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I moved into my room splashing my vase on the floor. How dare them.


If they aren’t going to help me, then I will do this myself.


I have to see Charlie. He is good with computers and I’m sure he can track where Alondria is.


I took my phone and went out. My parents stared at me and they couldn’t say a thing and I’m glad they didn’t.


Where could my mom hide her? If anything happens to her, I swear… I’m not going to forgive her.


I knocked on the door of Mrs Roberts home. Well that’s Charlie’s home. Mrs Roberts was always good with cookies and I so much love her cookies but that’s not what i needed right now.


“Mrs Roberts… hi”,I said softly and she gave me the most beautiful smile.


“Hi dear … Charlie is inside ”


“Thanks Mrs Roberts”,she opened the wider and moved I moved past her. I went upstairs and buldge into his room.


“Woah.. .just knock next time please”, he sat up on his bed and something under his bed.


“I need your help please “, I said.


“How may i help you”,he stood up lazily from the bed.


“I want you to track where Alondria is”


“Okay…”,he took my phone from me and started doing what he knows best…




I stared at his fast fingers. None of us talk . He moved to his computer and I saw him doing something. I couldn’t belive he actually usr Alondria’s number to track her.



“And we are done bro… what’s your next move bro”, I stared at the computer seeing the red spot on the map.


My Alondria. I’m coming soon.


“My next move is finding Alondria”,I said putting my hands in my pocket. Charlie moved outside as I followed him. To my surprise I saw Harry and Jake. “Don’t tell me, you invited them here, Charlie”


“I’m sorry dude, I think we have to do this together”




“We heard what happened?”,Harry walked closed to me.


“And we are ready to help rescue the love of your life”,Jake continued and I nodded and we entered inside the car.


I was quiet while he hit the road, All I kept thinking was Alondria. Is she okay? Has she eaten? I missed her so much and I really want to see her.


I want to go to the university here and get married to her. At least, the ring will remind me that I love her alone.


I have money but I will make sure to give him a lot of happiness.


“Jake, Jake, wait…. we are here”,Charlie said and i looked around.


This is where Alondria is. In a forest. What is she doing here or did my parents kidnapped her here.


We got out as we wait for Charlie to finish checking out his map on his tablet.



“So what’s the plan?”,Jake asked tying his bandana on his forehead as if he was playing the hero.


“Well I don’t know “,Charlie answered and we walked with the forest till we saw some cottage with two guards there.


“Oh my God, I don’t think we can distract this guys… They are too muscled up”,Jake said softly as we all hid behind a tree checking the guards out.


“Erm…Jake, I think you should distract the guards”


He swallowed hard, ” I don’t think i caaa ..”,then Charlie pushed him as the guards caught the sight of him.


“Go on, Jake”,Harry encouraged.


We stood by the tree watching.


“Hi guys …..”,Jake waved at them.


“This isn’t a playing ground kid… just get out”


“No… I’m not going anywhere. It’s not your land”, he teased


Then I saw one of the guards removing his gun from his backside.


“Now leave kid or else ….”,he warned as Jake sticked his tongue out at them and




I was shocked they chased after him…Quickly Harry and I ran into the cottage.


I saw Alondria tied on her chair. Her hair scattered across her face and she has passed out. Her neck was marked red as if someone had scratched her.


Harry removed the ropes on her legs while I carried her in of arms and we ran out of the forest.


Then I heard gunshots and we all gasped staring at eachother. I can’t believe this.



What happened? Is Jake dead?


We stood by our car patiently waiting for Jake.


He finally came out with his chest soaked with blood and honestly I felt so sorry for him.


I now realised that I really had good friends. I can’t believe they actually risked their life for me.


“They are coming ,let’s go”,He pants and quickly enters the car. We joined and I called Alondria in my arms.


She had passed out. My hand on her face as the car engine starts.


I saw some marks on her shoulder and I slowly opened one button of her dress staring at her br**sts. They were marked too and that’s where I realised that she was either harassed or abused.


I can’t believe this guys were so wicked to do this to her.


I stared at her and framed her face more. Jake was only groaning in pain while Charlie was trying hard to calm him down.


I felt Alondria waking up. She touched my cheeks finally.


“Alondria.. . you are really awake ”


“You saved …me…”,she trailed off.


“Yes… I did “, I framed her face more and she passed out.


We reached the hospital, and the nurses helped with Alondria. Jake was also taken by the nurses.



Many questions are running into my head and she is the only one who could answer me.


my friends and I walked around the hospital waiting for news.


I just pray that my mom isn’t part of Alondria’s kidnapped.


The doctor came to meet is telling me that Alondria was okay but she was asleep.


I moved into her ward… I sat on the bed kissing her temples. I slept close to her.


My hand wrapping on her arm.


She was breathing softly and I stared at her the whole time till I finally fell asleep too.

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it’s actually a tiring day for me.


I felt her hands in my hair and I woke up. I pulled her close.


“I thought it was a dream”,she said softly.


“No… it wasn’t a dream Alondria”, My fingers played with her hair and she touched my cheeks.


“I need to talk to you and I apologised to you about everything I did”


“Tell me please…”,I was so desperate to hear what she has to say.


“First, I’m nineteen years old… I’m not twenty eight years old. I lied about my age”


“Give me a good reason Alondria and I will forgive you “,I said hoping she wasn’t using me for her deeds.


“I lied about my age because I wanted to grow faster. I wanted to protect my little sister, I wanted to be better for her in everything… I want to love her. I want to be her mom… and i want her to count on me everytime. And Darian, your parents are the cause of kidnapping me”





“I just wanted to tell you that you parents are not who they think they are, especially your mom.. Your parents were once poor Darian .. they stole everything from us. And when she found out that I lied about my age and everything, she kidnapped me and made sure I was raped too.”


“What!! mom went too far… this is really horrible but no worries.. . we are going figure this out okay… I will take care of everything and put those men behind bars. No one messes with my girl… ”


“Don’t leave me, Darian”


“I’m not going anywhere baby. I’m right here and I’m glad you are nineteen. You are my sweet little girl now”,And I saw smile forming on her lips.


I kissed her forehead.


“I love you so much Alondria and you don’t know how much I missed you. I thought you were gone because you don’t love me anymore ”


“Shh.. .. I’m not leaving you Darian.”, she sat up placing a light kiss on my lips.


“Now i need you to have enough rest… I need to see my mom and arrest those guards before they escaped”


She nodded smiling, “Please take care baby. I love you”


“Me too”, I answered and kissed her knuckles.




I thought he would hate me for lying to him but it was quiet the opposite.


I didn’t knew he would save me. I lost all hope because I was so maltreated by the guards…


They abuse me, raped me and they made fun of me.


Thank goodness, I was on pill… I’m sure there won’t he pregnancy be cause if there was… I will ruined.


He is going to fight against his parents because of me. I can’t believe this.


I love him do much.


I can’t wait to see the surprise look on Mrs Clooney face.


She has to pay for what she did to my parents .




















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