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Chapter 9


Bella’s POV


“Miss it’s time to feed him” a nurse said as I carried him.



I’ve been in Rules room since last night and I don’t feel like leaving.


The baby smiled and threw his fists into the air as I laughed.


“Calm down handsome, mummy’s gonna feed you” I said, tickling him.


After feeding him,the nurse took him to his basinet in Rule room.


Come on wake up……I thought, he’s really freaking me out. The doctor said it’s


only by chance he’ll be able to survive but I know he’s a fighter, he’ll make it.


Mary and Royal walked in with some fruits as they threw me a smile.


“How are you feeling” Mary asked, lifting the baby into her arms.


“Shh shhhh” she cooed as Royal looked lovingly at her.


“Am worried,it seems as if he’s not responding to the treatment,I hate to admit this but am gradually losing hope” I said as Mary frowned.


“Don’t say that, he’ll be okay and you’ll have that grand wedding you’ve always wanted” Mary said as I blushed from embarrassment.


I’ve always dreamt of……. having a grand wedding and funny enough Rule has


always been the guy on my mind. “Be….lla, Bell” Rule called slowly as I rushed to


his side.


“Hunny,am here,talk to me” I begged as Royal walked in with the doctor.


“You’re a lucky man,I guess her charm worked for you” the doctor said, referring to me.


“Thanks doc, thanks a bunch” Royal said as I hugged and kissed Rule.



Nicole’s POV


Been in the same house with Brian is doing things to me, things I wish to forget.



I walked round the room………as the door opened.


“Why is he keeping me here?” I asked Real as he walked in.


“Because Lucas is…….after you, he’s going to hurt you once he gets to you” Real


said making me to roll my eyes.


“But why’s dad not coming to see me? Is he dead? Are you hiding something from me?” I screamed as Brian walked in.


“No calm down,he didn’t kill dad,but dad’s busy he can’t be here” real said as I furrowed my brows.


My dad has never neglected me,my needs always came before anything,even his deadly operation but now, I know they’re hiding something important from me.


“Okay I wanna be alone” I said as Real winked at Brian before walking out.


“I said I wanna be alone” I yelled as he smirked and walked closer to me.


“We haven’t really had a conversation since you returned and I really wanna talk to you” he said before sitting on my bed.


“There is nothing to talk about,last I checked your revenge was more important than me, you chose your filthy revenge over daddy’s girl and guess what this daddy’s girl has moved on,she’s happily in love with her boyfriend and is happy with the relationship” I said but he chuckled and moved closer to me.


“Really” he asked looking into my eyes as I looked away.


“Yes, and I mean everything I say” I replied as I saw hurt in his eyes.


“Okay,but you’ll love me again” he said before striding out of the door.


“Arrogant jerk,prick” I yelled and threw my pillow at his retreating figure.


How dare he? If he thinks I’ll fall for him again,he’s dam wrong!!!








Love me again




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