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“Sir I told you, I never saw their faces, okay. I was locked up in a room, and whenever they wanted to serve me food, they would always wear a mask on.” Bright says to Inspector David who traveled all the way from Nigeria to interrogate her.


“Bright I get it, you’re afraid, that if you reveal who they are, they will come after you, but you have nothing to fear cause the police is here to protect you, you have absolutely nothing to fear.” Inspector David says and tries to touch her hand, only for Bright to pull her hand back and then frown at him.


“Sir I told you already, i can’t give you any information regarding my abductor, and the reason is because I don’t have any information regarding them.” Bright insisted refusing to change her statement.


“Bright did they do anything to you like beat you up or rape…..”


“They would never do a thing like that okay, so stop assuming stuff that aren’t true!!!.” Bright yells at the detective using her hand to hit the desk, angered by his words.


“You talk like you know them on personal basic, not to say you don’t look like a person that was kidnapped.” Inspector David says shrewdly, watching her closely.


“You know what, I think this interrogation is over, I’ll take my leave now, I believe is my right as a person.” Bright announce standing up.


“Yes of course, here’s my card miss Bright, you can call me if you have any information or get back your memory.” The inspector says, stretching forth his card.


“I never said I lost my memory, inspector.” Bright utters harshly and takes the card from him.


Bright walks out of the stations muttering words unheard, she had never felt so angry in her life before. How dare the inspector used such words on the guys, they would never do a thing like that to her, never.



“BRIGHT!!!!!!!!.” A voice yells and Bright turns around only to see her best friend running towards her with a huge stick in her hand, Bright immediately starts running screaming for her friend to stop chasing her.


“TELL ME WHY SHOULD I STOP, EHN, JUST KNOW THAT TODAY YOU’RE DEAD MEAT, I’LL KILL YOU.” Regina yells running after Bright, chasing her around the police station.


“Regina drop that stick oh, I just got released by my abductors oo, why do you want to kill me, when I I just escaped death.” Bright stops for a while breathing in and out.


“That’s the problem, do you know what’s like to find out that you’re back from my neighbours, I’m your best friend, mark my words Bright, you’ll die today, mati (understand).”


“Daabi, Mente ase3 (No, I don’t understand) Bright replies frowning.


“Ehn you don’t understand okay, gyina ho (stand there).” Regina says and resume chasing Bright.


“Mepa wo kyew, mesre wo (pleading), I’m tired.” Bright pleaded with her best friend and they both stop running and sit down on the floor next to each other and then they started laughing together.


“Why are you laughing.” Regina ask.


“You why are you laughing.” Bright asks her back.


“I don’t know because I’m sitting next to a mad woman.” Regina replies.


“Well that equally makes you a mad woman.” Bright retorts.


“But seriously girl you don’t look like someone who got kidnapped oo, look at the way you’re looking more fresh than me that’s at home, stand up let me treat you to some waakye then you’ll tell me everything.”



“Ah you know me so well, can you believe that inspector that interrogate me couldn’t even buy me at least bofrot (Ghana doughnut) and with ice kenkey(a drink made with corn).”


“Ah you’re really my friend, hmm Bright the foodie.” Regina exclaims and leads Bright to a popular waakye(rice and beans) joint in the area.


“Ah naija e be you be dat.”


“Mammy Serwa, e be me be this oo, you for know say, me I no get any counterfeit, I be the only onrignal one”


“Ah Naija, you for see the way I dey weep for on top your matter.”


“Hmm, make I hear, you mummy serwa, cry for me, abeg leave dat matter, give me weche 2 cedis 50 peswa, cabbage 1cedis and fry fish 1 cedis, put enough shito na, ah mammy serwa why you go dey do like dat, add more shito, e be my friend go pay na.”


“Bright this is the amount you asked for, why should I add more than the money you’ll pay.” Mammy serwa says eyeing her.


“Erm mammy, make you give her anything she want, I’ll pay.” The guy standing beside Bright says.


“Really you’ll pay ah thank you, what about my friend own will you pay for her too.” Bright asked.


“Yes why not, I’ll pay I have money.”


“Okay in that case Regina collect your food first.” Bright requested and Regina smile knowing what her friend is up to.


“It’s that all you want regi.”


“Yes that’s all, Bright don’t finish this guy’s money oo, I beg you.” Regina whispers the last part in Bright ears, Bright only smiled at her friend and began to order.



“Mammy serwa make the rice 6 cedis, then add 3 cedis cabbage with fry fish 4 cedis and I think I’ll have wele(cow hide) 2 cedis then add one cook egg, wait you even have chicken, give me chicken lap 4 cedis, I can see you have zobolo also, oya give me two bottles, erm Regina are you sure you don’t want any other thing.” Bright asked her friend, regi shakes her head signifying a no.


Mammy serwa laughs at the shocked face of the guy who offered to pay Bright food, everyone who knows Bright, knows better than to offer to pay for her food.


“Erm mammy you for calculate my bill give an to this fine generous man wey dey here so ehn, chale thank you.” Bright says and takes the nylon containing her food and walks away, leaving the guy staring at her shocked.


“Erm Sister! Sister! Mepa wo kyew twen (please wait).” The guy from the waakye joint yells after Bright.


“Yes brother how can I help you.” Bright asked the man folding her hand below her chest.


“My name is Kwaku Yaw, I was the one that paid for your food.”


“So what now happened.”


“You see I was wondering if you could give me your number, I’ll love to be your friend.”


“Friend ni, friend ko, look at me if you think is bescause you paid for my bills that’s why I would give you my number then your name is sorry, tell me did I send you, did I come and beg you to pay for my food, now let me warn you if you love your life then don’t come even an inch closer to me or else I’ll show you how crazy I can be.” Bright glares at the guy before walking away.


“Oh sister, you for no do this kind thing, oh.” Kwaku yells after thinking of the amount of money he just spent on a food he won’t eat and to top it all the girl he brought it for didn’t even give him her number.


“Sister your self there.” Bright yells back at him.


“Ah Bright you’re wicked oo, only for just waakye 6 cedis, you went ahead and brought chicken, fish, wele, egg, ah you’re wicked.” Regina exclaims.


“If you keep up with that attitude you won’t get to taste any of it.” Bright replies her back.


“You’ll eat in front of me and I won’t join, I’ll advice you to get ready to eat in the toilet.” Regina retorts.


“Ah, I miss you sis.”


“I miss you too, but you still have to gist me what happened to you when you were kidnapped.”


“Of course I’ll, I’ll download everything for you, let’s go home first.”




“Henry my love, I came as soon as you called, what’s the problem.” Bella comes rushing into the mansion and hugs Henry immediately.


“Erm Henry will be leaving, make sure you sort it out, ehn.” Zack says standing up and drags uche and bayo along with him.


“Henry I’m here now what’s so important you want to discuss with me.” Bella asks and goes over to the chair to sit down.


“Bella I thought you were still in Port Harcourt and the fashion show doesn’t end till tomorrow .” Henry asked.


“Well you called me remember and I had to rush over to find out what you wanted to say.” Bella says.


“Well you shouldn’t have left the show cause want I want to say might be important to me but to you I don’t think it will be that important, I’m not even sure



you’ll like to hear what I want to tell you.”Henry says frowning, he wasn’t prepared for this not even a tiny bit.


“Just tell me already, you’re scaring me.” Bella says now a little but frightened.


“Well Bella I want to end this relationship.” Henry says calmly his eyes on anything but her.


“What relationship are you talking about.” Bella asks, trying to be oblivious of what Henry is saying.


“Our relationship, the one between us.”


“Henry after five years of being together, you want to call of our relationship, that is not possible.” Bella yells at him.


“Bella I’m sorry, deeply sorry but I don’t love you anymore.” Henry pleaded.


“Well I’ll advice you start resurrecting that feeling of love you once had for me, cause I’m pregnant.”


“And Henry has just scored a Goal!!!!!!!!.” Bayo yells from behind the sitting room door, Henry turns and glare at the door as if bayo was standing in front it.


“Bella repeat what you said just now.”


“Oga you heard me well but if you want me to say it in capital letters then fine I’ll do it. I AM PREGNANT FOR YOU!!.”






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