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Bayo wakes up in the morning to a nice aroma, he sits on his bed confuse, wondering who’s cooking.


This house hasn’t scent like this since Bright left. Bayo thinks climbing down the stairs. He walks straight to the kitchen only to get the surprise of his life.


“Bright!!.” He utters surprise.


“Yes, hey bayo just give me one minute and food will be ready.” Bright says casually.


“Bright!! You’re here, in the kitchen, cooking!!.” Bayo exclaims.


“Yeah I know.”


“I’m I dreaming, how is this possible.” Bayo asked still surprise.


“First of all I assure you you’re not dreaming, and secondly it’s possible because I took a flight back here to Nigeria, booked a hotel room because it was late in the



night and then finally this morning I’m here, cooking.” She smiles at him and stir the egg stew she’s cooking.


“Wow you’re really here, like you came back, God this is so amazing.” Bayo yells and carries Bright up in his arms and then turns her around.


“Bayo for the love of God keep me down, and help me set the plates on the dinning table.” Bright says laughing out.


“Of course I will, Bright I missed you and your food so much.” Bayo says and drops her down, before helping her to set the dinning table.


“All done Bright.” He announced walking back into the kitchen.


“Great this glass pots here contains fried yam and egg sauce for you guys, so you can take it to the dinning table and call Zack and Uche, I’ll be taking this to Henry.” She says cheerfully inside of her rumbles with excitement.


“Well okay, you’ll find him in your room.” Bayo informs her.


“Why would he be in my room.” Bright asked puzzled.


“Well I don’t know maybe because he miss you.” Or because a pregnant Bella is in his room. Bayo thinks he didn’t want to be the one to break that news to Bright, nope his not doing that.


Bright looks at him weirdly before heading to her room, she opens the door and just liked bayo said Henry is indeed in her room, hugging the pillow really close to his chest. She smiles at the sight, her heart bursting with love, she sighs happily and place the tray in her hand on the bedside drawer. She sits on the bed and watch his handsome face closely.


Henry felt it in his sleep that he was being watched so he opened his eyes, only to stare right at Bright, he sits up in surprise and blinks his eyes all the while staring at Bright.



“Oh Henry I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up, but I couldn’t just resist the urge to take in your handsome face but anyway since you’re awake, I’ll serve you your food now.” Bright says and tries standing up from the bed only to be stopped by Henry’s firm hands.


“Bright you, you’re here.” Henry stutters looking at her shocked.


“Yeah I know that.” Bright answers shrugging her shoulders casually.


“But, but how is this possible.”


“Oh seriously what is wrong with you and bayo, it’s possible because I took a plane from Ghana to Nigeria and by the way you’re owing my mum some money, I don really know how much but I’ll have to call her…. Henry what are you doing.” Bright asked bewildered as Henry hugs her tightly.


“I’m hugging you, and to say you really feel real, this is not a dream right? Like you really are here, you really cane back, right?.” Henry utters getting emotional.


“Of course this is not a dream, and yeah I really came back.” She says hugging him back.


Henry separates from her and stares into her eyes, those beautiful eyes that hunts his dream every blessed day for the past seven month, his eyes travels down to her lips, those irresistable lips that fills his thought every single hour. Bright noticed him staring at his lips and her breath hitched up a notch, her stomach rumbles in excitement, and then in a gruff voice she says, “just kiss me already Henry.”


Those simple words, was all it took for Henry to kiss her, his lips crash against hers and her lips parted open welcoming him in, their tongue entwined hungrily, wanting more of each other, flames and excitement burst in her chest as she lose herself in his kiss.


His mouth left hers and starts to roam…., Sucking her earlobe, biting her neck…



“Henry, stop stop stop.” Bright shouts separating from him, “Bright what’s the problem, what happened” Henry asked terrified that he shouldn’t have kissed her even though she asked for it.


“The food, it’s going to get cold and then you want be able to eat it.” Bright exclaims, carrying the tray containing the food.


“But I had prefer eating you instead.” Henry says faking a sad face.


“Shut up and eat.” Bright orders glaring at Henry.


“Yes ma.”




Henry walks into the sitting room with Bright in his arms, his face has a huge smile on it.


“Bright, you really cane back.” Zack utters and goes to hug.


“Bright thanks for coming back this house was so lonely without you.” Uche says smiling at her.


“Well I’m glad to be back.” Bright replies.


“So are the both of you kind of dating now.” Bayo asks staring at Henry and Bright.


“Bayo, I thought we agreed not to ask any questions.” Zack asks hitting him slightly at his back.


“What I couldn’t help it, and that’s painful.” Bayo says frowning.


“It’s okay guys, I and Henry haven’t really talked about it yet.” Bright replies.


“Talked about what yet.” A pregnant Regina asks coming down the stairs. Bright eyes widen on seeing Regina bulging stomach and she looks at Henry in horror.



“What’s she doing here, I thought you said she left already.” Bella asks pointing a finger in Bright.


“Bright it’s not what you think.” Henry says ignoring Bella question.


“It’s exactly what you think Bright I’m pregnant and Henry who’s my fiancee is the father.”









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