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Chapter 12


Nicole’s POV


I woke up snuggled against Brian’s broad chest. Luckily he was still asleep so I used it as an opportunity to look at his cute face.


I really missed him,and been like this with him was heaven on Earth. He stirred under me as his eyes flew open.


“Hey,” he whispered and kissed my lips. For a while I didn’t kiss him but he pressed my boobs and this brought a moan from me, allowing his tongue to slip in freely.


I kissed him back, like my life depended on it, he moaned and realization hit me. Like you have a boyfriend and you’re kissing your ex? Ridiculous!!!


“Brian, Brian stop it,I need to go” I said, pushing him slightly. “Nicole,I love you please forgive me” he begged and my heart broke.



Seeing him like this was not what I wanted but i can’t go back to him, I just can’t. I came down from the bed and left the room.


Luckily,Carl was still asleep when I walked into my bedroom. I decided to take my bath since am going to visit Bella today.


I just hope, Real comes early. I dressed in a purple dress and a silver flat. “Thank God you’re awake” I said flashing Carl a sweet smile.


“Did you sleep well?” He asked as my heart lept. I just hope he didn’t know I wasn’t in the bedroom.


“Yeah,I did what about you?” I asked fixing my earrings as a knock came through the door.


“Ma’am your brother is here” a maid said as I sighed.


“I’ll be going to…..see my friend, wanna come along?” I asked but he declined.


“Alright bye,see you later” I said, planting a light kiss on his lips.



Brian’s POV


“I don’t care if she has a boyfriend,but she’s mine and I don’t plan to leave her for that guy” I said as the bartender filled my glass.


Just then,I saw the so called Carl walking in with some Russian guys. Yeah I know they’re Russians because of their built and complexion.


“Jace, don’t think he’s clean” I said, gulping the liquor and hitting the cup on the table.


“Yeah, those Russians are drug peddlers, and I think he isn’t clean come on let’s take a look” Jace said as we went through the inner door.


The bouncer knew me so I was allowed to enter,Carl sat on a chair, smoking while some guys stood around him.


“I want her dead” were his words before the lights went off………


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Love me again


By: Donna



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