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Chapter 8


Brian’s POV



“Let me out now” she yelled and held her head. I assumed she was going through pains so I quickly held her but she pushed me away.


“Don’t you dare touch me, you filthy man,why am I here huh?” She asked pacing to and fro as she looked at me.


“Don’t tell me you’re responsible for keeping me hostage,so you’re the one that…..”


I couldn’t let her finish her statement as u covered her mouth.


“Do you think I can do that?” I asked as she shrugged.


“Why not,when you’re capable of killing an old man,who am I,?” She asked, laughing dryly.


“This isn’t the Nicole I used to know, you’ve changed, you’re different” I said as she laughed.


“Oh now you know, just let me go” she said again as……..I injected her with the sedative.



She looked weak……..



Bella’s POV


I sat in Rules room with our baby in my arms. Tears rolled out of my eyes cause the doctor wasn’t sure if he’d make it alive.


Our cute son looked at his father with……. sweet eyes,as I continued to cry.


“Bella,it’s okay” dad said as I cast him a devious look. My mom died at child birth but that doesn’t mean I want to lose my fiance now,I don’t want my son to pass through the hell I went through.


It sucks not to know the person who put you in this world.


“Bella,it’s time to take him back” Mary said , stretching her hands to carry my baby.


I didn’t give him a name,not because I don’t want to, but because Rule is yet to wake up.


“Okay thanks” I replied as she took him and walked out.



Lucas POV


“Just make sure you do it any amount I’ll pay” i told the doctor as he smiled.


I burried Hailey next to mom’s grave since dad’s body was never found.


But right now,I’ve gotten another assassin to do my job and she’ll have Hailey’s face,I really need to scare them.


I’ll use her until her death.


“Boss,there’s an old man outside” a guard said as I looked from the window to see.


“Dad” I muttered as…….he began to walk inside.



Mary’s POV


“Mummy, someone’s here to see you” Monica said from the door as I walked out of the kitchen.


“Who’s it?” I asked as I saw a young lady, maybe older than me but she had class,she looked beautiful and sΒ£xy.


“Am Maria Jose,is Royal in?” She asked, looking at me from head to toe.


“Yeah, Monica go and call your dad” I said as Monica ran upstairs.


“Oh my manners, come in” I said as Royal’s voice stopped me.


“What is she doing here, guards!” He yelled as some guards rushed in.


“Take her away,I don’t want to see her near my wife and daughter not even close to my house” he yelled as the lady flinched.


They ushered her out……as she looked at me scornfully.


“Who’s she?” I asked immediately the door closed.


“She’s nobody,let’s not talk about it” he said but I knew there was something I needed to know.


“Okay,get ready we’re heading to the hospital very soon” I said and he






Love me again





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