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Chapter 10


Bella’s POV


Rule was discharged yesterday, only because he insisted and because of his baby.


“Baby…… have you gotten your wedding dress?” Rule teased as he sank Into a


chair with baby Ronald in his arms.


“No not yet Nicole’s gonna do that with me” I replied mixing Ronald’s formula.


“Bella,do you think it’s safe to keep Nicole with Brian?” He asked as I stopped what I was doing.


“Yeah……… she’ll be safe with him, besides they love each other just like how we


love ourselves” I said, placing a wet kiss on his cheeks as he smiled.


“Really,I thought you loved this dude more” he said referring to Ronald.


“Of course I do but………..the love I have for you is unexplainable” I replied as we both chuckled.



Nicole’s POV


I made sure I locked my bedroom door before getting into the shower.


The warm water washed my body…… Brian came into my thoughts. But I


quickly brushed it off… my phone began to buzz. Too bad am in the bath.


I quickly checked my phone……as soon as I came out. It was Carl.



“Hey babe,guess what am in New York come pick me up” he said excitedly as my eyes bulged out.


“What! Which airport?” I asked putting my clothes on… I picked my clothes


and walked out.


“Are you going somewhere” Brian asked sipping his Brandy.


“Yeah…..I need to pick my boyfriend up,I just received a call from him” I replied


before heading to the door.


“Okay, I’ll send some guards to escort you” he said and walked away.


I hurried outside and got into the car. “Take me to…..the airport” I ordered with


smiles written all over my face.



Royal’s POV


We decided to stay in bed after Monica went to school.


“Can I ask you a question?” Mary spoke, kissing my jaw.


“Hmm” i responded. “Who’s Lucas?” She asked as I froze for a while.


“Where did you hear that name from?” I asked looking into her eyes. “Just tell me” she said, looking at me.


“It’s none of your business, just stay away from anyone bearing Lucas” I yelled


walking into the bathroom……


“Yeah keep on hiding it, just like you’re hiding Maria been Monica’s mom” she


screamed back as I heard her leaving the bedroom……




Love me again


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