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Chapter 15


Mary’s POV


“So who was that?” I asked when he came back.


“Just some business stuff,it was my secretary” he replied. I knew he was lying and it hurt my feelings.



“Secretary? And you left to pick the call?” I asked, folding my hands under my boobs.


“Really,are you doubting me?” He asked,a sign of hurt in his eyes.


“Yeah……I am having doubt and that’s because you chose to put me in the dark” I


yelled fraustratedly.


“Fine,if that’s what you think,so be it” he said and was about walking inside when the gate opened.


“Royal, what’s she doing here,and she’s with Monica” I half yelled and walked towards them.


“Mummy” Monica screamed and hugged me.


“Baby,how was school?” I asked, kissing her cheeks.


“It was fun,miss Maria took me out,to the park” she said, smiling happily.


“Stay away from her, you don’t belong here” I yelled as Maria laughed.


“She’s my daughter not yours so get ready to see me more often.


“Maria, come on let’s talk” Royal said, startling me. Was he really talking to her?


“Royal, don’t talk to her, she’s” he cut me Short as he walked into the house.






Nicole’s POV


“Hey babe” Carl said, walking in.


“Where have you been, was really worried about you” I replied,as he tossed his jacket on the table.


“The meeting took long and we had lunch with the producers” he replied as I nodded.



“Okay,let’s go down for dinner”.



Lucas POV


“Let’s go” I shouted as all the guards got into a van and took off.


Right now, we’re heading to New York,it’s time to show Brian who the master is.


“Hello, our spy’s were killed in cold blood” my informant said as I rolled my eyes.


“Keep on sending spy’s,I don’t care if they all die,that new guy must be finished,I don’t share what’s mine and that’s Nicole” I said and flung the phone.



Nicole’s POV


“Carl I know you don’t like veggies so I prepared a sauce for you instead” I said as Brian continued to go through his phone.


“That’s a bad habit Brian,let go of the phone” I said calmly as he smiled.


“Yeah sorry” he replied and started to eat.


Carl and Brian’s phone began to ring…….as they stood up


“I have to go,the producer just called” Carl said, kissing my lips and walking out while Brian moved closer to me.


“Nicole, he’s not to be trusted, please believe me, Lucas is coming back to New York and I know it’ll be dangerous” he said as I fixed my gaze on his lips.


“Okay…… just be safe” I said as he nodded and walked out.





Love me again


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