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Thirteen years later




Thirteen years and I missed him so much but it wasn’t worth it . He didn’t care about me, he just left.


I refused to believe his mom threatened him to leave… He could have said goodbye but he didn’t.


I was out of jail… the same day he left… I cried, I got drank and I felt like dying.


I never knew it was this difficult.. .especially when I realised I had his baby…


I was so alone … it was cassy who ran from school to check on me if I’m okay or not.


She had been my side till I delivered to a baby boy. I named him Gabriel …


He had everything he father has… Gabriel was purely his son and they can’t deny that …


When he was three… Darian sent a letter about his apartment that it was mine… and i was just expecting I miss you but I got none.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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I was cool with it .. and as my son starts growing, I told him a lot about his dad…



He was getting use to him… And also when Gabriel was seven, that’s when Gabriel and I saw Darian on the television.. . He had an award for being the great artist. My son was always proud of his dad and always wishes to be with him oneday.


And I was proud of that too… but I don’t know if Darian knows about our son… or maybe he did. His mom has been staring at us for a long time now…


I’m now in Darian’s new apartment … I just want to remember everything we shared together.. . No matter what happened or how mad I was… I ca?n’t forget about him.


I still love him… so much.


“Mom…?”,I heard my son from the sitting room.


I cut the vegetables knowing perfectly well that he had found his dad on the television.


He is thirteen years old now… so intelligent and artistic just like his dad.


“Mom…?”,I heard him again.


I’m coming baby”,I replied and stand at the kitchen door staring at the large flat screen television.


“See… it’s daddy..”,he said with excitment and my heart seemed almost burst into pieces.


I stared at the television, he was wearing an expensive tuxedo suit … It was the ” red carpet “.


You know…. the red carpet for celebrities.. He stood there while he gave the most


beautiful smile. He is hadn’t gone bald or has grown fat.. He is still the same after 13 years.


Then a lady in a red gown wrapped her arms around his neck…



Gabriel chuckled, “Who is that stick?”,he scrowl making me laugh, “I have been seeing her with daddy all the time but daddy isn’t interested, can’t she sees that?”


I doubted that… He was staring at her framing her face giving her that beautiful smile.


“How do you know that baby…”, I asked.


“Can’t you see mom… it’s so obvious..Even though I haven’t met him before .. I think he still have something for you . You love him and he loves you”


I rolled my eyes and he sighed, “If you don’t love him then why aren’t you with someone”


“I’m with someone”,I answered.


“Uhh…. Don’t tell me, it’s the sunshine guy…”




“What… I’m not going to bless your relationship with him because honestly I never liked him”


I kissed his hair, “He is just a friend, baby”,


“He kissed you mom, and you call him your Fri.. …”,I placed my hand on his lips.


“Now listen to me gentleman, go in there and pack your stuffs and get ready for the excursion. Your bus will be ready soon ….”


He wanted to argue but I stopped him, “Go on….”,I said and he stood up and went


to his room.


I switched off the television … and arranged the place then I heard….


“Mom!!!”,he shouted and I quickly moved to his room.



“What’s wrong?”,I asked while he sat in the bed.. . He cold his clothes neatly in his suitcase… it was a three days tourism..


“I can’t find my boxers….”,He talked as if I’m in the same room with with him.


I found the boxers and hand it to him as he looked surprise. I heard the horn of the bus…


I opened my purse giving him money.. .


He smiled and kissed my cheeks, “You are the best mom ever”


“Hurry up baby before you miss the bus..”


“I will miss you mom”


“Me too baby..”,I kissed his hair and he took his suitcase. I waved him goodbye as he blew me a kiss making me smile.


They had a school tourism and he’s been excited to see all the tourist site of Newland.


Now I’m all alone. I hate to be alone… Cassy is now in London studying medicine in the university.


Or maybe I should go out with Derrick, my next door neighbour.. . Gabriel calls him Mr sunshine.


Yea… I could go out with him.


I locked the doors and went to the shower. The water ran down my skin and it felt do good… It’s makes me feel relaxed.


The bathroom had a lot of memories with Darian. I thought leaving in this house would actually made me realise that he left for a reason but ever since I stayed here. I always cried.



I closed my eyes remembering him close to me. He would kiss my bare back which make me shiver then he will kiss my neck.


“Good morning, baby…”,he would say, “Why didn’t you wake me up”


“Because I didn’t want to disturb you”


“Don’t do that ever again”,he would say and sealed my lips with a kiss.


I sat on the floor shedding more tears.


I stood up and wrapped a towel around my chest.


I reached the bedroom and dropped the towel on the floor …


I checked the time and it was evening.. .


The room was dark and I still stood in the dark naked searching for my panties.


Then I heard strange voices and I started feeling scared for the time.


I started to screamed when I a hand covered my mouth.


My eyes widened and I feel as if the person rape me


“Adria. .”,I heard a hoarse voice behind me. I step on his foot and I punch him on jaw switching on the light while I heard him groaned in pain.


“Darian… what are you doing here?”, I asked while he turned staring at my naked body.


I took the towel wrapping it around my waist. “Oh come on, don’t hide from me”,he smiled. I frowned, “Get out of my house Darian!!!” “It’s ours, baby… our house”



“I don’t care …. just get out of here. I don’t want to see you”


“I know we had a lot of things to say but please just help me.. . you are the only person who can help me … please Adria or else I would die.. .”


His hair were tugged on his face which made him looked more s£xy.


“I know that look Adria…”,he whispered.


I chuckled, “I was thinking of someone else ”


“You are not …”


“Get out!!”


“There are a lot of memories, huh..”




“You are mad at me and I understand but everything I did, I did it for u”,he said softly and I ignored him.


“Why are you here?”


“I’m here be cause I need your help”


“Why …”


“Be cause my mom wanted to kill me”.




“We don’t have time, baby. Let’s get out here. I will explain everything later ….”


“okay… let me dress up “,then I heard a doorbell.


“Alondria.. . “,it was Derrick. Darian frowned pulling me by arm to the door.


“What are you doing?”,I asked.


“Tell him to leave or else I will cut down his throat”


“okay…”,I opened the door, “Hi Derrick”


“Yes…are you okay”


“Yes I am”


“I wanted to know if you are ready for the date ”


“No … I’m sorry “,I apologised and he kissed me but I didn’t respond.


I closed the door behind and to my surprise, Darian turned me to face him, his body pinned mine pushing me to the door and he kissed me. .


















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