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Darkness is what I saw. Nothing else. I knew this would happen. I knew I would be captured. I felt it the whole time.


I could sense things. I’m being tied in the chair helpless and I couldn’t do anything.


How is Darian feeling? Did he miss me or did he forget about me.


It’s two days and I’m stuck here. All I hear is laughter of the guards and little gossips.


Why is the Clooney’s doing this. And it’s seems Mrs Clooney is more interested. How long are they going to.keep me here. Are they going to keep me here forever?


What about my sister, Cassy. How will she cope without me if I stay here forever.


“Finally I get to see you, Adria”,I heard a female voice and I knew it was Mrs Clooney.


“Why are you doing this. If you don’t want me to marry your son, please just let me go”


“Let you go?. I will never do that? You are going to spend the rest of your life here Alondria. We trusted you. You lied that you were nineteen and we accepted u in”


“I’m not surprised if you knew my mom so well because one thing I knew is that you stole everything from her… ”


“That’s not true. She stole everything from me”


“You can’t fool me Mrs Clooney. You were once my mom’s secretary. My mom was the richest before meeting my dad… everything fell immediately you took her inheritance away from her”


“It’s good… your mom told you everything. Because I don’t regret my actions anyway. She wanted to steal my man and you know I’m more smar than she was and I really hate her so I made her poor in the easy way”


“And you are happy you did such thing but when I get out of here Mrs Clooney, hmm… you will watch me marry your son and inherit my mom’s inheritance”


She laughed evily which made my insides turn, “Who says I’m getting u out of here? You staying here forever and till my son gets married and have children then I might have mercy”


She went low face to face with me, “And if you dare try to take what I love Alondria, I’m going to kill you”


She left me and that’s where I lost hope. I was angry. I was struggling to get out of where I was.



Two days, I didn’t get food or water. My throat was really dry and I hate it.


I need water.

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I coughed. My eyes were tied before Mrs Clooney left.


“Hello”,I shouted.


“Will you shut up…”, one of the guards said.


“Please I need water”,I begged.


“Okay.. .. “,I heard the guards and to my surprise the water I wanted so badly was poured on my face by one the guards.


I gasped as they laughed at me.


“Hurry up and die and let’s get out of her”,One of the them said.


“Hmm…. she is beautiful and I will be to touch those curves.. .don’t you think bro”


“Yes…”,then I felt a light squeezed on my br**sts.


I struggled on the chair.


“Her br**sts feel so soft…”,I heard one of them then suddenly I felt another hand on my thigh.


“So smooth…”


I felt the ropes on my leg being removed and I was pushed on the cold floor.


Everything followed went too fast, my clothes were torn, my legs were forcibly opened and I was raped by two men with my hands tied and I couldn’t see their faces either.



Today is the day that I was ruined. And I would never forgive Mrs Clooney. I would never forgive them.





Two days I haven’t seen her since my parents talked to her.


I missed her so much


And I’m lonely without her. Two days I haven’t eaten and I won’t till I see her.


Why did she leave? She should have tell me.


Something is wrong somewhere or did she leave. More like she is tired of me and she doesn’t love me anymore.


I don’t believe it.


Alondria, where are you?


I moved downstairs seeing my friends.


Harry, Jake and Charlie.


Charlie frowned, “So being with your love of your life made u forget us”


I smiled and chuckled, “Yea… that’s true and I’m sorry”


“So where is our sister in-law?”,Jake asked.


I sigh, “I haven’t seen her. I don’t know where she is?”


“What do you mean you don’t know where she is?”


I shrugged sitting close to Harry, “I just dont know. I introduced her as my girlfriend to my parents and the next moment, I haven’t seen her”


Harry sat up, “Don’t you think your parents warned her to stay away from u”


“Hmm… that’s what I suspect the whole time”


“Hey, Dare, is this the new girlfriend you are dating”,I heard Charlie standing at the window.


I joined him and saw a girl about the age of 14. A girl who was lost. She was looking around.


“I don’t know her…”,I said.


I heard the doorbell.


“Come in …. “,I said loudly and the door opened. I watched her walked in with one


leg holding crunches.


“Good morning gentlemen”,she greeted while she licked her lips.


“Good morning”, I replied.


“I’m sorry but my leg hurts so bad, may i sit”


“Sure”,I heard my friends.


She sat down putting the crunches somewhere.


“I’m Cassy and my sister is Alondria. I have been calling her but it’s seems it’s not going through so I came here directly since this is her workplace”


“Wait, you mean you have not seen her too”


“No …”


“Oh my God, now I belive my parents threatened her”


“What are you talking about?”, Cassy stood up abruptly, “My sister is missing?”


“We don’t know for now but Cassy, I promise you that I will find her okay. And it’s nice meeting u. Your sister had told me alot about you”, I knelt infront of her





“Did she tell you that I’m her boyfriend? ”


“Not yet but I’m glad she does”


“Okay.. . so tell me, what brings you here”


“I came here because my provisions are almost finished and there are some bullies”


“Is that all”




“I don’t know where your sister but please from now on, promise me you will always ask me for anything”


“I promise…”,she said softly, “I will take my leave now”


“Please wait… We are escorting u to the school.. . Guys are you coming?”


“Yea…” they all said and I smiled





Three hours, I returned home. We both the provisions for Cassy. I like her already and I will take care of her and protect her till Alondria gets back.


I sat down by the dinning watching my parents eat. I felt really horrible. I miss Alondria.


“Something is fishy here. For the last time where is Alondria”


“No one knows baby”, my mom said shrugging.



With anger I hit the table scaring both of them, “Will you stop lying to me as if I’m a kid. What is wrong with you.”


“Will you shut up. I’m your mother for Christ Sake. You want the truth. Fine, we will tell you the truth. Alondria is gone forever. You will never see her ever again so please move on”.


“I’m not moving on until I see her”


“You are not seeing her. Now listen to me kid, You are going to pack your stuffs and go to the university. ”


“I’m not going anywhere”


“You are Darian!!”,My mom immediately stood up.


“I can’t believe this, dad. You sit down and let mom decide my decisions. I know


you both are the cause of what happened to Adria but if I find out that you are the


cause of everything. I will forget u are my parents. I swear..”,I rolled my eyes at


them moving to my room.




















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