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Theme: She’s a good cook



They all ran to the kitchen, and just like expected the gas was on but no sign of Bright.


“Hmm, this smells delicious.” Bayo says sniffing the air, more like taking in the sweet aroma. Bayo walks towards the gas and removes the lid from on top the pot, he takes a spoon and dips it inside the pot and fetch some of the rice, he blows on it to cool it down before placing it on his mouth. “This is really good.” He moans.


“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!.” Bright yells, standing akimbo next to the door, glaring holes into bayo face.


Bayo a little bit startled drops the spoon, the spoon makes a rattling sound as it hits the ground.


“Erm, i… I.. was, like.. you know, helping you check the food, I think it’s burning.” Bayo says nervously.


“Really is it, how come I can’t perceive the burning smell.” Bright asks narrowing her eyes at him.


“Well I don’t know, maybe it hasn’t started smelling yet.” Bayo replies.


“If it hasn’t started smelling yet then how did you know that it was burning.” Bright questions.


“Well i just had this weird feeling that if was burning so I decided to check it.”


“Oh really, and what kind of feeling what’s it and wait did that weird feeling also told you taste my food.”


“Taste, I didn’t taste the food, I.. I..”


“Both of you stop that and you who gave you the permission to cook.” Henry questions cutting short the back and forth exchange going on between Bright and Bayode.


“I don’t think I need your permission to cook, you guys brought me here against my wish, so the least you could do is let me eat good food.” Bright says and



without a glance at Henry goes over to check her food. Henry grumbles and leaves the kitchen.


“Well you can all leave.” Bright says seeing that, Bayode, Zack and Uche still stayed rooted to the floor.


“Wait why do we have to leave, this is our house and our kitchen.” Zack says.


“Oh yeah you’re right, it’s your house, so I’ll leave and you can all stay.” Bright put off the gas and use a napkins to bring down the food.


“Where are you going with the food.” Bayo ask.


“What do you think to my room of course.” She replies in a duh tone.


“But why??.”


“Well because it’s your kitchen.”


“Zack why did you have to say that.” Bayo says accusingly, glaring at Zack.


“Bright there’s no reason for you leave the kitchen, we can share the kitchen with you, besides the jellof rice really scents nice, come on sharing is caring.”


“Too bad I don’t care about any of you to share my jellof rice with you.” Bright snaps.


“Come on the Bible says love your neighbor as yourself.” Uchenna que in, Zack having had enough of the dialougue left the kitchen.


“Well you definitely are not my neighbours.” Bright retorts and walks out of the kitchen.


“Well we can be your neighbors if you want!!!.” Bayo yells after her.


“I’m sorry bro but that ship has long sail.” Uche says, patting bayo on his shoulder.


“But the jellof rice!!!” Bayo cries out in utter dismay.





Bright sits on her room floor munching on her delicious jollof rice.


But her conscience wouldn’t leave her and for some reason she couldn’t stop thinking about bayo’s sad face.


Bright come on the rice is plenty enough for you to share with them. Her inner mind says.


Have you forgotten they got me kidnap and I don’t even know when they’re gonna let me go, i might be stuck with them forever. She replies.


That’s the whole point girl, you’ll be stuck with them, who knows maybe a year or forever and that’s enough reasons for you to be kind to them.


Hmm well I guess you’re right.


I’m always right, stupid.


Just shut up.


Bright went on and serve the guys, jellof rice, except Henry who refused to come down and that’s why against better judgement she’s currently knocking on Henry’s room door with a tray in hand that contains food.


“Yes who is that.” Henry asked scrolling through channels on his t.v.


“It’s me.”


“Me who??.” Henry


“are you dumb or are you trying to be dumb, how wouldn’t you be able to tell from the voice, that is a lady voice, am I not the only girl in this mansion or wait are there other kidnaps victims in this house.”


Henry sighs and wondered what the crazy girl wants, he already made it clear that he didn’twant to eat her stupid food, he groans and stands up from the door and



goes over to open the door forgetting that his shirtless. He opens the door and stares down at Bright.


My oh my, Bright drawls, licking her lip, her hands itching to touch his glorious chest.


“Stop staring and state the reason why you’re knocking on my door.” Henry eyes her and folds his hands on his chest.


“Show spoiler, what’s the reason for having an amazing sculptured chest, if you won’t let women stare at it.” Bright says pouting.


“What do you want.” Henry ask getting impatient.


“Here.” She pushed the tray forward, and henry frowns, holding the tray from falling.


“What’s this.”


“Food.” She says and left him there.


“Phew.” She breaths out once she’s inside her room, Henry glorious glorious amazing s£xy body appears in her head again and she faced palms her face trying to get his s£xy body out of her head.


Bright get a hold of yourself, he is your abductor, he is no good for your soul, despite his look he is bad news. Bad news!!! Jeez I asked you to get closer to them, not to be dreaming about some idiot s£xy body. Her innerself scolds.


Bright sighs and blocks her innerself. She breaths in and then breaths out, she repeats the process three times.


“Great, now that you feel okay, you’re going to go to bed and forget about that body amazing sculptured body of his. Yes that’s what we are going to do.” Bright lies down on her bed and close her eyes, but the disturbing image of Henry s£xy chest keeps on flashing on her mind.



“Ahhhhh, get out, get out of my head.” She yells not so loudly enough to draw the attention of the guys.


She got on her knees and prays to God to take away the disturbing image of Henry in her mind but no matter how much she binds and cast, she still ends up dreaming of Henry and his delicious hotness of a body.




Henry tries to ignore the food but his stomach says otherwise whisperings words like, “oga there’s nothing here, so you better eat.”


Henry groans looking straight at the food, the food stares back at him mockingly.


On a normal day he could go to bed hungry but the scent of the witch’s food keeps on penerating his nose, no matter where he place it. Okay his gotta give her that, she’s a good cook.


He lays down back on the bed, hands crossed on his mid-section, after a while of toture he kicks his legs up on the air in frustration, swore a little bit, then settles down to eat the food.







living with guys


1 Mansion 4 freaking hot guys 1 Girl What could possibly go wrong


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