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By : Jordan Lynden







I shot him a dirty look before zeroing in on the kitchen door. Any moment Kate and Paul would walk through. My front door opened and I tensed, ready for anything. Briefly I thought that maybe they’d bought a refrigerator as a joke, but then realized how ridiculous that was and banished the thought.


When Kate and Paul did walk through the door, what they had with them was not what I was expecting.



At all.


“Rosie,” Chace began, sweeping his arm out to the side. “Meet Jack.”


As if on cue, the golden retriever standing before me barked. My jaw nearly dropped. “You guys… bought me a dog…?”


“Jack,” Paul repeated, grinning at me. “Cute, isn’t he?”


Numbly, I nodded, dropping to my knees in front of the yellow puppy. He stared back at me with wide, amber puppy eyes. “Hi, boy,” I greeted, wrapping my arms around his soft body. “D’aww, you’re so cute! How old is he?”


“Two years. He’s still a little puppy,” Kate cooed, scratching the hound’s silky ears. “He’s incredibly smart though. Knows some cool little tricks.”


I pressed my cheek against his silky coat and nuzzled it. “What in the world drove you three to buy me a two year old dog? Not that I don’t love him already. He’s so cute, aren’t you boy?”


Chace patted Jack on the head. “Well, he’s a special dog. And not just because he awkwardly has the same name as my dad.”


“Special how?”


“He’s a Seeing Eye dog,” Paul blurted out, as if he’d been holding it in for years. “He’s awesome, isn’t he? So young and so smart!”


My eyes widened and I pulled away from him, staring at the three towering over me. “He’s a what?”


“Seeing eye dog,” Kate restated with a smile. “Fitting, huh?”


“How in the world…”


“A lot of online searching,” Chace answered my unspoken question with a laugh. “This guys actually from Texas.”



“He had a long ride here,” Kate continued. “Though it was totally worth it. He’s so adorable!”


I nodded my agreement, finally releasing my grasp on the poor dog. “Jack, shake,” I ordered, holding out my hand.


To my amazement, he placed his paw into my hand.


“He knows play dead too,” Paul mentioned with a chuckle. “He’s very believable.”


“And he can do all the things a, you know, seeing dog can?”


Chace nodded. “Yep. The certificate is at my house… I didn’t ask your parents before adopting him, so…”


“Oh, who cares? He’ll definitely be allowed at my house,” I responded, scratching Jack behind the ears. “You’re a good puppy aren’t you?” I murmured.


“His name is fitting too,” Chace said, resting a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t you think, Rosie?”


I tilted my head at him curiously. “What do you mean?”


“You know. Jack and Rose. From the Titanic.”

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From beside him, Paul erupted into laughter. “Dude! I didn’t even think of that!”


I pursed my lips at Chace. “Very clever.”


He winked back at me. “I know.”


“So you like him?” Kate asked, staring at me expectantly.


I gave her an are-you-stupid look. “Of course I do! He’s adorable! It’s like love at first sight!”


“More like love at last sight,” Paul muttered.







When his comment registered in my head, I laughed, waving my hand in dismissal at Kate, who was about to smack him. “No, no. That’s so very appropriate. Love at last sight… it’s got a nice ring to it. Thank you, guys. Really.”


The trio before smiled back at me. “It’s not problem.”


Suddenly I felt a tug of emotion at my heart. My friends were really the best. “I really love you guys…”


“We love you too, Bud,” Paul replied, slapping me on the back. “Now don’t get sappy.”


I nodded, clearing my throat. “So did you guys think to buy a leash or anything?”


Blank expressions took over all three people’s faces. “Uhh,” Paul hesitated. “No?”


I half-smiled. “Guess I have some shopping to do if I want to keep this pup alive.”




Many hours later, I was situated on a very comfortable leather couch at Chace’s house, clothed in my pajamas. On the cushion next to me lay Jack, curled up in a cute little ball, dead asleep. Chace was on the floor, his t-shirted back resting against my legs. Currently we were watching one of my favorite movies— The Labyrinth. Although it was unspoken, we both knew it was the very last time I was going to see it.


“I never really understood this movie,” Chace commented as the credits rolled. “Did the goblin king fall in love with that thirteen year old girl? Isn’t he like, three hundred?”


Leaning forward, I wrapped my arms around his neck, resting my hands on his chest. “I think it’s kind of romantic.”


Chace lifted his chin so he could give me a look of disbelief, blinking his chocolate colored eyes. “He kidnapped her little brother.”



“Well… yeah… but…”


“You’re messed up,” he commented with a chuckle. “You just have the hots for David Bowie. Or more like his crotch. Those pants, man. They should rename this movie The Spandex.”


I laughed, smacking his chest. “Oh, shut up. This has been one of my favorites since childhood.”


“You’re just weird.”


“Yeah, but you love me.”




I slapped him again. “Chace!”


Laughing, he pried my arms from around him and stood up, grinning down at me. “Just joking, Rosie. Come on. Let’s go to bed. It’s one o’clock in the morning. You almost fell asleep twice during that movie too.”


“Fine,” I agreed reluctantly. “I’ll waste my time sleeping…”


Rolling his eyes, Chace took me by the hand and yanked me off the couch, waking up Jack. “You need sleep, Rosie.”


“I’d rather use my vision while I can.”


His expression softened and his grip on my hand tightened. “I know you want to,


Rose. But your health is important as well. We’ll wake up bright and early, okay?


We’ll go climb a mountain, or something.”


“Climb a mountain?” I echoed, allowing him to tug me to the stairs. “Jack! C’mere boy!”



Chace grimaced as the golden retriever immediately woke up, jumping off the couch and bounding after us. “He can take my place on the couch, but not in my own bed. And yes, a mountain. I can’t think of anything else right now.”


“No, that sounds good,” I commented with a small smile. “Maybe we can see the sunset from it…”


“If that’s what you want.”


“Yeah… I’d like to see that.”


Chace nodded. “Then that’s what we’ll do.” He kicked open the door to his bedroom, not bothering to flick on the overhead light. The moon was casting enough of its glow to bathe the room in light. I climbed into the left side of the bed (since the right was Chace’s— or so he claimed) and patted the edge by my feet so Jack would jump up on it as well.


Sliding in next to me, Chace nodded his approval. “Okay, he can sleep at our feet.”


Once the golden retriever was curled up and comfortable, I turned on my side to look at Chace. “Hey, Chace?”


“Hmm?” he responded, his eyes shining in the moonlight.


“What if I don’t go blind? Like, it was all a mistake. Or my eyes just suddenly got better.”


A slight frown came onto his face. “Rosie…”


“It’s not like I’m expecting it to happen,” I said quickly. “In fact, I think that’s pretty impossible. I’m just saying what if.”


“Well, I won’t say I regret the doctor ever diagnosing you for one thing.”




He raised an eyebrow. “Because we wouldn’t have met…”


I blinked, realizing he was right. Had the doctor not told me I was going blind on that day, I wouldn’t have been near the river, and Chace wouldn’t have tackled me



to the ground and then invited me out on a date. “I guess me going blind is a good thing…”


“Well, it’s not a good thing per se,” he pointed out with a half-smile. “It just has some nice benefits.”


“I hope I don’t go blind,” I whispered.


A pained expression crossed Chace’s face. “Oh, Rosie…”


“I accept that it’s probably going to happen, but you know, I just can’t give up hope.”


Chace nodded, reaching a hand up to my face and cupping my cheek. “Yeah, I


know. We can pray for a miracle.”




“For now, you should get some sleep though,” he said, bringing his face closer and giving me a soft kiss. “No matter what happens, my feelings for you won’t change. Your friends won’t change. Your parents won’t change. Everything will be fine.”


I snuggled closer to him, resting my head on his chest. “Yeah, you’re right. I love you, Chace.”


“I love you too, Rosie.”


It was hard to believe that the man lying next to me now, was one I barely even knew four months ago. It’d felt like it’d been so much longer that— a lifetime longer. “I’m glad I met you,” I murmured. No, I was more than glad. I was thankful. Chace meant more to me than I could’ve ever imagined he would. Chuckling, he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed. “Yeah, I’m glad I met you too.”


That night I dreamt entirely of Chace. His smile, his eyes, his figure… all were etched into my memory. I would never forget them.


Love at last sight… for me, it really was an accurate saying.











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