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Chapter 4 .




By Jennifer Owens






“you’re not human ” he breathed out lowly with a shocked expression. “stiles I… ”


“you’re not human ” he cut me off, panting softly.


I moved closer to him and tried touching him but he flinched.


“don’t touch me ” he yelled and everyone’s gaze fell on him.


I know they can’t see me so now they all think Stiles has gone bonkers. Stiles still didn’t notice everyone’s attention on him as he moved farther from me.


It then occurred to me that he’s freaking out.


“Stiles are you okay ” I heard someone shout behind me and I turned to look at the person.


I looked back to Stiles but couldn’t find him on the spot.


I looked farther and saw him on his heels already close to the gate.


I chuckled and followed him.


He boarded his car and drove off in speed.. He must be going home.


I smiled and appeared in Stiles room which was dark.


The lights were off.


I heard tires screech and I smiled to myself.


The door to his room flew open and he rushed in.


I sat on the bed watching him as he locked the door and closed the windows.


He switched on the lights and screamed, almost jumping out of his skin when he saw me.


I suppressed my laughter and went to to the door, blocking it so he wouldn’t run off “again”.


“Stiles calm down ” I said softly, hoping a soft voice will work. “get away from me ” he demanded and I rolled my eyes. So dramatic!


“Stiles I’m not gonna hurt you, I don’t bite ” I assured him, still at the door.


“what are you “he asked, still trembling.


I sighed and took a step forward and his eyes widened to the point of hilarity.


“don’t come any closer ” he commanded and I took my step back.


“fine! But we have to talk and we can’t do that when you’re freaking out ” I blurted out.


“common I’m still the Inara of yesterday ” I said and he relaxed a bit.


He nodded and I smiled.


I sat on his bed and he hesitated before sitting beside me……..not too close.


“so I’m Inara Sean ” I started.



“I have a brother, Boyce Sean. He’s five and live with my aunt since our parents are dead ” I said and sucked in a breath.


“last year, my parents, brother and I were coming home from a trip” I paused and swallowed hard.


“our car met with an accident and my parents died ” I blurted out and he held a soft expression.


“my brother survived but it took two operations on his leg just above his thigh which sometimes makes him trip cause it buckles ” I sighed. “I died too ” I said and his eyes widened.


“at least that’s what I think but I don’t know ” I blurted out.


“after the accident, I woke up and found myself at the beach. I went home and that’s when I found out that my parents are dead and they say they couldn’t find my body. My aunt Sommer paid for Boyce’s operations and took him in, I tried talking to them but it occurred to me that none of them could hear nor see me “I said and a tear slid down my cheek.


I tried blinking back the tears that welled up in my eyes but couldn’t so I let them rush down freely.


“over a year now, I’ve been looking for someone, a unique person that could hear and see me ” I paused and looked at him with a smile in tears. “and I found you ” I said lowly and softly.


He sighed and pulled me in for a hug but flinched backward and I furrowed my brows at him.


“you’re so cold” he said lowly and I breathed out an “oh”.


“but I’ll still hug you anyway ” he said and hugged me.


I smiled, not wanting to wrap my hands around him so he’d not freeze.


He pulled away and shivered a little making me giggle.


“so you… ” he was saying but trailed off when the door flew open.


“Rikki ” he exclaimed.


“ye it’s me not a robber so don’t freak out ” the Blondie with green eyes pouted.


She’s beautiful but send to be the judgy type.



“you’ve gat to stop opening the godamm door like that ” he seethed and she chuckled.


“no need to be freaky, it’s just me not a ghost ” she remarked and Stiles glanced at me then back at Rikki.


“I’ve missed you freaky pie ” she said and I chuckled at the name he called him.


Stiles is indeed a freaky pie.


No puns intended but yeah he is.


She sat on his lap with her hands around his neck and I almost gagged.


“I missed you too ” he said softly and kissed her.


The kiss got so intense and they started taking off their clothes.


I sighed and left.


I appeared in my aunt’s house to meet aunt Sommer and aunt Gina in the sitting room.


Aunt Sommer is the one my brother lives with and aunt Gina is my other aunt that lives quite faraway.


My brother was seated beside aunt Gina so I sat on another couch.


“so what do you say about it ” aunt Gina asked.


“it’s Boyce’s choice not mine ” aunt Sommer remarked.


“Boyce honey, do you wanna live with your aunt Gina ” aunt Sommer asked.


Wait! What? Aunt Gina wants to take Boyce?.


No way! I mean I don’t even like aunt Gina that much..


She’s kinda odd and I don’t even think Boyce would want to live with her.


“do you Boyce ” aunt Sommer asked.


My brother just sat there, staring at the floor.


“Boyce honey, don’t you wanna live with me? I’ve got a big house too ” aunt Gina said, trying to con Boyce but he didn’t bulge. I wish I could talk to my brother.


“I think we should give him some time to make a choice ” aunt Sommer said and aunt Gina tried to smile but just nodded. Why is she so disappointed?.


“go play out Boyce, common go ” aunt Sommer said and Boyce ran off.


I followed him to his room and watched him lay on his bed.


He opened his drawer and brought out a photo.


I went closer to him so I could see who’s in the photo.


It was a photo of us all, our parents, him and I.


He miss us so much.


I wish he could see me.


I wonder what will be his decision.




I stayed indoor with my brother all day till it was night time.


My brother has gone to sleep and as usual, I laid beside him and watched him sleep.


Boyce woke up the next day, tidied up, ate breakfast and left for school.


I wanted to go meet Stiles but decided against it.


I’m not up to watch their drama.


It’s obvious that Rikki is his girlfriend but I don’t know why I’m so uneasy about it.


I’ll just wait for my brother in his room.


I got up and wandered round the house.


The door bell rang and I went to the sitting room to see who it was.


It was aunt Gina, looking odd than ever.


She came with lots of toys, chocolates and snacks.


To coax my brother into living with her I guess.


Aunt Sommer and Gina exchanged pleasantries and she came in.


“isn’t Boyce back from school ” she asked dropping the stuffs she brought.


“wo! You’re damn serious about him ” aunt Sommer chuckled.


“just a few more mins ” aunt Sommer assured.


“I just hope he agrees to come with me ” aunt Gina said.


Why’s aunt Gina so bent on taking Boyce with her?


I was cut out of my reveries by the door bell.


Boyce and the twins came running in.


They greeted both of them and ran off to their rooms.


Boyce came out mins later and sat on a couch.


“have you decided yet Boyce ” aunt Sommer asked and he nodded.


“so do you wanna go live with aunt Gina ” aunt Sommer asked.


Boyce glanced at aunt Gina who held a big grin then at the twins who stuck out their tongues at him.


OK that’ll give him a good reason to go stay with aunt Gina, no one to bully him.


“yes ” he said lowly.


“thanks ” aunt Gina ruffled his hair and sat him on her laps.


“come let’s go pack your things and leave ” aunt Gina took him and left to his room.


I watched as aunt Gina and Boyce packed up, not knowing whether or not to be happy.


There’s something odd about aunt Gina.


What am I saying? There’s something always odd about her.


Anytime she came to our house, she seem odd.


I always think she practice black magic cause I’ve seen her meditating in a circle in an awkward position with closed eyes. I told mom but she said its just some yoga style.


After aunt Gina and Boyce finished packing up, they left and I followed them.


I sat in the back seat and after hours, we arrived at a beautiful house.


It wasn’t big like ours nor aunt Sommer’s but it’s still beautiful.


We alighted the car and went to the porch.


I stood behind Boyce as aunt Gina opened the door.


I just hope my brother’s life won’t be hell.


I hope he made the right decision.








By Jennifer Owens





Inara the ghost





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