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Henry eyes flutters open, he groans


while standing up from the bed, he had this feeling that something was missing but he couldn’t point out what it is. He sighs and walks into the bathroom to brush his teeth.


Once he was done with his morning routine he walks downstairs. Henry walks into the sitting room to see Bayo, Zack and Uche, sitting around the sitting room, looking so sad, he frowns at them, wondering what’s wrong with them.


“Guys why are you like this.” Henry asks still frowning.


“Don’t tell me you don’t know why we are sad.” Zack asks, eyeing him.


“Of course I don’t, see I don’t have time for this, where’s bright, is she not cooking this morning, cause I can’t perceive anything. Oh please don’t tell me she’s up to something again. I’ve…..”



“Henry snap out it, Bright is gone, she left yesterday morning remember.” Zack says.


“What do you…, oh yeah I forgot, she’s gone.” Henry heart drops and he remembers what was missing this morning, her crazy way of waking them up.


He sighs and plopped down on one of the couch in the living room and then buries his face in his hand.


“We all miss her too, Henry.” Zack says patting him on the back.


“Yeah, the house feels weird without her, like it’s kind of weird that I wouldn’t mind her waking me up with a loud megaphone or using a pestle to chase me around this f**king house.” Uche utters.


“It’s not weird uche, I see Bright as s family now, like she’s that crazy little sister I never had(chuckle), do you guys remember when she used red paint to design my face, I freaking took that face outside for a morning jog, I can still remember the way our neighbors kept on laughing whenever they saw me and now I wouldn’t really mind having her paint my face again.” Zack says and laughs a little.


“Yeah for a kidnapped victim, she troubled our soul and became the boss, I miss waking up to delicious breakfast.” Bayo says next.


“Yeah she really was the boss and Uche are you going to tell me how she made you sweep the entire compound for a week.” Henry asked.


“Oh that’s because she threatened to tell your he had a hand in the the disappearance of your favorite black sleeve shirt, you know the one you love so much.” Bayo blurts out and Uche glares at him.


“Uche you what!!” Henry growls at him.


“Uhm guys I think we are moving away from the topic here.” Uche says in a small voice.



“No you’re the one moving from the topic, now tell me where’s my shirt, I f**king ask you about that shirt and you told me you knew nothing about it.”


“Well that’s because I didn’t feel like dying then.” Uche replies standing up from where his sitting as an angry Henry walks over to him in heavy step.


“Well now you’re gonna die, ouch that’s exactly what Bright would say, every f**king thing I say or do remember me of her, I f**king miss her.” Henry exclaims and sits back on the couch, forgetting about uche and his favorite shirt. He rubs his palm on his sad face and lowers his head in his palm.


“Guys I’ve been thinking, what if we stop this life of crime, Bright is right about one thing two wrongs can’t make it right.” Henry says raising his head up.


“Yeah you’re right, we should quit from this life of crime and do something meaningful with our life.”Zack says.


“What are you suggesting.” Henry asked.


“I say we use the money we have made so far and start a real business.” Zack answers.


“Great I love it, Uche, bayo are you in.” Henry asked them turning his attention on them.


“I’m in.” Uche says.


“I’m in.” Bayo says.


“Then we are doing this, well I guess now we are giving up our life of crime you can finally dump Barbie face.”


“Yep I can.”




Mummy Bright walks into her house and sees her daughter sitting in front of the TV, one would think she’s watching it but she knew better than to think her child is



interested in the TV. She sighs and walks over to her daughter and placed a hand on her daughter shoulder jolting her out of her reverie.


“Ahh mum you scared me, i didn’t hear you come in.” Bright utters.


“Why would you hear me come in when you’re to busy been sad.”


“Mum I’m not sad.”


“Bright that’s what you always say, there’s nothing wrong with you but since you came back yesterday all you’ve been doing is to brood around this house, the daughter i know isn’t a sadist. Bright I’m your mother, talk to me, if you don’t talk to me, who else would you talk to. Bright tell me what’s bothering you?” Mummy Bright says and sits next to her child.


“Mummy I’ve told you, there’s nothing wrong with me, I think I’ll take a walk. I’ll be back before evening.” Bright says and walks out of the house.




Bright could be seen in a football field, her eyes is focused on the match but her mind wasn’t there, infact she had no idea of what’s going on around her. She knew she’s supposed to be happy, at least that’s what everybody expect from a kidnapped victim but she can’t be happy, she missed them, she missed him.


Bright wipes a stray tear from her face but the more she wipes the more the tears comes pouring down and soon enough she got tired of wiping the tears away, so she let them fall. She let every single tears she’s been holding in fall, she felt miserable and stupid for falling in love with a man who’s her abductor, a man she barely knows.


I don’t think it’s barely, if you know his favorite food is fried yam and egg stew or if you knew he hates been waking up from sleep, or that he love…


Fine I get you now shut up. She growls at her subconsciousness and blocks her out. She sighs and wipes the tears away from her face and then stands up from the bench. Luckily for her no one recognized her cause of her hoodie, she’s pretty popular in the neighborhood and she wouldn’t want people clustering around her.



Bright dust her skirt and walks back to her house, as she heads back home she saw about four police men standing right in front of of her compound with her mom, on seeing the police men she turns around immediately and heads the other way but she wasn’t so lucky at escaping as one of the police men spots her.


“Stop right there ma’am.” The police officer calls out and Bright stops right in her track.


“Yes officer, what can I do for you.” She asks putting on a fake smile.


“I’m afraid, you would have to come to the station with us.”









Living With Guys


1 Mansion 4 freaking hot Guys 1 Girl What could possibly go wrong


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