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By Jordan Lynden✔






My heart clenched— something I was far too used to by now. Just like the hollow feeling of knowing within days my eyesight would be gone. From that point on, my imagination would be all I had. And even that would disappear eventually.


But I knew that.


I accepted that.


“Ah, your eyes…”


Turning my head toward Paul’s voice, I frowned. “What?”


“Can you… can you see right now?” he questioned quietly.



Shaking my head, I smiled slightly. “No… can you tell? Right now, my vision is gone.”


“I mean, it’s not like… What’s it look like?”


“Paul!” I heard Kate chide.


“What? It’s just a question!”


Grinning, I waved my hand in dismissal, hoping that Kate was watching. “Don’t worry about it, I’m totally fine with it. It’s kind of hard to explain though… You’d think not being able to see would mean all you can see is black, right?”


“Right,” Paul responded, sounding interested. “That’s what I thought. It’s not?”


“Nope,” I told him, popping my P . “Like I said, it’s really hard to explain. It’s not really a color… there’s no form or shape. Imagine trying to see through fog… just without the color…”


The only response I received was silence.


I laughed awkwardly. “Never mind. Yeah, I just see black.”


“So you’re a pro at reading Braille now then?” Paul continued, his voice suddenly sounding closer.


I leaned back a little, my head twisting toward the source of his voice. One of the things that would be hard to get used to, was attempting to judge people’s distance from me. “Pretty much. But so is Chace and Kate.”


“I’m probably better than Rose,” Kate commented haughtily.


There was the slight rustle of hair on a coat, so I assumed she’d flipped her hair over her shoulder.


“How come I wasn’t invited in on this Braille thing?” Noah complained loudly.


“Dude, who even are you?” Paul retorted.


“I’m Noah!”



A sudden throb of pain shot through my head and I grimaced, my hands immediately shooting up to my skull. My eyes snapped shut and I clenched my teeth, holding in the groan of pain that threatened to escape my lips. This was another thing I was far too used to; spontaneous headaches. They were getting worse and worse every day.


“Rosie?” It was Chace this time. “Are you okay?”


Opening my eyes, I found I could see once again, and also Chace’s was literally five inches away from my own. Surprised, I jumped, putting distance between us. “I-I’m fine!”


He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing more. “Tell me if you want me to get you


some Aspirin.”


“Yeah, okay.”


Kate caught my gaze and frowned at me, her eyes brimming with concern. “Your headaches… they’ll stop once, you know, you go blind?”


Biting my lip, I shrugged. “I don’t know… and my doctor said he didn’t know either. I’m hoping they do. I mean, they probably will disappear. The only reason they started was because my vision began to fade at a more rapid pace.”


“So what’s going to happen when it’s gone?”


I turned to Paul, raising an eyebrow. “Well, I’ll be blind…”


He scowled. “Aside from that. What about schooling? When do you start your new school for the blind?”


“After winter break,” I responded, mentally adding up the days left in my head.


Just about one week.


“That’s exciting,” he encouraged enthusiastically. “You’ll get to meet new people and make new friends!”


“Here,” Chace interjected, sliding a mug of hot chocolate in front of Paul and then me. “Careful, it’s hot.”



Paul shot him a sarcastic look. “Really? No wonder they call it hot chocolate.”


“I wonder if it would hurt if I poured it on your—”


“Boys,” I interrupted, pursing my lips at Chace. “It’s Christmas. We should all get along.”

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Kate laughed. “This is them getting along, Rose, remember?”


Sighing, I dropped my head and nodded. “I know, but…”


“But nothing,” Paul finished for me. “Me and Chace are pals, right Chace?”


“I guess…”


Seemingly satisfied by Chace’s muttered answer, Paul nodded. “See?”


“But not better friends than him and I,” Noah interjected.


“Shut up, fifth wheel,” Paul snapped.


Shaking my head at Paul, I sipped my drink, wincing as it scalded my tongue. “So why aren’t you guys spending Christmas with your families?”


“Paul and I spent the morning with his family,” Kate told me, resting her chin on her palm as Chace placed a steaming mug in front of her, “and we’re going to my house later for my family Christmas thing, so I thought in the meantime we’d stop by and visit you.”


“And we have to pick up your Christmas present soon,” Paul added excitedly. “Oh my God, I can’t wait—”


“Paul!” Kate cried, kicking her boyfriend under the table. “Shut up!”


Curiosity getting the best at me, I rounded on the grimacing young man. “Christmas present, Paul?”


“Never mind,” he muttered, keeping his eyes glued to the wooden table.


Frowning, I then focused my attention on Chace, who nonchalantly sipped at his


beverage, blinking innocently at me.


“Chace, do you know what it is?”


“Maybe… maybe not.”


“I know what it is!” Noah said excitedly.


“What is it? Where is it? You guys shouldn’t have—”


“You’ll find out soon enough,” Kate interjected, a wide grin appearing on her face.


“In fact, Paul and I should go pick… um, go get it now.” She glanced at her watch,


and jumped up from her chair at the island. “We’ll be back in like twenty minutes.”


“I’m coming with,” Noah announced, standing up. “I have to get home anyway. I just thought I’d stop by and say hi… see ya, Rose.


I waved at him. “Bye. I guess I’ll give you your present later then.”


“Sounds good,” he replied with a nod before dogging Kate and Paul out of my kitchen.



A few moments later I heard their car pulling out of my driveway. Chace and I sat in silence for a couple minutes, just staring at each other and drank our hot chocolates. At some point, I would’ve thought the staring was creep, but recently I’d found myself gawking at Chace quite often. Eventually I stopped trying to hide it and just openly studied his face. If I was going to blind, I was going to make good use of my vision before it was gone completely. Chace didn’t mind either— he’d even started staring back at me.


“You know, nothing’s changed,” Chace spoke finally, the corners of his lips curving up.


I smiled back at him. “Yeah, but your face never gets less interesting.”



He hummed a noncommittal response, drumming the fingers of his left hand on the counter top. “You’re coming to my house tonight, right?”


“Yup,” I responded with a nod. “As long as it’s still okay with you…”


He gave me a flat look. “Of course it’s okay with me. I said I’d be with you to the very last moment, and I meant it. I’d rather stay here, but I think your parents are sick of me.”


“No way,” I said, waving my hand at him offhandedly. “Are you kidding? They love you. And I’d much rather spend more time at your place where they aren’t barging in on us every three seconds.”


“That’s true,” he agreed, grinning. “Oh! I forgot to tell you, but my dad made a dress for you for Christmas. You can have it tonight.”


My eyes widened. “Really?”


“Uh-huh. It’s a summer dress though, so you won’t be able to wear it—”


“Kate’s going to be so jealous,” I interrupted, smiling widely.


“That means I own two things with the Weiss label!”


Chace rolled his eyes. “Okay, this just proves it. You’re dating me to get to my dad.”


“Well, it wasn’t that way in the beginning…”


Reaching over the table, he lightly slapped my wrist. “Rosie.”


“I can’t wait to see it,” I sighed dreamily. “I bet it’s wonderful.”


“It’ll bring out your eyes,” he informed me, squinting his eyes a little as if he were imagining it.


My smile flickered a little. By the time it was warm enough for me to actually wear it, I wouldn’t be able to see. However, instead of letting the thought depress me, I just shook it off. Que será será and all that. “I’ll have to try it on tonight.”


“And I’ll take it off,” Chace added with a wink.


I scoffed, cupping my hands around my hot chocolate. “Boys.”


“Wait until you see your Christmas present,” he said, changing the topic. “I think you’ll love it.”


“What is it?”


He pressed a finger to his lips. “You’ll see.”


“Did you help choose it?”


“Yeah, kind of.”


“Kind of?”


He wagged his finger at me. “I said you’ll see.”


“Was is it expensive?” I questioned, my heart starting to pound a little harder. “Because I swear if you spent a lot of money, I’ll pull out your hair—”


“Rosie, chill,” he laughed. “Multiple people pitched it.”


I gulped. That had to mean it was expensive. “I didn’t buy you anything too expensive,” I muttered, mentally picturing the ducky boxers he’d asked for, and the few other articles of clothing I’d purchased for him. “Chace…” “Just wait.”




And so I waited. Anxiously. My ears were perked, ready for any sound of Kate and Paul returning. Chace watched me with an amused expression, propping his elbows up on the table and resting his chin on his hands. The curiosity was nearly killing me. My foot banged against the base of the counter in a steady beat, matching the pace of my heart. Finally, after what felt like forever, the sound of an engine met my ears.


I immediately jumped off my stole, but made it no more than three steps before Chace’s arms encircled me, effectively halting me. “What?” I demanded, glancing at him from over my shoulder.


“Wait here.”


“I’m impatient—”


“Just wait, Rosie.”


Grumbling under my breath, I crossed my arms, becoming as solid as an ice sculpture. “Fine.”


Chace chuckled, dropping his arms, and stepping around me. “I need to see your face for this.”


I shot him a dirty look before zeroing in on the kitchen door. Any moment Kate and Paul would walk through. My front door opened and I tensed, ready for anything. Briefly I thought that maybe they’d bought a refrigerator as a joke, but then realized how ridiculous that was and banished the thought.


When Kate and Paul did walk through the door, what they had with them was not what I was expecting.











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