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Clang, clang, clang. Henry wakes up to a very loud sound coming from downstairs, he got up immediately putting on his shirt, wouldn’t want some crazy girl staring at his chest again.


He rushed out of his bedroom to see a confused bayo, uche and Zack standing outside his room looking as confused as him.


“Guys what’s going on, where’s that sound coming from.” Henry asked.


“We don’t know we were about to come get you so we could know what’s going on.” Bayo says.


“Fine let’s go see what’s happening.” Henry says already having an idea of who’s responsible for the loud noise.


They walk downstairs to see Bright standing up with a gallon in one hand and a mopping stick in another hand.


Well I guess I was right after all. Henry thinks frowning at her.


“What’s the meaning of this early morning isanity.” Henry questions eyeing her from head to toe, all the while still frowning.


“First of all I’m sane, secondly, I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep but we all need to talk.”


“Talk about what.” Uche asked still confused.


“I can’t tell you guys, if we are all standing here, can I??” She questions.



They all file out into the living room and takes their sits and waits curiously for Bright to state her business but Bright chosed to ignore their stares and admires the living room in awe.


“Wow the sitting room is so beautiful and the t.v it’s so enmorous, it would be so good for watching movie.” She utters and hugs the t.v patting it.


“Are you going to continue patting the t.v or will you say what you want to say, so I can go back to sleep.” Zack complains. Bright ignores him and goes over to the marble center table and use her hands to rubs the smooth face of the table. Wow this is so smooth. Bright thinks admiring.


“This is stupid.” Henry mutters loud enough for everyone to hear, getting the attention of Bright.


“Okay fine, since everyone is sitted, I’ll start.” She says.


“First thing first for how long do you guys intend to keep me here.” She questions.


“Considering the fact that you I’ve seen all our faces, then I’ll say for a really long time.” Zack answers.


“Okay I see, if you guys would want to keep me here then we all have to come to an agreement.” She says, and the guys share a terrified look.


Oh God, what agreement is she talking about. Henry thinks, grimacing at the thought of whatever she had planned.


“first I would love to let you guys know, that I’m not afraid of you all, so is either you agree to my terms or there will be war in this house.” Bright says glaring at each of them.


“Okay is it bad for me to say that I’m totally afraid of her.” Uche says, looking at the others.


“Nope it’s totally normal.” Zack replies.



“You do know we are guys right, four guys and you are just one girl.” Henry state flatly.


“Yeah like what can you possibly do to me. If you threaten me, it would only pass through my ears and if you beat me, it will only destroy my physical body and I’m use to physical pain. And if you kill me then you’ll be doing me a favour because I’ve been wishing to die for so long, that’s what happens when you have poor parents and growing up in a country like Nigeria.”


They all looked at her like she’s gone crazy, who in his or her right senses would ever wish to die.


Uche licked his lips and says, “what if we rape you.”


Bright answers him in a very menacing tone unblinking, “if you rape me then I’ll advice you kill me cause if you don’t, I’ll chop of your balls and feed it to you before I smash your brain and then probably feed your brain to the dogs.”


“Henry!! Please save me from this demented witch.” Uche yells and goes over to sit next to Henry.


“Seriously uche, you have pointed guns at the head of men that even bigger than you and you’re afraid of her, do you know what girl, just go on with your talk.”


“Great, now where was I, yeah we all have to come to an agreement, if I’m going to be living in this house and by staying I mean being comfortable. First of all, I need you guys to allow me in the sitting room and I can be given freedom to take a walk in the compound.” She paused and let whatever she says sinks in.


The guys shares s look, taking in a silent agreement. “Okay, what else.” Henry asked in a bored tone.


“Secondly, I’m tired of eating mama bisi tasteless food.”


“So..” Zack drawls dramatically.


“You, guys ate my food yesterday right??.”



“Yeah we did.” Henry answers eyeing Bright suspiciously, thinking, what’s she up to now.


“Exactly so instead of you giving me that tasteless mama bisi food, I could cook and I can also share it with you guys.”


“That is a great idea!!.” Bayo yells out happily.


“No is not, Bayo, who’s going to get the food stuff, you.” Zack says glaring holes into Bayo senseless brain.


Bayo frowns a little before remembering a little detail Zack forgot.


“Bright how did you get the food stuff you used in cooking yesterday.” Bayo asked and Henry cursed his self for not asking that question yesterday, when he saw a damn pot on fire.


“Emeka.” Bright answers simply.


“What!!” They all exclaimed, mouth agape.


“I guess we should send Emeka then.” Bayo suggested breaking the silence that was expanding and the rest of the guys all turns and look at him.


“What?.” Bayo asked, shrugging his shoulder. “I’ll go and call Emeka.” He stands up ignoring the stares giving to him by the rest and goes out of the living room to call Emeka and comes back with Emeka.


Emeka avoids the stares of his bosses, shifting from one leg to another nervously.


“Emeka why did you buy those food stuff for her without our permission.” Henry asks glaring at the poor gate man.


“Is that the question you should be asking him Henry, besides he didn’t do anything wrong, come, Emeka can you go to the market and but some food stuff.” Bayo asks and Henry felt like punching him.



“No sir ooo, you see the food stuff I brought the last time was from the small shop wey dey down the street, oga me I’m a man na, and in my place men don’t go to the market.”


“Well since nobody can go to the market, girl. It means you have to keep eating what you have been eating.” Henry says.


Bright would have love to reply him with. I’m not a girl you idiot. But she had other plans in mind, so that could wait.


“I could go.” Bright voiced out and everywhere became quiet all of a sudden as they all stare at her.









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