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We finally drove home and damn I was nervous. I didn’t know what to do. This isn’t going to end well I know it.


His parents car were already packed and honestly I don’t even how to get in.


Darian held my hand so tight and I was scared. My hands were both.


“We will be fine okay..”


I just nodded.


We entered inside the room and I saw his parents laughing.


Immediately they saw us, the laughter stopped.


We just stood there and I swallowed hard.


“Oh, Darian baby… where were you?”,his mom stood up hugging him.


“I can see you and your nanny are getting along”,His dad said and Darian smiled.


“Actually I want to talk to you both”,He said softly.


“Sure… you can”, Hia parents sat down and they stared at us.


“Erm… I know you won’t like this but to cut it short, Alondria and I are dating”



His parents eyes widened immediately and honestly they stared at eachother.


“Darian, Leave Alondria and us alone”


That was when I swallowed hard.


“No… I want to stay here”


“Darian… just leave is alone or else I would call the guards.”


“Please Darian…”,I begged and he nodded.


“Are you gonna be okay?”


“Yes…”,I said softly while he left me.


The moment he was gone, his mom rushed towards me giving me a slap.


“You whore!!”,she shouted and truly I was ashamed.


“You see what I told you about not hiring her but you followed her lies”, she turned to her husband.


“I’m really disappointed in you Alondria. I never knew she could do this”, Mr Clooney scrowl.


“I’m not surprised. Like mother like daughter”,Miss Clooney walked around me.


“Excuse me?”,I said softly.


“Yes like mother, like daughter. You thought I don’t know about you. I travelled searching for more details about you. The first day I set my eyes on u, I knew you were poison. You were really bad. All you know is seducing people just like your mother”



“If you have to insult me, I will gladly take it but not my mother. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ma’am”


“How dare you threaten us when you lure our son into falling in love with you”


“19years old girl making a full out of us…”


“What are you talking about?”


She chuckled, “I hate pretenders Alondria. You are just a nineteen years old girl but had a body of an adult. So you changed your age and lure people into employing so you could get money. All your files says you are 28 years old but you are just nineteen. We believed u and accepted you into this family because of your lies. So tell me what was your reason”


“I have no reason and even if I have I won’t tell you”


“I can’t believe this…”,Mr Clooney said.


“Now listen to me, prostitute. You are leaving my son alone..Or more like, lets make a deal… I will give you some money and you will leave my son forever”


“Money can’t buy love ma’am. I won’t accept your proposal”


“Okay then let’s do this the hard way…Guards!!”,she shouted and I quickly turned around.


The guards held me tight throwing me insise the car.


I screamed while they drove out. I wish I could see him.


I struggled trying to open the door but it was of no use.


I tried hitting the door harder, “Hey.. .stop it”,I heard one of the guards.


I hit it more but it was of no use. I struggled more till we reached our destination.





It been almost an hour since I left Adria and my parents. I wonder what they are talking about.


I just hope my parents are really accepts her.


I was outside and yo my surprise, I saw Susan.


“What are you doing here?”,I held her arm.


“Let go of me. I’m going to tell your parents about you and nanny”


“Is that why you came here?”


“Yes.. . that’s the main reason why I came here “.


“Well you are late because my parents accepted us… so get out”


She chuckled, “I can’t believe your parents did that”


“Yes they did… get out”


She rolled her eyes leaving. I passed the back of the house seeing my parents staring at me.


I looked around.


“Where is Adria?”


“Oh baby.. . she left”,my mom answered. “So mom… you accept our relationship.”

“Yes.. . sure”,my mom stood up hugging me, “We did”


My dad gave me a faint smile.


“But where is she?”


“I don’t know…come on baby . Let me show you what I bought for u”


“Okay mom”.








Hmm… what’s Alondria hiding.














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