Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Theme: Back to Nigeria

Bright stared out the window, she can’t believe she’s back to Nigeria, after five years of staying in Ghana, though there’s really no reason she left her country in the first place. Both her and her mum just falls into the category of people that just got tired of Nigeria and then decides to live.


Living in another country made her realize, Nigeria is not all bad, for example everything in Ghana is really expensive and the things in Nigeria are less expensive. That’s one of the reasons she had to come back home to her Homeland. She had to come back home because of her waec, in Ghana the fees for waec is 3000 cedis (300 hundred thousand naira) and here in Nigeria it’s 50 thousand naira. She’s not that crazy to spend such amount of money on a stupid exam.


“Jesus.” Lots of people in the bus screamed when the rickety yellow danfo bus yet again hit another pothole, half of the passenger in the bus yells at the bus driver to drive carefully, the driver retorts by telling them to go meet President Buhari to do the road.


“Oya stop this bus now.” A gruffy voice yells using a long stick to hit the bus. Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias




“Oga officer take am easy oo, you wan spoil my bus, I no care if you be immigration officer oo, you go pay if you spoil am.” The driver yells at the short



dark man who with no doubt look like he was a fair man before but this Nigeria sun has gifted him with another sun colour.


“Shut up, na me you dey talk to like dat, you wan make I seize your bus, idiot.” The driver didn’t reply probably afraid of his only means of money taken away.


“Oya three of you, come down from this bus na. Ehn yes you come down. Shebi na una dey do prostitution for Togo, na una wey dey spoil Nigeria name anyhow, God don’t catch all of una today, oya come down fast fast.”


The three girls the immigration officer pointed came down quickly protesting they were not prostitute.


“Just see the way you dress, how dey no go think say you be prostitute.” The driver who’s obviously annoyed by the delay, comments on one of the girls dressing.


“Wetin do my dress, you no go mind your business.” The dark skin girl retorts.


It took a little bit of restraints to hold Bright from knocking some sense into the girls head, Bright looks at her from head to toe, taking in her dress, a black singlet, an underwear tight, with no bra underneath her singlet showcasing her nipples for the world to see.


And the idiot said there’s nothing wrong with her dress and to think that she wore such dress all the way from Togo, hmm what’s wrong with girls these days. Bright thinks.


After a little while of back and forth argument, the three girls got bundled into the immigration officer’s Hilux Van after refusing to pay sum of fifty thousand naira each.


Ahh Nigerian and corruption. Bright thinks shaking her head in disappointment at the display of corruption.


“I sure say they get information from border.” An old lady who’s likely to be a Yoruba lady, dressed in a local attire state and almost every other person in the bus agrees with her.



“Of course na, u no see the way the officer just come point the three of them at once, he no even look another person face.” Another lady at the back of the bus agrees with the old lady.


“But children of nowadays are something else, just look at the way the black girl was dress, singlet! With no bra! Chai.” Another woman dressed in an office attire says with uttermost disgust.


“Abeg leave that one na the parent you go blame, if they train the pikin well she no go end up like dat.” The old woman who had spoken before made a comment on the matter.


“Mama it’s not every time the parents are at fault, sometimes the parents would talk and talk but the useless children will never listen.” The English speaking lady argues back and the debates begin, with different passenger throwing in a word of two, Bright tried to keep up with the debates but soon enough she fell asleep, dreaming of fufu and oha soup, oh how she misses the Nigerian local dishes. *








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