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Bright wakes up the next morning, she smiles on seeing Henry, she trace his handsome face with her fingers and Henry moves a little and then opens his eyes.


“Good morning my beautiful fiancee.” Henry says smiling and gave her wet kiss on her cheeks.


“Good morning love.” Bright replies his greeting.


“Oh my God I think my heart is gonna burst. Say it again, come on say it.” Henry says behaving like a little kids.


“Love! Love! Love! Love! Love!” Bright sings, placing kisses on his face.


“I still can’t believe you’re right here with me.”


“Well you better believe it cause I’m not going anywhere.” Bright says smiling happily at him, and stands up from the bed.


“Where are you going to.” Henry asked her sitting up on the bed.


“To brush my teeth.” Bright says and walks into the bathroom, once she was done she walks out of the bathroom and heads straight to her room door.


“Where are you going, I thought you only wanted to brush your teeth.”


“I’m going to make breakfast, dummy.” Bright replies.


“Come on forget breakfast and stay in bed with me.” Henry says tapping the empty space next to him on the bed.


“Yeah, and have bayo raining knocks on the door or have my stomach grumbling bescause of food, I’m not gonna let any of that happen.” Bright says, she blows him a kiss and walks out of the room leaving a frowning Henry alone in the room.


Bright heads downstairs and made breakfast, once she was done cooking, she placed the food on the dinning table and then use her favorite megaphone to call the guys down.


“Oh how I miss that sound.” Uche says walking into the dinning room.


“Yeah I miss waking up to the sweet scent of food.” Bayo says.


“And I miss the person responsible for it.” Zack adds and takes his seat.


“Zack stop missing my fiancee.” Henry says and giving Bright a quick kiss on the lips.


“Are you jealous.” Bright asked.


“Yeah I am jealous.” Henry says and gives her another kiss before going to sit in the dinning table.


“Hmm, I think I should go and get my own girlfriend, so that a certain someone wouldn’t think I want to steal his girlfriend.” Zack comments, eating from his plate of portage yam.


“Even if you try, you won’t be able to steal her, because my baby has only eyes for me.” Henry smirks at him and Bright laughs a little before heading back to the kitchen.



Bright walks into the kitchen and goes to open the refrigerator, she mutters unheard words when she couldn’t find the leftover pizza she left in it. She stares at fridge confused, frowning and decides to search it again but still no sign of the pizza.


“Erm, guys. I left about three slice of pizza in the fridge but I can’t find it.” Bright says walking into the dinning room.


“Uhm I ate it.” Bayo says in a small voice.


“You did what.” Bright asked him.


“I ate it.” Bayo answers.


“You mean to tell me that you ate the pizza I kept in the freezer.” Bright asks drawing closer to him.


“Guy run.” Zack whispers, standing up, so he could pass.


“Yeah I ate it.” Bayo says leaving the dinning table.


“Oh I see, so I kept leftover pizza in the fridge and you decide to eat it.” Bright questions, picking up a spoon and then throws it at him.


“Bright, I swear, I didn’t know you will still want to eat it.” Bayo utters running away, from the dinning room and into the sitting room.


“You didn’t know, YOU DIDN’T KNOW I WAS STILL GOING TO EAT IT, OYA TELL ME WHY WOULD I PUT THE PIZZA IN THE REFRIGERATOR IF I DIDN’T WANT TO EAT IT, TELL ME!!!!!!!.” Bright yells angrily chasing him around the sitting room.


“NO, YES, I GUESS, I DON’T KNOW.” Bayo yells confused at the same time running around the sitting room.


“Oh you don’t know abi, wait there, stand there I’m coming right back.” Bright orders and left the sitting room.



“Bayo what are you still doing, run!!.’ Uche yells at bayo and bayo quickly takes his food from the dinning table and runs out of the sitting room.


“Where is he, where the hell is he.” Bright asks running into the sitting room with a pestle.


“I don’t know maybe in his room.” Zack replies.


“How dare he run away, I literally told him not to move an inch, wait a minute, he took his food, who told him he could eat my pizza and still eat. Ahhhhh his so dead when I catch him.” Bright yells and runs out of the living room.


“Wow good luck having her as your wife.” Zack comments and Henry glares at him.


“Ohh our boy is so far gone in love.” Uche cooes.




“BAYO OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW.” Bright yells pounding on bayo room door.


“No I won’t do that, I don’t want to be killed by you.” Bayo answers frighten standing in the middle of the room.


“Then get prepared to turn that room into your house cause I’m not leaving here, and oh that means you won’t get to eat this afternoon and in the evening.” Bright says smirking.


“Erm Bright what if we come to an agreement.” Bayo asks nervously.


“Okay go on I’m listening.” Bright says tapping her foot on the floor.


“I could buy you pizza to replace the one I ate.”


“Hmm okay, I want three box of pizza and oh also get me an hotdog, I’ve been wanting to eat that all my life.”



“Okay, then is it a deal.” Bayo asks.


“It can’t be a deal if you’re holed up in your room.” Bright says and a nervous bayo pokes his head out of his room door before coming out fully.




“Fine yeah it’s a deal but that does not mean I can’t do this.” Bright says and kicks him on his leg before walking away.


“Ouch, seriously.” Bayo yells holding unto his leg.


Bright blows him a kiss before walking back to the sitting room.


“And the crazy girl is back.” Uche mutters.










Okay guys this might be the only episode I’ll post today, I’m not even supposed to post today cause I’m down with fever. But I just felt like posting 1 episode, so I might post again depending on how I feel later on.






Living With Guys


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