everything intact.


After he was done… I tried to pull my legs away but he held them.


“Mother, threatened me to go with her to states or else you will remain in jail forever. It was a difficult task for me but I had to so you can get your freedom”


“But thirteen years… I saw you on the media. You could have called and check on my son and and I but I got none… The only thing I got was an inheritance of the house. You later came back telling me to help. Do you when it’s Valentine’s day… I sit down waiting to hear just a hi from you.You don’t even know how I survived without … To carry a baby without you by my side.”


He didn’t say anything. He should have said something. He should have stayed resolute or, at the very least, stayed where he was.


Instead, moments later he was embracing me, pulling me into his lap as I sniffled, mortification creeping up my neck and turning my face red.


Then he was wiping my tears, the roughness of his thumb brushing along my cheek as he pleaded with me not to cry.


I apologized for the tears because I just don’t like him seeing me cry.


He kissed the top of my head, then my forehead, then the trails my tears were still leaving on my cheeks, and then I was turning my head towards his and his lips were on mine and he didn’t pull away. He only removed my shirt and panties.


He kept kissing me, kept holding me, kept letting me wrap my arms around his shoulders and kiss him back.


I shifted in his lap, my legs around his hips and my br**sts against his chest. Derian groaned and clutched me. His tongue was in my mouth, flicking against



mine, and already I could feel him getting hard. I squirmed against him, feeling his erection brush against my slit.


He growled, nipped at my lower lip, and twisted so he could push me onto my back. I landed with a soft gasp, air puffing past my lips, hardly able to draw a breath before Darian was holding himself over me and kissing me again.


Lips trailed down my neck to my br**sts, my nipples hardening as he lavished attention on them. He was incredibly thorough, his lips tracing along every inch of skin, his hands cradling and fondling and squeezing.


Every movement was a rush of arousal, a tingling that travelled over my skin and through my body, pooling between my legs.


He stopped quite suddenly, pressing a single kiss between my br**sts before sitting up and staring down at me. I didn’t even realised we were on blankets… This really wierd. I feel he brought that damage car on purpose.


His eyes raked down my body, taking in every inch of it. I bit the inside of my cheek, trying to will my self-consciousness to leave me alone for just a moment, but I couldn’t control the warm flush that started on my chest or stop myself from shifting uncomfortably as he stared.


When I moved, he flicked his eyes up to mine.


“You’re so gorgeous,” he murmured.


I laughed uncomfortably. “I’m not .”


He scoffed and shook his head. “Don’t play that game. You’re absolutely stunning.”


“It’s not a game,” I said. “You don’t need to tell me I’m pretty. I’m… acceptable.”


There was a moment where he seemed to be torn between thinking I was trying to get him to compliment me and thinking I really believed that about myself. He didn’t say anything, just flicked his eyes down my body again and then back up to my face.



“Acceptable?” he finally said. “Alondria, everything about you is perfect.”


“Don’t,” I whispered.


“It’s true. Who told you otherwise?”


I didn’t answer and Darian shook his head.


“Look at you.” He skimmed his fingers along my skin, tracing every curve. “You have this perfect body, these gorgeous, perky br**sts, this beautiful stomach, these amazing hips with this… you know, I had my face pressed against your pu**y for quite a while”


I laughed as his fingers walked up the vines on my hip, another uncharacteristically-feminine touch that I kept hidden from almost everyone.


“You are beautiful”


There wasn’t a trace of laughter on DDarian’s face. He was as serious as I had ever seen him, almost fierce in his insistence. I had no idea what he was seeing that I didn’t, or couldn’t, but all I could do was nod.


“Okay,” I said. “I, um, I’m pretty just like u said.”


He snorted and leaned forward, kissing me intensely.


“Don’t think I’ll of yourself ,” he repeated. “You are beautiful, Adria You’re incredible.”


I couldn’t agree with him on that. I’d spent my whole life looking in the mirror and seeing a girl who wasn’t pretty, who wasn’t perfect, who wasn’t anywhere close to beautiful. For the moment, the best I could do was stop comparing myself .


He seemed to sense it but didn’t press the issue. Instead, he showed me what he thought. He kissed every part of my body, his lips worshiping me until I couldn’t take it any longer.



“Please,” I gasped.


Darian’s eyes flicked up from the place he was kissing, which happened to be a particularly sensitive spot on my inner thigh, a mischievous glint hidden beneath a raised eyebrow.


“Please what?”


“I need you.”


“Mm,” he said. “Is that so?”


“Stop teasing me,” I grumbled.


He moved between my thighs, then surprised me by tugging me into his lap into a position similar to where we started.


Kissing me, he leaned back against the ground, then brushed a hand through my hair.


I shifted on top of him, his cock sliding along my slick pu**y, and moaned softly. I wanted him inside me, but I couldn’t deny how good it felt to even just rub against him.


Darian didn’t seem to mind when I rolled my hips again, making a soft noise as my wetness coated his cock.


I did it again, shuddering as his tip brushed against my clit, and again when his hands gripped my waist.


He let me continue to use his cock selfishly for a while, watching my face as I ground myself against him. I couldn’t stop myself.


A ball of pleasure was building up inside me, growing and pulsing. Every nerve in my body was poised to fire, every muscle prepared for the surge of bliss when Darian unexpectedly shifted beneath me, the tip of his cock breaching my entrance.



My mouth dropped open in surprise; seconds later I was crying out as I came, pleasure bursting through me unexpectedly. He buried his cock in me as my pu**y clenched around him, and his hands held me still as I shook on top of him, unprepared but exulting in the sudden euphoria.


He was sucking on one of my nipples when I came down from the blissful high, his hands splayed across my back as he thrust up into me. My body was his to use, taken by him but freely given, gladly given, and I held on as he buried himself inside me again and again.


I took back some of the control after a bit, shifting my hips and starting to ride him.


Darian moved away from my br**sts and looked up at me, his eyes boring deep into mine before he kissed me.


It was not the kind of look or the kind of kiss that we should have shared. The emotions that came with those actions should have stayed buried.


They needed to stay buried, for everyone’s sake, but we seemed to have forgotten about that, too.


His lips didn’t leave mine when I came again; I cried out against his mouth, the sound muffled as my body shook. At the end of that orgasm, I could barely hold myself up, and Darian shifted me to my back with his erection still inside me. Once there, he moved inside me deeply, hard but not fast.


“Gonna come,” he groaned, and I pulled his face to mine so I could feel his breath as he finished, feel the vibrating groan as he came inside me.


“I’m sorry ,” he murmured after we both caught our breaths.


“I know,” I whispered.


He kissed me, and I kissed him back, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last time.


The next morning, I woke up finding my body covered with cloth… It was cold.



I sat up and saw Darian smiling at me. He was dressed.


“Good morning beautiful”,he said handing me a hit coffee.


“Thank you so much”, I answered and i saw how his eyes raked my body. “I know that look Mr Clooney”


“Then get dressed before we do something crazy again…”


I rolled my eyes at him and wore his jeans and shirt. Even though they were baggy


…. I will manage it.


We continued our journey… I check my phone all the time to see if we’ve reached the destination.


“So what’s the plan ….”


“If you only have a gun then I have a plan”,I answered.


“I do have a gun”


“Then trust me in my plan”


“So u not gonna tell me”


“Nope…”,I walked past him.








What does Alondria have in mind..












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